Sunday, September 21, 2014

Two Winners! $30 Credit to

Disclosure: I received a free product to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

What's better than looking at a great costume in a review? Having the chance to win one, of course! And thanks to, two lucky winners are going to walk away with a $30 credit. I recently let my son go through the site and select a costume that he wanted. He narrowed it down to three.

Kid Costume (and photo source) found here.
Adult costume (and photo source) found here.

The first costume he chose, a matdor suit, was a exclusive. I like that it is unique, but we live in a cold state, so shortish pants for us are out. I did think it was an awesome outfit though. They have one for adults too, so my husband and son could have had the same costume. I think that would have been a cute concept. Hubby said he'd have been all-in too, he thought that costume selection was fun.

You'll find exclusive selections all throughout the website; great if you're looking to stand out with something fun and unique.

This astronaut costume (and the photo source) can be found here.

The second costume my son selected was an astronaut. I LOVE this costume. The helmet and accessories cost extra, but would have been totally worth the expense. Should we have selected them though, it would not have left money over for a giveaway (and I like offering giveaways!).

Striking a 'Robin' pose. ;)
Robin Costume from

So, we went with my son's third favorite option, which was a classic Robin (superhero) outfit. He already has a Batman costume, and has wanted Robin for two years running. He was a very happy camper, the day this costume came in the mail.

The cape has a Velcro closure, so it can easily fit over
your little one's head without being too tight!

This Robin costume came complete with the jumpsuit, detachable cape (with a Velcro closure), mask, belt, and boot covers. It has padded muscle definition built into the chest and arms (because a super hero's gotta look strong!). It's a fun costume, that looks great, and my son was thrilled to have it for the upcoming holiday. has a wide variety of costumes sure to please any and everyone looking to dress up. They also have couples costumes, group themes, and accessories galore. If you're looking to outfit Fido, they can do that too. ;)  To add to the allure of the website, they also offer an extensive selection of Halloween decorations on the site, so you can decorate the inside (or outside) of your house, office, etc. When I say extensive, I'm talking almost 800 decorative items are listed for sale on the site. is truly a one-stop-shop for all of your Halloween wants and needs. You can learn more about them by visiting their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest.

Two lucky winners are going to get a $30 credit (each) to buy whatever they want from  A big thank you to the company for being so generous with me, and with the Mail4Rosey readers.

US entrants only.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bring on the School Year (and with it the germs)

Right this second we are supposed to be on our way to town to get to a soccer game. Then afterwards, we had plans to tour a local farm. But, little man's down and out with a germy cold. I knew it was coming.

He had that face on for the whole practice.
That is NOT his normal soccer face, so we suspected he was coming down w/a cold.

That was his face for practice on Thursday. That is NOT his normal soccer face. And he was crying for nothing, and coming off of the field to me. Neither of those things ever happen, and both were a sure sign he was coming down with something. Yesterday his voice started to go... and confirmed what I already suspected.  This morning he woke up a nose-runny, coughing mess. Thankfully, it's the weekend so he's got time to rest up and get better for school on Monday.

He and I are the only ones home today, since we had a morning full of kid stuff planned, and he's gone back to bed. I guess that leaves me with the dilemma of putting together a new bed frame that recently arrived for him, or going through the closets to get the outgrown out to donate, and the cold weather stuff in to prepare for winter. Either way, I'd rather be at soccer, and then at the farm. ;) 

Happy weekend, all.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Apparel n Bags (a bag worth reviewing!)

Disclosure: I received a product to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated, however, are genuine and my own.

Apparelnbags sells affordable, durable items that you use every day. We have a lot going on during the school year, and one of the things we are always doing is carrying things around from place to place. Usually we use a duffle bag or two. Since we're carrying fold-up chairs, water bottles, and dirty clothes (when we're doing the sports thing) what I would really like is a very large, easy-to-carry bag with big pockets (preferably lots of 'em).

5 rubber feet on the bottom, 4 external pockets,
& a large u-shaped opening for easy access make this bag a real winner!

Apparels n Bags offered me the chance to review one of their big duffles to see if it was right for me. I selected the A4 27 inch, two-color sports duffle in royal/black. Because it was a single item, this bag is priced at $17.84 on their site. It is worth noting that they have discounts for multiple-item purchases. It is a nice looking bag, with big easy-open access on the top. It also has five good-sized rubber square feet on the bottom to keep it from getting dirty, while allowing it some stability when it's on a flat surface.

Right-size exterior pocket
It goes all the way across, as does the one on the opposite side

The bag comes with four external, very roomy pockets; one on each side, and two in the front.

Large front pocket has a smaller horizontal pocket on the front.
All pockets have sturdy, rubberized zipper pulls

The two pockets in the front are comprised of a large one, with a smaller one attached to the front (the first thing I thought of for that smaller pocket is that it would be great for travel documents, like your plane ticket, if you're using this on the go!). It also has a two (padded) carry straps that Velcro together if you want to do that, and a long, detachable cross-body strap to make it super easy to transport.


My favorite thing about the bag is that it was big! And when I say it was big, I do mean it was big. Listed at 27" this would easily carry everything my entire family of four needed for an overnight stay somewhere. My youngest son is 48" tall, and weighs in at 43 lbs. As you can see from the video above, even he fit in the bag... though we're nicer to him than that... around here we just have him carrying the bags (kidding).

When I say this bag is roomy, I mean this bag is roomy.
I'm telling you this bag is big enough to hold my 1st-Grader!
He wanted me to show you, and so there you have it: Proof in the Pudding
or should I say, 'the proof's in the bag?' ;)

He's got a cold right now, and his voice is almost gone, but he still thought hopping in the bag would be a great way to show you how big it really is, and he's not wrong (he's only 7 and already has the mind of a blogger... I'm so proud). :)

This bag comes in two colors, the royal blue/black shown, and also red/black.

Apparel n Bags does not just sell bags though, they actually sell a huge variety of useful, practical, every day items, at a reasonable price. In fact, I was looking around the site, and found some nice looking sweatpants that I'm considering purchasing for little man to wear to soccer.

You can learn more about this bag and the many other items for sale at Apparel n Bags, by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

3 Winners Mighty Jump Platinum Pro

Disclosure: Mail4Rosey did not receive compensation to help promote this post, and is not responsible for prize delivery.

I hate to go out to the car and it won't start because of a dead battery. Usually it's at some inopportune time, like a friend's wedding almost 200 miles from home, where it's a challenge to find help. Who wants to ask a stranger for a jump, in the middle of the night, at a wedding reception where everyone's all dressed up and just there to have a good time?? Not that I have experience with such a thing happening, or anything... ;) So, when I heard about the Mighty Jump Platinum Pro, I was definitely interested in learning more.

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Now drivers have to depend on confusing jumper cables that rely on a jump start
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For the last year, Viatek has been pouring their lives into a new
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The Pocket Mighty Jump is the first system that combines the advanced technology to charge smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, and the power to jump start your car, without leaving the drivers seat.

 With Pocket Mighty Charge, it can charge multiple devices one after another and still have the power to start a vehicle. The Pocket Jump is rechargeable, so you can charge device after device and not have to replace any batteries.

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It would mean the world to the company if you spread the word by simply clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons on the page in the link below. Just two clicks makes a huge difference. 

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Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any form of compensation for this giveaway.
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