Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trudeau Puts the Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Trudeau "Puts the Money Where Your Mouth is"

Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has been ill-affected by Breast Cancer. Fortunatley, there are many reputable companies that are large enough to make a solid difference, who are doing so, and Trudeau is one of them!

October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great time to remind us to get involved and lend support to a great national cause – the Breast Cancer Research Foundation ( Once again, The Trudeau Corporation offers an exclusive BCRF collection of hydration bottles and thermal tumblers with a percentage of all sales going directly going to BCRF. (its the money where your mouth is)….

These products, developed with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, are designed exclusively for Trudeau’s product donation program, and are sold in support of breast cancer research initiatives. To date Trudeau has donated over half a million dollars to BCRF! Now that's a sizeable contribution! And it comes from your purchases combined with Trudeaus awesome generosity!

                           LuLu SS Travel Tumbler      Tea-Rific II Tea Tumbler

Friday, October 14, 2016

#PlayLikeHasbro with the NERF N Strike Elite Mega Lightning Bow

My son had an awesome birthday party. The place...the people, and the gifts all made for a very special day. It was just exactly everythng a mom could hope for, while watching her son turn 9.  And while he did appreciate all of his gifts, there was one that def. stood out as a favorite: His Nerf N Strike Elite Mega Lignting Bow.

Four Fall Favorites from Hasbro! #PlayLikeHasbro

One way to usher in Fall successfully is to bring in a round of toys that will keep the kiddos engaged and entertained. What better way than with Hasbro?! Whether you have little ones who are missing their siblings while they are now in school, or you are looking to treat your child who is in school, these four selections are spot on for engaging and imaginative play, that is also downright fun.