Tuesday, January 31, 2017

These are NOT Your Grandfather's Haggar's! Enter to #win a Pair of Pants for Men!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

My son is wearing his new Premium No-Iron Khaki Pants from Haggar. You may remember the name because these pants have been around forever (both of my grandfathers wore Haggar), but trust me these are not your grandfather's pants! Made with a no-iron fabric, perfect for this generation who is way too smart to spend time setting up an ironing board and wielding a heavy iron, they look good straight out of the dryer.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Slate Prints: Something Different for Valentine's Day! 60% off Sale at Collage.com

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

I like to showcase family pictures around the house. Collage.com is one of my most favorite places to go when I am looking to create photo keepsakes. That is true not only because they offer unique ways to display your items (like the slate photos I am going to discuss today), but also and most importantly, because their quality is second-to-none. I have never found a place that prints on metal better than they do, AND I have never come across a company who makes better canvas (and I've tried quite a few). If you are looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift that is sure to please, I definitely suggest checking out their website. 

Now on to my new slate photo collage, which I love!!! Using the medium of slate to create photos is pretty cool! The raw edges give it an undeniably unique look that is prone to stirring up conversation. For this particular piece, I wanted to create a photo tribute to my granddaughter, so I selected a few that show off how much she's grown. You can decide how many photos you would like to display (hence the business name, 'Collage.com'). Though many of their items allow a bazillion (slight exaggeration) photos, this particular item suggests six maximum. I chose two of her alone, and four that also paired her with her dad, her aunt on my side of the family, and her two uncles (collectively, my four kiddos).

It's very heavy, and the photos printed out nice and clear. During the creation process, the dye for the photos is injected into the stone, which means your pictures are not going to fade or chip easily over time. I do want to note though, that this product is made for inside use only. Your slate print will also come with a display stand. Mine is shown above at our hotel room (we recently took a mini-trip and I wanted to bring my slate print to show family who was also in town from out of state). You can see the strudy plastic feet stands on the bottom of the print.

The slate prints come in four sizes (6x6, 6x8, 8x8, and 12"x12").

There's a 60% Off Sale!

Right now if you head on over to Collage.com, you can make a slate print of your own for 60% off of the normal price by using the code Winter60 (limited time only). All products come with a 100% satisfation guarantee. What a special gift idea to make your special loved one for Valentine's Day! Learn more about this item and many other unique, traditional, and fun photo ideas by visiting Collage.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Baby Foot: Exfoliate and Pamper Your Feet Natually! #Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Have you ever heard of Baby Foot? We have an Esthetician in the family who gave a little happy dance when she saw this box. She's very picky about what goes on your skin, so that's how I knew it was a good product before even opening the package. So what is it, and why would you maybe want to win one? Because it's awesome, and because I'm giving one away! :)

Baby Foot is unlike anything I've ever seen. Inside, the contents and directions are simple enough. First, you have your directions. Second, you have your foil bag filled with 17 types of natural extracts that are designed to remove dead skin cells from your feet. This is unlike anything I've ever seen in that it peels your feet about a week or so after you have used it. Yes, that is correct... a week after you use it. The peeling process can begin in as little as three days and may take up to two weeks to complete.
It's easy to use too. Simply put your feet in the booties provided (non-reusable). Wait an hour (it's pleasant, but an hour is a long time if you are busy, so do this when you have time to relax) and then rinse when you have finished (be sure to read the included instructions, not just mine!). You will see results. This product leaves your foot smoother than when you get it done professionally, and it's a different, fun way to get baby smooth feet. As I'm typing, I'm thinking this would be a fun Valentine's Day gift to get a loved one (who doesn't like to be pampered). It'd also be awesome to get a stack of them and have a Girl's Night In!

Want to learn more? You can do so by visiting the website. You can also follow along on Facebook and/or Twitter

One lucky person gets a Baby Foot kit to call their own. US entrants only.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Angela S. whose name was randomly selected by Rafflecopter as the winner of the Grizzly Gear Multi-Use Lantern.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Enter to Win a Painting of Choice (up to $50) from Dally's Happy Place

Have you heard of Etsy? It is an online store where many people who paint, craft, make their own items, etc., list them for interested parties to buy. My teenage daughter paints, and has had her shop (Dally's Happy Place) online since September of last year. Well, she recently made her first sale (woohoo and congrats to her!).

In honor of her big accomplishment, and in hopes of driving more people to her site, I am offering a giveaway. One lucky winner gets their painting of choice, up to $50. I'll pay for it and ship it out to the lucky winner.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Salonpas Pain Relief with #Giveaway!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Salonpas is my favorite brand for pain relief, and this pain relieving gel-patch really came in handy over the long weekend. First we did a clean sweep of the yard, meaning we took the time to thoroughly get the yard that has been somewhat neglected, back into shape. It's been awhile, so I was sore the next morning, yet... I still felt the need to then thoroughly tackle the inside of the house. Everyone else was occupied (smart family, I have), so that meant for that task, I was on my own. Moving furniture by myself (I know better!) left me with an ache and a half that couldn't be remedied by rest alone. Putting the pain relieving gel patch on made all the difference in the world. But there's more...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Fresh Wave: Naturally Remove Odor! #FreshWaveHappy #ShiftCon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

The question I now as myself quite often: If you could use fresh and natural products, and they worked well, why wouldn't you? I know it used to be easy for me to buy whatever was on sale, or whatever tickled my fancy at the moment, and looking at labels wasn't even in my thought process. These days though, that's a little different. I realize the impact of so many negative things being used in and out of our bodies, lives, homes, etc., is going to, at some point, reap negative consequences (in fact, it already does!). So now, I try to do my part to ensure the products I'm buying are natural, when I can.  Thankfully companies are becoming more and more conscientious too, and products that work, like Fresh Wave, are popping up galore.

#zulilycutie Part II You Don't Want to Miss This One! Ends 1/18

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Photo Source: Zulily
Zulily is now running the second installment of their #ZulilyCutie contest where the winner will receive a special trip to their Seattle headquarters to be featured in their own photo shoot. As if that were not enough, the winner will also receive the opportunity to temporarily take over the Zulily Instagram account to share the photos from their special photo shoot. What an amazing opportunity! 

This installment is for children ages 0-2!

So...if you have a little Zulily Cutie at home, here's how to enter (hurry though, the contest ends 1/18/17!):

How to enter: Submit your tagged photos starting Monday, January 9th!
  1. On Facebook: Comment on the contest announcement post (to be posted Monday morning at 6:00 am PT) on zulily’s official Facebook page with a photo of your cutie, making sure to include “#zulilycutie” in your caption.
  2. On Instagram or Twitter : Share a picture of your cutie, making sure to tag @zulily and using “#zulilycutie” in the caption.
The winner of the #zulilycutie contest will receive:
  • A trip to zulily headquarters in Seattle, WA for a photo shoot featuring the cutie, which will be used in an upcoming zulily campaign
  • Featured in images and posts across zulily’s social media channels
  • A feature blog post here on The Find, our daily dose of behind-the-scenes, with the newest looks, and compelling content
  • The opportunity to take over zulily’s Instagram account with their photo shoot pics from the day

The contest starts January 9, 2017 at 6:00AM Pacific Time (“PT”) and ends on January 18th, 2017 at 11:59PM PT. Click HERE for all official rules. Comments for this post are off, please feel free to share! Thank you!


Open Up a PORTAL for Greater WiFi Speed! Say What? It's Literal. :)

If you're trying to get online and you see five or more neighbors on the connection list, chances are very high you're not getting the WiFi speed you could be getting. If they're all streaming games or movies, you're very likely to experience an even bigger slowdown. Portal has a solution!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Belly Art Project

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Would you get your belly painted? Warren Buffet did it... just saying. ;) Keep scrolling to the bottom for proof if you don't believe me. :)  Why? Because it's for an excellent cause! 100% of the  Belly Art Project's author proceeds benefit Every Mother Counts, an agency that works together to help ensure childbirth and pregancy are safe for women everywhere.

Friday, January 13, 2017

BeeSavy is Giving away an iPad! Enter to #win Here!


How much of your Christmas shopping did you do online? I usually do 95% of my shopping online and am still shopping just a few days before Christmas. I don't really like to drive to a crowded store, find a parking spot, or wait in line to check out. I'd much rather shop on my couch while everyone else is sleeping.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Elmo Plush and Put Me in the Story Book #Giveaway

Put Me In The Story! is an awesome website that allows you to create books your children will enjoy because they are a part of the story. Watch their eyes light up as they see their name (and sometimes picture!) alongside beloved favorites such as Pete the Cat or Hello Kitty! See the wonder as they search for their photo amongst a group of other children on every page of a book ('find me' books). Or laugh as they discover themselves interacting with loveable Elmo within the storyline.

Put Me In The Story has an array of books that have helped hundreds of thousands of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and more express their love for their children that have their hearts.

Whether it’s a special gift for Valentine’s Day or a “just because” gift, these books will not only bring you together, but start to develop a love of reading in your child that will last a lifetime!

Put Me In The Story’s Valentine’s Day “I Love You” books suggestions:

·         Love Is All Around The World
·         Elmo Loves You!
·         You Are My Heart
·         I’ll Never Let You Go
·         Pooh Loves You
·         YOU!
·         I Love You So…
·         My Mom Loves Me / My Dad Loves Me
·         And MORE!

Order any book by January 31st to get Valentine's Day delivery! 

One lucky winner gets an Elmo plush and Put Me in the Story book. US Entrants only.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Speaker that Floats? Yes, the Altec Lansing Mini H20!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Ever seen a speaker that could float? I haven't until just recently, and I am impressed. This little bite-sized Mini H20 Speaker packs a big punch both in sound and quality, and leaves me marveling at the bells and whistles.Though this one does have an amazing sound, there are others to choose from too, some that are much bigger! Not only is this speaker waterproof, it is also snowproof, dustproof AND shockproof! That means you can pretty much take it anywhere you go.

Friday, January 6, 2017

5 Ideas for Bathroom Refurbishment

I have a guest writer in the house today: Emmery. I hope you will make her feel welcome!

If you are tired of your apartment or house looking the same day in – day out and you wish to improve how they look, the perfect way to start would be by refurbishing your bathroom. Thinking about what to do to make it more stylish andinnovative, we came up with these five tips…

1.      The ultimate question: Tub or shower
If you are one of those people who like to relax in a tub after long working hours, perhaps it is time to change your pace. Replacing your bathtub with shower will bring you more space in the bathroom, which you can use for the toiletries, or even a small boudoir, with a makeup table that can serve as your beauty corner. On the plus side, you will have some extra time for other important things in life aside from lazy hours spent in the bathtub.

And on the other hand, if you are one of those efficient people that take short showers, your daily routine can change significantly with this slight refurbishment – change your shower with a bath. And make sure you throw in some scented candles for moments of relaxation that await you!

2.      Tiles, tiles, tiles
Only think about Portuguese azulejo tile work, or Hungarian zsolnay ceramics, and you can be able to grasp how much tiles can do for your bathroom! They come in wide range of shapes, sizes, and what is particularly important – colors, but they can also give perfect scope of wall designs when they are combined in the proper way. Try to be creative in using them, so that you can refresh your bathroom looks –arrange them up to your height, leaving the rest of the wall painted white, or use vertical lines of tiles to break the symmetry.Another option is to use different tile styles for floor and walls.

3.      Mirror, mirror on the wall
Bathroom mirror is most often central piece in your bathroom. In order to change its looks, you can just change its frame to make it seem vintage or modern, or you can add some light bulbs for some Hollywood mirror effect. Whatever you decide to do to change it, the perception of your bathroom will change significantly.

4.      Lights, action!
Lights can really bring some needed change of atmosphere in the important room in your home. By providing more natural light, you will surely make your bathroom more pleasant and natural, so you will be happier to spend more time there. Or, if putting more windows is not possible, try to refresh your bathroom by including small wall lamps or extra neon lights. The style of the space will change immensely –it will look more rustic,or more modern, respectively.

5.      Color code
They affect our mood the most, therefore they are one of the most valuable aces up your sleeve if you wish to renovate your home. Choose light colors for natural and cheerful atmosphere you wish to accomplish, and darker shades if you believe your bathroom to be huger than you like. Think about your color scheme before you paint the walls and choose a strong contrast for a vivid and powerful design, and slight,ombretransitions between shadesfor a sophisticated, soft look.

Whatever you choose to accomplish with the changes to your bathroom, make sure you have our tips in mind if you want to do it yourself. In case you are tired of constant renovations to your home, get some advice from interior designers, this way the improvements you make will have a long-lasting effect.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker

Last weekend found us in Miami Beach at the Fillmore to see the Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker. It was my first time to see it, which was crazy awesome for me because every single year for the last five or so, I'd say, something comes up to prevent me from going!! It was awful how one mishap or another kept happening year after year, but this show was one I really wanted to see, so... this year, finally, my two youngest children along with me and their aunt, hopped into the car and headed down south. So perseverance finally paid off, and it really was every bit worth the wait!! What a wonderful performance!

The theater wasn't overly large, but it had ample seating. We were in a row close to the top, so I was getting nervous when we went seat hunting. Turns out there was nothing to worry about. We could see the stage perfectly, as there was no bad seat in the house!

I didn't bring my big camera because the gal on the phone wasn't clear or not if I could take photos. Turns out I could, so long as I didn't use flash. I had my little camera with me, that I haven't used in eons, but even though I put new batteries in just before we left, it died after the one and only photo I took outside. My phone doesn't do well in the dark either, so that was a bust. Thankfully, my daughter's iPhone captured some photos, so I can share a bit of the show in pictures with you!

The first half of the show was just as you'd expect it to be. I loved it, but the kids thought it to be a bit dry (hmpf). The ballet dancers performed the classic tale of The Nutcracker just beautifullly, and I really just could not get enough. It was the seond half though, that my kids loved! With dancers from different parts of the world showing off their skills, the kids sat mesmerized and the adults where shouting their hearty bravos! over and over again.

With the exception of the doves of peace, a Moscow Ballet exclusive that was done very artfully (and was just gorgeous to watch) the performance stayed true to the story.. It's always a delight to hear Tchaikovsky, and the kids recognized some of the songs as they played. The Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker is a winter wonder to see live before you on the stage, and now, it is one more thing I can finally cross off of my bucket list. If you get a chance to go, I say please do!!

You can learn more by visiting the website. You can also follow along on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Order In for a Discount! Hungry House has Your Food Connections!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Going out to eat is always a treat, but that doesn't mean you can't save money while you're doing it too! Hungry House understands that while you might not mind indulging in spending a bit from time to time, that the more dollars you have left in your pocket at the end of the night after doing so, can be a big deal too. That is especially true with the new year coming up, when people tend to wipe their slates clean and make it a goal to be better stewards of their money! I know this year that's exactly what I will be doing, and one of the ways I will be doing so is by checking for ways to save, each and every time I go out (or order in) to eat.

I recently went over my bank statement from last year, just to see how much I was spending on eating out, and the amount, I will admit, was atrocious. It's just so easy to swing into a restaurant and get food on the go, or to have delivered after you've been out so long for a scheduled activity (sports practices, music lessons, etc.)...that we swiftly made it our norm. While that might not change on some of those days (it's too late after some of them to come home and cook), the one thing that will change is I will be reeling it in and not doing it so often, and I will be checking sites like Hungry House to see where I can find savings if I'm ordering in or picking food up to go.

In addition to instant savings through instant coupons and such, Hungry House also offers other ways to save. You can join the rewards plan, for instance, and if you snag the deal they have up right now you can receive 50% off your 6th order when you book the same restaurant with their Reward Stamps. OR you could get 20% off of your first order, which would be great to get delivery from your favorite restaurant or could be a good incentive to try a new one! They even have savings on take-out...so if you're like us and prone to ordering pizza or if you're like my grown children and prone to stopping to pick up Chinese food to take home, there's savings for that too!

With New Year's Eve coming up very rapidly, a lot of us are going to be ordering in. What better way to jump start your new year saving goals than to start doing so now? This UK based platform is designed for ordering takeaway food online. Search your favorite restaurants or the type of food you are in the mood for, and instantly be linked with a large number of options in your area to choose from... it's easy, fast and the app you download to use it is free. I think this kind of service is taking off big for a good reason. Smart shoppers are all about quality, quantity and value. Hungry Home offers all of the above, and more! Visit the site today to see what all the hubbub is about. I bet you'll be glad that you did.

Happy eating, and happy savings, folks!