Sunday, December 31, 2017

Brick Loot for the Kids! A Monthly Subscription Service they will Love!

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It seems like the anticipation and joy of snail mail has been pretty much lost on our newest generation. Children of all ages communicate via video chat to relatives who live far away, and older kids converse with everyone on social media and/or e-mail. Brick Loot changes that though, and leaves your kids excited to check the mail, as they wait for their monthly deliveries to arrive! 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Be a Detective for the New Year: Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show in Orlando

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If you're looking for a fun way to bring in the new year, or a great way to spend an evening any time of the year, Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show in Orlando, FL. provides a unique way to get together with your family, significant other or celebratory crowd (there were a lot of birthday parties gathered when we went, which I thought was such a good idea!).

Friday, December 29, 2017

How To Save Money As A New Parent

Have a new baby is an exciting time for any couple. However, while people often warn new parents about the sleepless nights and constant stress, they don't often warn them about just how expensive a new baby really is.

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Alissa whose name was randomly selected by Rafflecopter as the winner of the Quarto Knows Wall Calendar giveaway.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Free Christmas Wallpaper Courtesy of

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas holiday!!! We'll be spending ours with family and friends, and although a couple of people are missing (my mom for sure, who lives out of state), I know it's going to be a wonderful day. My wish for you all is to have a wonderful rest of the season and a very blessed new year!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Utter Nonsense: Hilarious Accent Game to Ring in the New Year

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If your family and friends get together for Christmas or New Year's Eve I have the perfect game for you to break out. Utter Nonsense is a hilarious game that brings out the best accent in you, perhaps one you didn't even know that you had. For example, you might draw the card 'pirate' or 'chicken' for your accent type. Then you have to say the phrase on the card drawn.  Try talking like a chicken while saying an everyday phrase. I promise you, it's not as easy as it sounds. ;) 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Adventure Force Light Command (Hot Toy!) with #Giveaway

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Recommended for ages 9+, the Adventure Force Light Command is a motorized blaster the kids are going to love! It is also a gift that has made the top rated toys (by kids) at  Walmart. This is the kind of gift you know a child is going to enjoy because it not only has all elements of fun, but it also is motorized and it lights up. Instant bliss for my 10-year-old boy. ;) 

iFLY Indoor Skydiving is THE Best LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEA!!!

Still looking for the perfect idea for a gift this holiday season, but you're running out of time? Don't get a run-of-the-mill 'cutesty' gift from the store that you pick up on a whim, get 'em the gift of flight instead! SO reasonably priced, and so much fun. iFLY Indoor Skydiving has locations all across the United States, and quite a few internationally. We visited the one in Orlando, Florida!

5 Tips to Avoid Indulging on Holiday Office Treats!

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There all kinds of ways to splurge and enjoy yourself during the holiday season that don't include filling up on junk that looks deceitfully good, but is oh so bad for your healthy eating. Quill understands the tempatations are real, but so is the desire to be true to you. While 'all things in moderation' holds true as a personal mantra, we definitely want to be mindful of snacking this time of year in the office when EVERYONE is deciding to bring in snacks and holiday treats (most of which are filled with lots and lots of sugar).

Monday, December 18, 2017

GuruNanda Rose Gold Oil Diffuser

I received a press release for Gurunanda's Rose Gold Oil Diffuser and wanted to share it with you, since it is a brand that I love. My daughter has the Gurunada Honeycome diffuser that works amazing and looks great too. it actually changes color (as does this one) and emits wonderful scents into the air. The Honeycomb diffuser is actually included in my Holiday Gift Guide, if you'd like to take a look.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Salonpas Pain Relieving Liquid Roll-On or Cream

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When you strain a muscle in your back, there's nothing you want more than instant long-lasting relief. Add affordable to the mix and you've got an all-around winner. These things are exactly what you get when you use Salonpas. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing and numbing relief in a roll-on version is kept in my desk at work, and the pain relieving cream sits in my medicine cabinet at home. That way I'm protected no matter what, should the need arise.

Who Wants to Win a Calendar for the New Year?

It's that time of year where we are starting to look ahead to the new year, and one of the ways we do that is to get a new wall calendar. I have several here from Quarto Knows that I have given to family and friends for Christmas gifts, and one I have kept for my own.

Waldo Recalls his Favorite Travel Destinations!

The only thing better than a Waldo book is an oversized Waldo book that's in hard cover. This 32-page book measures 12.1 x .0.4 x 11.8 and it takes you to 12 destinations that Waldo loves most. It is recommended for ages 5-9, but of course, Waldo is fun for everyone! My son and I like to browse through this book and find the different Waldo's when we're waiting for something or just have some down time. Be warned though, it's addictive!

This book is from Candlewick Press, a beloved site for holiday gift giving each and every year, but also a wonderful site to peruse for your favorite books any day or time!

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the following winners whose names were randomly selected by Rafflecopter:

Stacey: $50 Best Buy Gift Card
Heather: Popcornopolis
Nicole: Quantum Health Lozenges
Charlene: FUL Backpack
Heather: $50 Amazon Gift Card
Katie: Fooled Ya Book

Thunder Bay Press Feature: The Greatest Brick Builds Amazing Creations in LEGO

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8.25" x 11.75" hardcover book from Thunder Bay Press

Every year we put a LEGO book under the tree for my son. It has become a holiday tradition of sorts, and he loves to open up the latest book to add to his collection. This year his gift is going to be The Greatest brick Builds: Amazing Creations in LEGO. This book showcases some of the most grand of builds from the famous blocks, and it is sure to be a visual eye pleaser for all who decide to thumb through it. Thunder Bay Press definitely has quality book selections for you or any of the readers on your holiday gift giving list.

Savvy Travelers No-Rinse Wipes make Great Stocking Stuffers!

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We're getting together the Christmas Stockings this weekend, and one of things going into my daughter's is Savvy Travelers Jet Set beauty wipes.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

PlayFoamGO is Perfect for the Holiday Car Trips Many of us are Taking!

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Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother's house we go. The horse knows the way, to carry the sleigh, through the white and drifting snow, oh! 'Tis that time of year when we pack the kids up in the car and drive to grandma and grandpa's house, no matter how far that may be (or we fly, and if that's the case, you can still bring this along too). To keep the kids occupied (or from fighting, what??!!) smart parents know to bring along items that will entertain for good lengths of time, that are not messy. PlayFoamGO is one of those items.

American Plastic Toys Affordable Ice Cream Cart

This is my son who has the sweetest little girl in the world. That little girl likes to pretend, a lot. She's good at it too. She can turn something like this My Very Own Ice Cream Cart from American Plastic Toys into a really great event. I bet you when she opens it for Christmas, we're all going to have 'ice cream' treats to round out our day.

Great Gift Idea for Kids: Snap n Learn Matching Dinos from Learning Resources

Learning Resources always has wonderful toy selections for the kids. They make the kind of toys that allow children to learn and grow without them even realizing they are doing so. To them, it's just having fun...and isn't that a wonderful way to teach? The Matching Dinos they sell are no exception. Kids learn to color-coordinate by snapping the right pieces and parts together on these chunky, hand-sized and adorable dinos.

Studio Fun Holiday Books for Kids

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. No Items were received to review. This post is a courtesy post because I love Studio Fun books and think these would be awesome gift ideas.

What kid doesn't love Frozen? I know my granddaughter does and this is a gift she would love! This hardcover book features all of your favorite characters from Frozen, including mine, Olaf and my granddaughter's, Elsa. :)

With the shaped board book acetate, it’ll feel like you’re holding a real snowflake and watching the glittery snow as you read about the sweet and funny experiences of Olaf the snowman. Watch the snow fall and stay warm as you join your favorite characters in a Frozen Adventure!

Also, holidays wouldn't be holidays without Rudolph in the house!  That's why this delightful large harcover book , Team Rudolph is sure to be welcome in your house under the Christmas Tree or as a nighttime story leading up to the big day!

We all recall the most famous reindeer of all. But how much do you know about the story of the Reindeer Games and the other eight reindeer? Well, now you can know the whole story, meet the rest of Santa's trusted reindeer, and learn what it means to be on T.E.A.M. Rudolph!

I love to read holiday books to the kids, even now to my 10-year-old who still snuggles up with me to get in a good read. I know my days are numbered for that snuggle time, so I'm enjoying the holiday reading even more.

Find these books at Amazon, in major retail stores, or on the Studio Fun website. Comments for the post are turned off, but please feel free to share this gift idea with family and friends!! Merry Christmas to you all!

Beyonce Heat: Gotta Have a Fragrance Under the Tree!

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Because Christmas, though it is about so much more than presents, is a time of year when we spoil those we love with gifts, it seems like a fragrance gift set always, always makes it's way under the tree. This year Beyonce's Heat Wild Orchid and Heat Kissed 2-bottle gift set, available at retailers nationwide, has made it to ours.

Friday, December 15, 2017

NYC Subway Line Gifts

That hat is from the NYC Subway Line, all of which make great gift ideas!

He's got his 'A' game on (the hat), which in this case stands for the Brooklyn, NYC subway. This is one of many great items you can find through the NYC Subway Line website where items for men, women and children all tout their love for the city and it's subway system out loud!! What better way to get around in a busy place like New York City, than the beloved subway line that takes you to and fro in a snap. It's what we use when we visit, and the items from this line of gifts makes me nostalgic and definitely in the mood to take a trip.

Our Family Hotel of Choice: Stay Sky Suites I-Drive Orlando

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Looking for a weekend getaway? Going to Orlando for holiday shopping? Need a great suggestion for a family hotel in the Kissimmee/Orlando area? We felt right at home from the very first second that we stepped into the Stay Sky Suites I-Drive Orlando, and I'm so on board with recommending them to anyone who is in the area, looking for overnight accommodations.

Beautiful Minecraft: A Book They Will Love for Christmas!

No Starch Press has outdone themselves this time with their Beautiful Minecraft oversized hardcover book, and my son is going to flip when he sees it. As huge fan of the game, this book takes Minecraft building to the extreme, and it's nothing like anything we have ever seen before. It earns its title, the pictures really are beautiful.

ShedRain Umbrella. Too Good to be a Stocking Stuffer!

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ShedRain umbrellas are too good to be stocking stuffers. This high quality DualMatic umbrella in piano black with a white grip is from the Stratus Collection. It can be opened and closed automatically with one hand, in just an instant (literally, it's fast).

Crispy Fruit Snacks: 100% Pure Fruit

Disclosure: We were sent these snacks in exchange for an honest blog review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

 I know if you have kids you are always looking for great snack ideas that are easy to tote and store, and that aren't filled with junk. Crispy Fruit snacks are 100% pure fruit, and nothing else and they could be a good choice for you!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

MakeUp and Nail Polish Stocking Stuffers! #SCDeckedOut

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Sinful Colors help you get all decked out for the holiday season. This new collection has a shattered glass effect, glitters, shimmers and more. The holiday colors are shimmery gorgeous and I am in absolutely in love! I like little holiday-y things this time of year, and this nail polish definitely fits the festive bill.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

15% OFF of Penwizard Personalized Character Books for Kids!

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We always have books alongside the presents underneath the Christmas Tree. Fortunately, my youngest is an avid reader, so he loves them just as much as the toys. This year he has a large, hardcover (you can select a softcover as well) Penwizard book under the tree with his name on it (and in it), literally. :)  

$20 OFF Just in Time for Christmas! The Tanda Pillow is Awesome!

If you're looking for an awesome Christmas gift to give this year, give the gift that gives year round. The ultimate in cooling pillows, you will never have to flip your pillow to get to the 'cool side' again.
There are two options to choose from, Complete Cool or Comfy Cool, or you can get a set of either type, and right now if you enter the code giftzzz you can get $20 off your order. Just in time for holiday delivery!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 has Delectable Treats for the Holiday!

Not only are these treats from Gourmet Gift Baskets packaged up in a lovely snowflake covered cardboard box, they are also absolutely delicious!! Not all mail-order items can say they are superbly tasty, but if these brownies are indicative of everything sold at you can definitely rest assured that this is money well spent.  

PUR attitude Luxury Beauty Essentials

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PUR attitude has some wonderful luxury items you are going to love! One of my grown son's girlfriend's has flowing long locks of magazine dreams. Her hair is truly gorgeous, and being a woman of fine taste, I am guessing she is going to love the luxurious Pur Caviar Anti-Aging Hair Shampoo and Conditioner set that we have gifted her.

GiftsForYouNow: Personalized Gifts Show you Put Thought into Your Gift! PLUS 15% OFF!

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We have some pretty special kiddos in the family, and this time of year, I like to take extra special care with the gifts I pick out for them. I want them to get them something they will love, something they will use, and most of all, something that will allow it to show through, how special they are to me! GiftsForYouNow allows me to do that with items like this very durable, and oh so special (not to mention cute!) personalized Quilted Owl Embroidered Backpack.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Top Tier Style Flip Flops for Men British Style

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My oldest 2 sons go through flip flops like crazy.  I don't know if it's because they're grown or very active, or both but their slip-on shoes just don't seem to last long. I've picked up a new pair of Cool Men Flip Flops British Style from Top Tier Style and I'm hoping they will do the trick of lasting longer than others have before. I have never tried the brand or the website, but check them out if you get  a chance. There are a TON of great gift ideas there, and ideas for you too. It is primarily fashion items for men and women. 

I'm just glad to have a new brand of shoes to try. They're legit from the UK, so we'll see if the British Style flips stand up on my busy boys. I surely hope so. And does it make me want to take a trip to the UK (totally unrelated but I can't mention that area with saying 'vacation' at the same time)? You bet your shoes it does.

Learn more about these shoes and the many other great items available for sale at Top Tier Style by visiting their website. You can also follow along on Facebook.

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Star from Afar Christmas Game for Kids!

Check out this unique new way to teach kids about the meaning of Christmas through a fun and engaging game. This is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for this time of year, to encourage the little ones in our family to have a wonderful and fun holiday season, while still getting some insight and understanding into the true meaning behind the holiday.

The Christmas Star From Afar is a fun and unique game that teaches children about the true meaning of Christmas. Each day during the week before Christmas kids search for the Star for a fun hide-and-seek game (like Elf on the Shelf) and once it’s been located they move the Three Wise Men to its location for that day, until they reach their final destination at the stable with newborn baby Jesus. The Christmas Star From Afar includes a book, wooden Star, a full wooden nativity scene that matches the artwork of the book, and optional scripture to use throughout the month.  

What a perfect way to share this touching story with your children, and in a way that hasn't (that I know of) been done before. Kudos to the creator (who also has an Easter version) for coming up with this innovative treasure. Learn more by visiting the website, and be sure to get your copy today!! What a perfect way to lead up to Christmas morning. :)

Fooled Ya! Book FLASH Giveaway!

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Optical illusions, magicians, hoaxes and more! This is a fun book to giveaway if you have a little one in the house who likes to be a trickster. We have TWO little someone's in the family who like these kinds of things, and one is the perfect age to have this book under the Christmas tree this year!

Hammacher Schlemmer has the BEST Christmas Decor. Check out our FAO Schwarz Train!

Classic FAO Schwarz Motorized Train from Hammacher Schlemmer

What's a tree without a train? Not as fun, not as fun at all, if you ask my youngest son that is... so what do we do when big brother comes to visit? We take out the train that just arrived on our doorstep and get busy assembling it around the Christmas Tree (one of two trees we have up this year)!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

L Shaped & Other Atypical but Beneficial Types of Office Desks

Disclosure: This is a guest/sponsored post, though I do love the idea of having an atypical, truly beneficial desk!

While in years past many corporate offices used a “tried and true,” yet ultimately monotonous interior layout for desks and chairs, today there is much more variety and freedom in the way that offices are planned. All of this lends a much healthier and dynamic feeling to many of these offices, as workers feel more freedom to communicate and move and sit in healthier ways that are kinder to the body.

Winter Themed Items are Easy to Find at Oriental Trading

Festive winter-themed items from Oriental Trading are a great way to keep you in a happy mood all throughout the chilly season. We buy from them in bulk for our school incentive store, and with their great prices and high quality items, they are a place we return to time and again to make purchases for the students (and my kids too). All of the items shown here were certainly a big hit!

The dominoes seen above come in a holiday snowflake case that keeps them all together and makes them extremely portable too. When kids have down time (half days always have an hour of play time) they like to take these out and challenge each other to a game. The bite-sized pieces (you can't eat them, lol) are a perfect for the desktops.

Smart Help the Alexa Way!

Things just become easier and smarter with Alexa, 'a cloud-based voice system service available on tens of millions of devices from Amazon and many third-party manufacturers.' Ad hoc reporting is one of those things.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Decorate for Christmas in an Instant! GeekMyTree with 50 Awesome Effects

Every year we like to go all out for Christmas and decorate to the max. We have not, however, had a tabletop tree ever (with the exception of the year we left the state for the holiday, and that one was borrowed from my mother-in-law). I have always liked them though, and thought this year in addition to our full-sized tree, we'd get a smaller one too. Tree Effects from GeekMyTree is perfect because it does so many THINGS!! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Janet whose name was randomly selected by Rafflecopter as the winner of the Blendy Pens giveaway.

ICE! featuring Christmas Around the World at Gaylord Palms

Baby, it's cold outside!! You don't get to say that much here in sunny south Florida, but last weekend at the ICE! featuring Christmas Around the World display at the spectacular Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, we sure got to be cold and have a fabulous time while doing it too. 

We donned our own hats and gloves, and the parkas (which they provided) and braved the freezing cold just so we could see what all the happy fuss was about (everyone who has seen it loves it). It did not disappoint.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Community Coffee Limited Edition Seasonal Flavor: Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

In the tree, on the tree, or around the tree...Community Coffee's seasonal flavor, Dark Chocolate Peppermint, is sure to be a welcome addition for most anyone this time of year!

3 Excellent Potluck Dish Ideas to Bring to Work: from Quill!

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It is that time of year where holiday parties at work are abundant. We've had one already and I know there are more to come, including the big one where everyone will be asked to bring a dish. Quill has come up with some great recipe ideas, for 3 potluck dishes. They are all easy to make, but still uncommon enough (as a potluck dish) to be cool. I can't decide if it's the first, second or third that I like best, but I'm leaning towards the (second one), which is a rice dish. All of them look great though, they really do, and any one of them would surely be a hit at any holiday business get-together.

In addition to the recipes, is a wonderful place to visit to pick up most anything you need for in and outside of work. In the case of a potluck work function, for example, you can not only get recipe ideas for a dish to bring, but you can also buy the decorations, containers to carry your food in, napkins, disposable cutlery and more from them as well. They are truly a goldmine one-stop shop for all of your office and party needs!

Browse their site to see all that they have to offer. I'll be headed over later today to check out their guide on how to plan the perfect party. 'tis the season, and I'm thinking a small gathering for a group of us who all work in one key area of my job would be an awesome idea, and a great way to say Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) too.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Sunglass Warehouse: Super Affordable Sunglasses Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Have you ever spent a small fortune on a pair of sunglasses only to lose them at the beach, on top of the car (what? who does that *cough*), or who knows where else?? Sometimes I think they just go to the land of the unknown where sunglasses go to vacation far away from the humans. One way to make sure your eyes are protected, as well as your bank account is to stock up on very affordable shades from Sunglass Warehouse.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Tips from Quill: 5 Ways to Cut Down on Noise in an Open Office Space

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

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It used to be years ago, that I could work under the most harrowing of circumstances when it came to noise, and not even blink an eye. While that is still true to some extent, there are some things now that I really prefer to do while I'm at work, in silence. I am lucky enough to have a contained work space now, for the most part, but there are always a lot of people in it, so it still can get downright noisy. It's even worse, I know, if you are in an open space (I remember that very well!). Quill has come up with 5 ways to cut down on noise in an open office space and I think it's definitely worth a read.

All of the tips are good, and the photo in the article of the clear panels makes me happy! I'd love to have something like that in an open space office, where you could still see out, and others could see in, but you were able to cut down drastically on the noise levels all around you!!

One of the tips they offer (it's the last one on the list...I'll let you head on over to the article to see so I don't give away all of their tips) is the one my kids would like most...all four of them!! In fact, they have used it before at home, which is an open space full of family...not quite an office, but definitely an effective tip for most anywhere. They have homework so they need quiet sometimes too.

Quill is one of those websites that you love to browse when you have a few minutes of downtime, or when you're in need of a good idea for your work or office space. It's a site I've turned to time and time again, and if you head on over to give them a visit, I'm sure you'll end up using them for a consistent resource too. Good things are happening over there, which makes it easier to have good things happening for you too. Big thanks to Quill for the great advice.

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

National Geographic Visual Atlas of the World: My New Favorite Atlas!

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

National Geographic always makes the best when it comes to visual anything, and that has never been more true than it is with this gorgeous super-sized Visual Atlas of the World. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

PowerBall Pump Action Ball Blaster Ages 8 and Up

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

My son's new Dart Zone Powerball Pump Action Ball Blaster is downright menacing, in a good way. He and his brothers like to have wars. His brothers are much bigger than he is, and not very merciful, so he needs to have the best equipment for getting a good shot in before they beat him (one day he'll be the young strong one, but right now, that's not the case). ;)

GrandBox: The Subscription for Grandma and Grandpa

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

SMILE! Somebody is thinking about you! That's the message on the outside of the gift subscription packaging your grandparents will receive once a month if you get them GrandBox. What a great way to let your grandparents know you're thinking of them!