Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Thank you MicroPerfumes. I Now Know that I LOVE Tom Ford's Black Orchid!!

Blind Buy: Purchasing a fragrance based on a recommendation or curiosity, 
rather than sampling it or knowing what it smells like first.

Okay, I wrote about the error of my ways, chasing half-off fragrances on Black Friday that had 'great reviews'  and getting burned royally in the process (my bad, and yes, as I noted in that post, I totally knew better). Enter MicroPerfumes to help get me back on track. I have really been enjoying ordering sample-sized perfumes for next to nothing, in order to test them out and see which fragrances might be my favorite. This is a new hobby of mine that I am really having a ball with, as are those around me who get the samples I don't like, especially true if they do (like them), but even if they don't because then they know what not to buy (which is also, as I said, very important on the pocketbook or wallet). The sample you see above, is the one I probably wanted to try the most, but I'm glad I didn't blind buy it because it was not the one I loved the most! I did however, love the larger sample option it came in, complete with a twist up case that makes it perfect to carry along when you travel (someday) or are on the go.

MicroPerfumes: My Second Shipment!

I ordered a second shipment of fragrance samples from MicroPerfumes just as fast as I could after opening the first one, because it's really fun for me to try the new scents. I'll list the names here and the notes at the very end of my take each of the fragrances, for anyone who is interested. My first shipment had all good scents, and this one did not, but that's okay. That's the reason you TRY BEFORE YOU BUY (reminding myself, not you...well, you too, if you need it). :) I did find two fragrances that I love enough to purchase the full-sized bottles, so I also consider this shipment a big win.

1. Jo Malone: English Pear and Freesia
2. Salvatore Ferragamo: Signorina Misteriosa 
3. Creed: Royal Water
4. Jo Malone: Orange Blossom
5. Tom Ford: L Cherry
6. Tom Ford: FS%&#ing Fabulous

Friday, December 25, 2020

Lancome Scent Search: Which one is right for me?

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased these fragrances on Black Friday, when Lancome had a huge sale on their website.

REVISION: Just a note, that six months after I wrote this post, I purchased another Lancome that I love. I have added that to this post at the very bottom.

Back to the original post...

You can't like everything, this I know to be true, so please don't be discouraged with the parts of this review that are not so great, and there are two parts that are not so great. I purchased 3 perfumes; one I had sampled in the store before and knew I would like, and two that SO MANY PEOPLE said over and over again were SO good, but for me, it turned out that they certainly were not. Remember when I said I would not blind buy again? Yeah, well that went out the door with Lancome's huge Black Friday sale. So much for my personal resolve not to purchase a fragrance without trying it first. Enter grim face.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Teleflora Flower Bouquets are Always a Good Idea!

Anytime is a good time for Teleflora. They not only have gorgeous flowers, but they also have the best vases and containers around. For the holiday season, you can get someone you love a holiday bouquet they will be thrilled to display now, and a decorative holder of choice that they'll be happy to use this year and every year that follows. The perfect example can be seen here with Teleflora's Snowy Wonderland Tree. That sparkling silver snowscape design is perfect for holiday decor.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

THIS POST NOW HAS A GIVEAWAY!! Is the Nutri Ninja with Auto iQ Worth the Price? 10 Reasons I Say Yes!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

THIS POST, THANKS TO THE GENEROSITY OF THE SPONSOR, HAS BEEN REVISED TO ADD A GIVEAWAY! 1 winner gets to take one of these bad boys home! US entrants only.

Today I've got the million dollar question: Is the Nutri-Ninja worth the amount of money they charge for a blender?? Everyone who has ever had any Ninja Kitchens product swears by it, and many times they refuse to be happy with any other brand of kitchen appliance again. With that kind of powerful testimony going on behind the scenes, I definitely wanted to investigate for myself. it worth it? In a word, 'yes!'

The Nutri Ninja with Auto iQ is worth every penny you'll pay for it.
It is truly a 'blender' that is an investment (for your kitchen and for your good health).

Why? I'll give you ten reasons. I could give you a hundred (honestly!)
but I'll stick with ten for the sake of time.

1500 watts powerful! The Nutri Ninja makes light work of frozen items and whole fruits and vegetables.
#1. The Nutri Ninja is 1500 watts powerful! This blender makes blending, pulsing and crushing even the strongest of products an absolute breeze. You can put whole fruits in there even, and it works like a charm. No more ice chunks that won't budge either, Nutri Ninja makes light work of even those. 

Add frozen or fresh foods, or do like we did and make a mix of the two.
#2. The Nutri Ninja with Auto iQ is good for your health. Encourage healthy eating as you whip up delicious smoothies in no time flat that are filled with fruits, veggies, seeds and more. Your kids won't even know you've put Kale in there if you add delicious berries and fruits. Or they'll be amazed that the like it (if you do tell them). ;) 

The options for what you can make are as endless as are ingredients!
#3 Variety is the spice of life. Everyone in the house like smoothies, but not the same kind of smoothies? With the Nutri Ninja individual cups, everyone can have their own smoothie blended in no time flat. My daugther-in-law likes things like flax seed, Kale, and fruits and veggies in hers. 

Individual Cups Make it Easy to Make and Take Your Drinks on the Go!

My son (her husband) likes those too, but when he's on his way to a workout, he wants to add protein powder. So, on the days they're having smoothies together as a family, they can use the 40 oz. blend and prep bowl to make a large batch for everyone. But on the days when they're going their separate ways, she can make her fruit smootie in a Nutri Ninja cup, and he can make his Protein Powder smoothie in another. One of the glasses included is heavy duty stainless steel, so it keeps drinks cold up to 4 hours.

Generously Sized Cups Come With...Including One that is Stainless Steel
The cups are generously sized too, dishwasher safe, and they have a seal-tight lid to make them easy to take on the go. Making individual smooties is a breeze with this system: simply add your ingredients, flip the cup upside down and choose which smart button you want to push to finish up your drink.

You're Going to Love the Auto-iQ Technology!
#4. The Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ blends, pulses, and offers pausing patterns. That means the one-touch buttons know exactly what it is you want to do, and with a few seconds and a push of the right button, they're going to do it. The directions are written clearly on each button too, and an extensive book of directions/instructions and suggestions is included as well. They call it Auto iQ Technology.

Auto iQ Technology means one-touch intelligence, or programs designed specifically for each jar attachment. These intelligent programs combine unique, timed pulsing, blending and pausing patterns that do the work for you! Get great results every time with no guesswork required!

Whip up Great Drink Recipes for the Holidays!
#5. You can use it to whip up amazing drinks, perfect for the upcoming holidays. The Crushed Peppermint Frozen Frappe pictured in the recipe book above makes me happy!

Or Whip Up Great Recipes for Any Day of the Week!
#6. You can make more than just drinks. Yes, it makes the perfect drink for you, whatever you like. Milkshakes, smoothies, cocktails, you name it. But it also whips up a great puree, allows you to make a garden fresh salsa, or any other of a great variety of recipes that you might think up. And speaking of recipes, the blender comes with a handy book full of great suggestions to make in your new blender!

It's a Great Looking Appliance!
#7. It's pretty. Really. My son and his wife have this displayed on their counter, and it just looks nice! The black and stainless steel make it a sure match for most any decor, and the size is just right for even smaller kitchens.

BPA-Free & it Goes in the Dishwasher Too!

#8. It's BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Two things everyone is looking for today. Ninja Kitchen is a master at creating items with the environment in mind, that also allow the ultimate in convenience for the consumer.

Nutritious Drinks, garnished with or without a real strawberry.
I don't recommend eating the fake strawberry. ;)

#9. Extraction! The professional grade blending allows for vitamin and nutrient extraction. That means you can toss whole fruits in there, and get the nutrients and vitamins from them, that you might not be able to get in other blenders. 

#10 The smooth boost technology allows you to make thicker, fluffier drinks, if that's what you're in the mood for... Take a look at the video above to learn more about Smooth Boost, and the other great blender features.

And a my daughter-in-law really wanted to note: The design of this blender makes it very easy to clean!

So there you have...I'll stop at ten reasons (and a bonus), for why I think this appliance is absolutely worth the price. If you are in the market for a blender, or looking to get someone special a great holiday gift, I definitely would consider the Nutri Ninja Combo with Auto iQ first. It is truly a blending experience.

You can learn more about this device by visiting the Ninja Kitchens website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

What would you make first in your new Nutri Ninja Combo with Auto iQ?

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A Secret Diary Sounds Like a Good Gift Idea to Me!

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own. 

When your oldest granddaughter is brilliant, loves to write and draw and thinks it's fun to keep things a secret, it's time to get her a diary with secret ink! SmitCo makes one that you can get  that is sure to keep your lil' angel (recommended for ages 4-14) busy all throughout the new year. 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Perfect for Infants and Toddlers! Dolce Primo Kangaroo

Disclosure: A sample or discount was provided. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

I found this great big door wreath at a local store recently and was very excited to bring it home. It literally takes up a huge portion of the door, and I love it. I also have smart, curious grandchildren who come to visit. When they find something different or unique that delights them, their whole face lights up with, I thought it would be cute to put one of my baby grand's Dolce Kangaroo in the wreath, to see if she would notice it.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (or maybe I should say, For Those About to Rock!)

 Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a sample or a product discount. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

LA Pop Art Unveils AC/DC “Word Art” Branded Line of Apparel 
Admittedly, I don't listen much to any new rock and roll, assuming there still is R&R being made (there must be, right??) but I do have my old favorites from school and my early 20s that I love, and several bands top that list. LA Pop Art is bringing the music history of one of those most favored bands to life with a brand new line of apparel featuring popular song titles and imagery of the legendary rock band AC/DC. I have seen them in concert and loved them, and at one time owned every single one of their record albums, cassettes, and later CDs. Today I still have, and enjoy, many of those on my music [play lists. I'm sure people in cars at the red lights wonder why the grandma (when did I start identifying as a grandma?? lol, but I am, and I'm proud) is rocking out in her car to AC/DC. It is still a music sound that makes me happy.