Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Worry Eaters for Kids with #Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a product for compensation. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Getting kiddos to open up and explain to you what they might be worried about can sometimes prove to be a challenge. One way to open the door is this great new line of adorable plush Worry Eaters.

These cute little stuffed/plush animals come with a zipper pouch on their front that is designed especially for your child to put a little note or picture in it, that tells about their worry. Once their worry is given to the Worry Eater, the child can instantly feel relived a). because they've shared their worry aloud and b). because they have a cute friend to help them deal with it.

This also provides you, the caregiver or parent, with the chance to talk to your child about their worry, and further explore ways to help alleviate any troubles, stresses, etc. they might be experiencing.

Choose from 8 cuddly characters, small or large

The Worry Eaters come in 8 cuddly characters, sized large and small.

This is Flint. He's our favorite, but we do like them all!
We ordered Flint, size Large. Standing a full 13" tall, he's perfect for holding and cuddling too. He's also the perfect size for bringing along on car rides, and he fits perfectly in the seat belt (not that we would know that or anything *ahem*). The sturdy mouth zipper leads to a roomy pouch for your little one to store and zip up their worry/ies. I thought the design on this one was so cute. I'm totally diggin' the eye patch. This plush is soft and easy to love. There's a handy plastic ring on the back too, in case you want to hang 'em up near the bed, or wherever. :)

From the website:

Worry Eaters, imported and distributed in the U.S. by Haywire Group, exclusive North American distributor of the plush collectibles perform a miraculous deed – they eat childhood fears and concerns! At a recent Blogger Bash in NYC, dozens of mom bloggers embraced Worry Eaters with enthusiasm because there just aren’t that many “emotional” toys out there that help families deal with worries, large or small. Worry Eaters have now arrived at neighborhood toy stores across the country or online.

Worried about starting a new grade or facing bullies at school? Have a military parent or difficulties at home? Feed it to your Worry Eater! The little softie with big eyes and a striped body comes in eight different personalities with names like Polli, Flamm and twins Bill and Betti. Each character has a hang tag that explains to tots as young as 3 years old that if they write their concern on paper -- or draw it if too young to write -- and tuck it into the plush’s zippered mouth, their Worry Eater will hold on to that fear for them, so they can get a good night’s sleep. In the morning, their fears usually don’t look so large after all! Play on Words founder and speech language pathologist Sherry Artemenko tried out Worry Eaters with a bunch of kids and all agreed they are a great idea. Check out her blog post and video with the kids.

 The Worry Eater collection is designed by German TV Animator Gerd Hahn. After a child feeds his or her worry to their plush pal, parents have an opportunity to seek out the worry and talk to their children about their troubles at an appropriate time.

Each character boasts round, understanding eyes, soft bodies and a mix of two, three or more ears or horns! Worry Eatersare kind and cuddly in both good and bad times. With Enno's two pointy ears or Saggo's five tall striped ears, these pals create opportunities for children to talk to parents or other grownups. Enno, Saggo and six other fellow plush friends offer lots of reassurance to children that someone is always there to help. 

You can learn more about the Worry Eaters by visiting the website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

One lucky winner gets a plush of choice. US entrants only.

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The PetSac is a Stuffed Animal and a Backpack!

Disclosure: A product was received at no charge to me, to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

August 1st, something exciting came to Walmart shelves! The PetSac is a full-sized backpack that comes in 9 animals and 6 fabric designs. This is a practical, cute way to make your little ones happy to carry their own items. Use it for travel, school, or even overnight stays with family and/or friends.

The PetSac comes in 9 different animals and 6 different fabric designs!

My granddaughter loves her new Catpuccino because of the cute kitty that is attached. My daughter-in-law loves the double compartment, rip--stop nylon backpack that makes travel to daycare so much easier. Something to note too, the material wipes clean, so no more worrying about the bookbags getting dirty (which they tend to do so quickly!).

It's easy to use, simply pull the tail, and inside you'll find the roomy backpack stored and ready to go.

Open it up and you've got instant carrying capacity at your fingertips.

It's easy to restore the bag when the time comes. Simply open the back of your plush / stuffed animal and fold it inside. Yep, just that easy. These are heavy duty zippers too, so they're not likely to break if your child decides to test the storing features on his/her own. ;)

This one is a little big for sweet baby girl (it's recommended for ages 3+ and she is 2), but she'll grow into it. In the meantime, she's loving her new kitty, and her mom is loving having a place to store her school things.

You can learn more about PetSac and all their great animals/designs by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Nature’s Harvest® Sandwich Art Photo Contest with $25 Visa #Giveaway

Disclosure: Nature's Harvest® provided me with coupons for product redemption and a gift card so that I could share my thoughts and information about Nature's Harvest® Bread with you.

We're all about nutritious, delicious, and easy in this house, when it comes to school lunches. If you add cute into the mix, well then that's all the better! With Nature's Harvest and our new Bento box, we're having fun creating some simple, yet fun sandwiches for lunch. If you like to do such things too, be sure to check out the Nature's Harvest Facebook page, where you could enter your fabulous sandwich art to try and win great prizes!

Contest Alert! Nature’s Harvest® Sandwich Art Photo Contest on their Facebook Page!
August  24 - September 6

Say “goodbye” to boring school lunches and “hello” to a new and exciting way to lunch!  Nature’s Harvest® Bread has just launched its “Back to School Sandwich Contest” to encourage moms to have a little whole grain fun with their kids’ lunchboxes.  From August 24th to September 6th parents can visit the Nature's Harvest Facebook Page to submit a photo of their sandwich art creations, using Nature’s Harvest® bread, for the chance to win fun prizes!  One grand prize winner will receive a “kitchen crash” from Celebrity Chef Kelsey Nixon, where she’ll cook sandwich-centric meals and provide tips to the winner’s family!

Baked with at least 8 grams of whole grains per serving!

Turn your child’s lunch into a creative masterpiece that will not only look adorable and taste great, but will also help provide your family the whole grains they need. Each variety of Nature’s Harvest® Bread is baked with at least 8 grams of whole grains per serving which will put them well on their way to consuming 32-40 grams per day which is recommended by U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

Easy Breakfast or Lunch!
I've heard it called lots of things, we call it an Egyptian Eye.

Of course you too, you can cook with the Nature’s Harvest® bread. We make a fast and easy egg/bread recipe that is perfect for super busy mornings, or a relaxing early lunch. Making it is oh so simple, and a great way to use the bread ends that so many people seem to toss (you don't have to use the end, we do).

Simply butter and brown one side of bread. Flip it over and cut out a design in the middle. We made a heart for this one to make it fun. Salt & Pepper as desired and flip. Cook (egg) to the consistency you like. 

Put an egg inside of the delicious Nature's Harvest, cook to your liking & serve w/fresh berries
Put it on a plate with fresh berries and serve with coffee or fresh juice. This takes about 5 minutes to make, and it's well loved by everyone in the house. Clean up is super fast and easy too.

We love this bread for so many reasons (taste being way up there for reasons why), and now we love it too because of the Nature’s Harvest® Sandwich Art Photo Contest. Don't forget to head on over to enter to win.

AND one lucky Mail4Rosey winner is also going to get a $25 Visa Gift Card and (1) coupon for $5 off Nature's Harvest bread. Enter below. US entrants only.
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Shatterproof #GlassticBottle Giveaway!

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Glasstic and #AWBloggers.

This is Speedy (on the left).
This is our new Glasstic Shatterproof Water Bottle on the Right
This post is going to introduce you to two new things. On the one'll find Speedy. He is the latest addition to our family, a gift from my youngest son's next older brother. See the wet spots on my son's shirt? Those are from Speedy. He likes to walk across his new owner...much to his new owner's delight.

The water bottle is not meant to be a turtle display, but strangely it worked...
Don't you think the colors match splendidly?
And yes, we did afterwards
sterilize, sanitize, and explain that you can't put a reptile on your
drinking receptacle. ;)
And this... is Speedy on my son's new Glasstic Bottle. No, I did not realize my son was going to showcase his new reptile on his new bottle's lid. Yes, I may have freaked out a bit about sanitizing it and never doing that again for safety reasons. But the colors work, don't you think? Speedy has now helped our family with an awesome blog review (and giveaway!).

The lid locks in place with just a touch of  a button

The bottle itself comes in a lot of great designs and colors. We have a pink one that is plain, and a retro print that is in blue and green. Speedy was on the more manly colored bottle, because we're assuming he is a boy (how do you tell with a turtle??).

The flip-top lid also locks in place, making it convenient to take on the go!

The bottle also has a handy dandy carrying handle, &
you get a free bottle brush with every order!

These bottles have a handy dandy, very sturdy carrying handle (sticking out on the back part of the hinge). They are BPA Free-Free, Toxin Free, have shatterproof glass, and they come with a one year glass replacement warranty! What's not to love?

Our bottle has already helped us out while taking long walks, playing at the park, and of course, showcasing our cute little Speedy (and trust me, that turtle has earned his name! Whoever said turtles were slow, has not yet met Speedy). I trust it will help us more, and often, as it's convenient and easy to carry along, sturdy, a pleasure to drink from, and it's nice to look at too. In addition to that, each order comes with one free bottle brush for easy cleaning. Can't beat that, right?

Be sure to check out the website to see the great deals Glasstic has going on right now. You can also follow them on Pinterest and/or Instagram. You're going to love this bottle!

Two lucky winners get a bottle of choice to call their own! US entrants only.

Now my question to you: How do you think your new Glasstic Bottle would help you and/or your family?

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Encourage Active Sitting! Kids Kore Wobble Chair #Giveaway

Kid Kore Wobble Chair, unassembled's that easy to put together!

What is that? It's all kinds of fun in a simple piece of furniture! Introducing the Kids Kore Wobble Chair from One Step Ahead. 

Because kids aren't meant to just sit still, One Step Ahead has created this chair that allows them to spin, wobble, fidget, and rock at will, without anyone giving them 'the look.' In addition,the chair helps children strengthen their back and core muscles.

This chair is a cinch to put together, comes in 9 different colors, and is recommended for children ages 4-12, up to 200 lbs. It measures 14" high with an 11" diameter when built. There is also a toddler version available, if you're looking for something similar for the littler ones.

Great for children with ADHD, classrooms, lounging at home, etc. Let the kids release energy while still getting their work/tasks done. This chair encourages active sitting.

Be sure to visit the website. One Step Ahead is going to amaze you with their high quality, very versatile items. I've known about them for a long time, and they still continue to astound me (in a very good way). You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.


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Saturday, August 22, 2015

DormCo Gets College Off on the Right Foot!

Disclosure: I received a product sample to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

The 12 Days of College Gift Kits are Available at
Each box has its own theme and is filled to the brim with related goodies.
If you're looking for the perfect gift to give or send to your college student, has got you covered. They've put together a nice variety of College Gift Packs in their 12 Days of College series. What does that mean? It means they've picked a theme and then stuffed a box (carefully of course) full of favorite items that go along with it. I encourage you to browse through them and pick out your favorites. These kits are awesome!

The kit even included a $5 gift card.

We've selected the Dean's List, which is a collaboration of desk (and other) supplies that are going to come in handy for any and all students, especially those who are living life in the dorm. Small/compact and jam-packed full of goodies, this is sure to be a welcome gift for any student.

Everything in here is useful!

There isn't anything in there that's not going to be 100% useful. From the calculator, to the stapler, to the dry erase board and markers (with an attached eraser), this college gift pack is a real student-pleaser.

Read at night without disturbing your neighbor.

It's also got some great additional perk items, like this book light pictured above. Dorm room reading can be a challenge if your roommate is trying to get some sleep. This little light makes it a win-win as your student gets some quality reading time in, without disturbing his or her neighbor.

DormCo proves essentials really can be fun!

The multi-plug outlet is good for charging or plugging in a lot of things, in a little space. I know we have enough trouble finding plugs for everything in a regular house, imagine how much harder it would be in a small space!

I love that arrow magnet. It's heavy-duty strong too.

The screen cleaner pictured above comes with a soft cloth too, for wiping down those electronic devices. And it's hard to tell, but the red target just above it is a strong magnet (and the clear attachment is an arrow). Such a fun way to hang up those daily reminders.

The bunk pocket wraps around any dorm bed post and keeps essentials (like the smartphone) close at hand.

And speaking of reminders, this college kit also came with a whole lot of sticky notes to help keep your important notes front and center. To the left of those is a cool bunk pocket. It wraps easily around any bunk post, allowing important essentials (like the smartphone) to be kept close at hand.

Those are just some of the items highlighted that are in the pack. You can get a complete list of everything included by visiting the link to The Dean's List (Study Necessities) College Gift Pack on the DormCo website.

Don't forget, this is just one of 12 college kits available. Each kit has its own theme (like Lather Up or Easily Forgotten Essentials), and is sure to be a hit with any and all college students. Learn more about each of the 12 Days of College Kits by visiting here, or you can take a look at the video Dorm Co has put together (above).

Whether you're buying for a high school graduate, or a college atendee, any one of these kits is going to bring a bit of happy to your favorite student.

You can learn more about these kits, and many other great items all geared towards the college life, by visiting the DormCo website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the following two giveaway winners whose names were randomly selected by Rafflecopter: Robin who won the study Bible and Janet who won the Scrigit and Starbucks giveaway.