Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Need Special Ed/Education Advocacy in California? CSNLG Can Help! (w/Amazon GC Giveaway)

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California Special Needs Law Group knows that when you are dealing with a legal issue in any case, the most important thing throughout the entire process is excellent representation. They also know that when you are dealing with legal issues in the education system an equally important consideration is the educational well-being of your child/ren.

csnlg.com, with a primary focus on Special Education Law and Education Advocacy wants to be there to help you navigate through challenging situations when you need them. Serving California, they are well versed in both state and federal law, and know how to mediate, counsel, and represent you in a way that will bring about positive changes and results.

Finding an education advocate for your child can make all of the difference in the world. Call today to schedule your free 1/2 hour consultation, to see what CSNLG can do for you.

Head on over to their website, and have a look around. In the meantime, feel free to enter the the giveaway below. Prize: $50 Amazon gift code (e-mailed to winner). US/Canada only.

Winner Announcement

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Jackie won the Cosby Show DVD giveaway & Amy won the YesVideo GC giveaway. Congratulations to them both, and a big thanks to all who entered!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Welcoming the Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank to Our Home

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When my son opened his Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank it was definitely love at first sight.
The bank measures a very generous 9" in length and approximately 8.75" in cute pudgy roundness.

We have a piggy bank that we love, and he gets used a lot. That being said, when I saw the Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank, I knew we could have two piggy banks in our house and be very happy. I was right!

The bank, made of high quality ceramic, is very generous in size, which means it's going to be great for saving for something big! We haven't decided what we're saving for yet, but 'Piggy' is already getting heavy with the nickels, dimes, and pennies that my son recovered from a very thorough house hunt yesterday.

The stoppers on the bottom of the bank guarantee
easy access to your savings.
You can see the bottom of the bank in the above picture. The stoppers on the bottom make it so the money is easy to get out, when the time comes to count (or spend).

The bank comes with 72 Wikki Stix for decorating.
You can see them next to my son's leg.
And there is 'Piggy' getting a brand new pair of glasses.
The beauty of the Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank is that you get to decorate him however you would like, with the 72 Wikki Stix that are included. Wikki Stix are hand knitting yarn pieces that are covered in food- grade, non-toxic wax (they have no latex, gluten, peanut or other nut oils or byproducts). They stick to most anything with just light pressure, and they can be moved again and again and still have stick-to-it-tude. They have been a favorite in our house for years, and I know my son's Kindergarten teacher last year loved them too. You may have come across them in restaurants, they are often served with the children's menu (instead of crayons).

My son set right to work on making good use of his Wikki Stix.  The first thing he did (future Optometirst maybe?) was give his friend some glasses. Multi-colored glasses at that, pretty snazzy, don't cha' think?

'Piggy' got all kinds of embellishments!
And then...once he saw how easy it was to use the Wikki Stix on the bank, he really went to town. 'Piggy' got a dollar sign on one side, a heart on the other, and lots of adornments along to the way to make him extra beautiful (notice that fancy tail!).

My son loved his final project.
And I loved that he was so happy making it!
In the end my son was thrilled with his new creation, and because we had taken 'Piggy' along with us to the park, we packed our new bank up ever so carefully in the car, and went out to play.  The first thing my son told his dad when we got back is that he brought home a new friend for him to meet. ;)  Our Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank has his own spot on our (mom & dad's) dresser, to make sure he stays safe and intact.  My son told him 'Good morning, Piggy' this morning right after he gave me my start-of-the-day smoochies. :)

You can learn more about Wikki Stix, the Wikki Stix Designer Piggy Bank, and the other great items they have for sale by visiting their website.

You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Walmart Smartphone App: Shopping Made Simple (with Giveaway)

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Shopping for household essentials is now a breeze at Walmart.com and/or the Walmart Smartphone app.

Shopping can be fun... if it's for shoes!!  Shopping for household essentials, can be just meh, and sometimes it's even difficult to find a way to fit it into your day (but you've gotta have your favorite laundry detergent, so you go).

Out with the old way of shopping!
And in with the new! All orders over $50 ship free!
The Walmart Smartphone app lets you order anything from home,
including your favorite Procter & Gamble household items.

The Walmart Smartphone app is convenient and useful in more ways than one. Imagine that instead of getting the kids ready to go, buckling them in their car seat, and repeating at the store and on the way home, you could sit at home with a cup of coffee, your feet kicked up, and your smart phone in hand, and get the same results. Anything you want to order, like Procter & Gamble Tide Pods (we recently picked up the Spring Meadow scent), Bounty Paper Towels (they have a select-a-size option), your Pampers Cruisers, or even a box (or twenty) of Swiffer Dry Sweeping Sweeper Cloth Refills can be sent directly to your home.

The same low Walmart prices you are used to getting,
with the convenience of the Walmart Smartphone app shopping you'll come to love!

Benefits of the Walmart Smartphone app when Shopping from Home (or in the store)

  • Online shopping anytime, anywhere
  •  Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Complete access to the entire Walmart stores inventory (no more dealing with 'out of stock' items at your local grocery store)
  • Alerts! Be among the first to know about in-store and online specials
  • Customer Reviews (read what others have said about a product before you buy)
  • Access the weekly ad of your local store right at your fingertips (no more looking for hard to find sales flyers)
  • Check pricing and availability (the smartphone app lets you know what is available even at your local store)
  • Budgeting (type, scan, or speak items into your app, add and subtract items to budget before your shop)
  • Scanner (use in or out of the store to access product info, prices, and customer reviews on products you're considering for purchase)
  • Build a grocery list (scan the items you're ready to purchase again and you can instantly build a shopping list, right there on your phone)
  • Items shipped to your home, or to your local store (your choice)
  • Payment choices are plentiful and include a cash option 
  • Easily order prescriptions online and pick them up in the store
The Walmart Smartphone App offers a lot of great options
to help make your shopping easier!

You can also shop at Walmart.com to have items delivered to your home or in-store. Hubby and I don't have smartphones (two of the few people left who do not, I know) and we still found online shopping a breeze to use on my husband's handheld electronic device (shop at walmart.com or use the app). We placed an order for our favorite items, used the convenient check out, and had the items delivered to our front door (orders over $50 are shipped free). Easiest shopping we've done in a long time.

The benefits of the Walmart Smartphone App are plentiful, and I can see this type of shopping becoming the norm for many today and in the future. Won't you try the Walmart Smartphone app today? To make it even easier, one lucky winner will get a $25 Walmart gift card.

Free Blogger Opp

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Embroidered Sit and Relax Cooler Giveaway

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Embroidered Sit and Relax Cooler Giveaway

I thought of my husband the second I saw this sit and relax cooler, and knew it would be a fun giveaway to help promote. An avid golfer, he also likes to take a cooler with cold drinks with him to the golf course (if the course permits it), and to the driving range. This little beauty would give him a seat too (when he wasn't in the cart), and it is personalized with your initials, what's not to love? Of course there are a zillion other places this would be useful/handy, but the golf course was the first that came to mind. It would have been great for the 4th of July too, or most any holiday that has you outside and socializing for the better part of the day. Keep reading, the review and giveaway are below.

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Embroidered Sit and Relax Cooler Giveaway

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with their initials embroidered on it.

The Embroidered Sit and Relax Cooler is ideal for those whom love
 to attend outdoor sporting events, fishing or just relaxing in yard. The
 great part about this cooler it is lightweight and easy to carry to any
event that you would attend. The insulated cooler will allow you to store
up to 24 cans of your favorite beverage. The Sit and Relax is made with
a easy to clean polyester that allows you to keep it clean year round. It
comes with front and back pockets that allow you to keep those items
you need close to you. It's collapsible design allow for easy storage in
the garage or in the house. The Embroidered Sit and Relax comes with
three initials on the front pocket giving your cooler a personal touch. 

GiftForYouNow is the perfect place to shop when your looking for
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GiftsForYouNow.com will be responsible for awarding and shipping on the prizes to the winners.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Is Summer Slipping Through Your Fingers?

It seems like summer is slipping right through our fingers.

I guess because school got out so late this year, and the weather hasn't been hot (we're in jackets a good part of the time, which is unheard of this time of year) things seem 'off' like summer hasn't really arrived yet. In reality, summer is half way over. 

We're making the most of our time, but it's unstructured time this year. It's the first summer we haven't had a bunch of plans, and we're sticking close to home. 

To add to that, our church schedule has changed for the summer (even the service times are different), there are no Sunday School activities for the kids, and they quit hosting Vacation Bible School, so that feels 'off' too.

My daughter is in Florida, and it's weird not having her here (I don't like it). It feels like something is missing, but in reality it's someone who is missing. Her brother notices her absence too. Again, I repeat I don't like it. I miss my baby girl in the house, teen attitude and all. ;)

I don't know what I'm saying, I guess I'm just saying it's an odd summer, and summer's are usually so predictable (I like predictable).

I've stepped out of my comfort zone and have a huge interview today. I haven't been in a traditional work place for almost 7 years (once uheard of too since I've worked my whole life). It feels exciting, but odd. I guess it's just the summer of change. Change is good, I know...without it things would get stagnate, but so many subtle changes at the same time feels strange.  

In any case, wishing you a happy Friday, and a happy rest of the summer. I hope you're making the very most of it. Even though it's 'different' for us this year, I still know to make the most of every moment, and it's still my favorite season of the year.