Thursday, April 30, 2015

I've Got Positive Energy _ Juice with a Boost

Disclosure: I received sample products to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Positive Energy
100% pure fruit juice with a kick of natural caffeine

Now that's a pyramid! In the picture above you'll find a whole new-to-me line of drinks that my husband is really enjoying!! I've mentioned before that he takes a drink to work with him every day, usually one with an energy boost, and so he likes to mix things up and try things that are new. Right now he's on a Positive Energy kick.

So what's inside? Maybe it's better if I start with what's not inside. There are no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no Guarana, no taurine, and there is no added sugar. Now to move on to what IS in there... Positive Energy comes in seven flavors: Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Peach-Mango Lemonade and Tea, and Lemonade. The drinks are made from 100% pure fruit juice infused with natural caffeine from green coffee beans. The coffee beans are straight off the branch--before the roasting process burns off beneficial ingredients.

In my hand, just to give you an example of the ingredients, I've picked up my bottle of Lemonade Tea. The label is too small to show you well in a photo, so I'll just tell you what's in there. Water, Cane Sugar, Lemon and Orange Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Black Tea Extract and Essence, Citric Acid, Pectin, Natural Caffeine, and Stevia Extract. Nothing I can't pronounce, nothing that's unfamiliar. This particular flavor has 55 calories (nice!) in the single serving size, 0 g of fat, 0 mg of Sodium, and 14 g of total carbohydrate.

It is also worth noting that Positive Energy juices and drinks are non-GMO Project Verified, certified Kosher and they are gluten-free.

The low-calorie, natural energy juice bottles have a handy
screw lid that makes them great for taking on the go.

And what's the kick? According to Positive Energy, one 10-ounce bottle contains the amount of caffeine equivalent to one cup of premium dark roast coffee. My husband agreed and noted he does get the much needed kick he's looking for in the middle of the day, when he most needs it. I tried the Cranberry Juice yesterday. It tasted exactly like high quality cranberry (my fave!) but I really did notice the buzz kick. It wasn't anything jolting, just an added dose of energy I got from drinking it, and there was no let down after it wore off, like you get from sugar.

It's quite simply, juice with a boost.

Positive Energy is sold online and in stores throughout California, Arizona, Utah, Hawaii, Texas and the Pacific Northwest.

You can learn more about Positive Energy by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram.

Tom & Teddy for Dad! Because Dads Need Sun Coverage Too!

Disclosure: I received a product from Tom & Teddy to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

I post about sun protection for my kids, but I haven't really discussed it for adults. Thought it's a given we're going to do all we can to keep our children's skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun, it's also equally important for the adults in the family to keep their skin protected too. Up until now that meant slathering on the sun protection lotion, wearing big hats, or staying out of the direct sun.

For Father's Day we're gifting dad with instant sun protection!
This Tom & Teddy Rash Guard Shirt is going to be an instant favorite, I already know.

This Father's Day, I'm happy to say that's going to change for my husband. Little man and I have conspired to get him his own Rash Guard sun protection shirt. Because we have a tentative beach vacation scheduled this year, and hubby has had the bright idea to take surfing lessons while we are there, I know he's going to be psyched about this shirt as a gift.

It's all in the details. 50+ UPF protection, a soft finish, and salt/chlorine resistant too.

When it comes to a rashguard shirt, it's all about the details, isn't it? When you're paying for sun protection in the form of clothing, you want your investment to be a good one. The Tom & Teddy line is built to look nice, but it's also built tough. The contrasting neckline you see in the picture above is double seamed for durability, the material is made to keep it's shape, and the quick drying microfiber is chlorine and salt resistant. This shirt has a nice sheen to it and it's soft to the touch. I think it's going to make dad happy to get it on his special day.

If you're looking for something fun to get dad for Father's Day, or any day actually, take a look at the Tom & Teddy website. This is a company that specializes in matching outfits for dad and son(s), and I think that's such a fun concept. I know little man looks up to his dad and having the same outfit as him on the beach would definitely make him laugh. Don't you think matching swim wear for dad and son would be fun?

You can learn more about the looks at Tom & Teddy by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 Backyard BBQ Event #Giveaway

Disclosure: Mail4Rosey was not compensated to help promote this post and is not responsible for prize delivery.

Every once in awhile I participate in a giveaway that is big and has a lot of prizes. This is one such giveaway. I see a couple of items in the line-up that I'd like to have for our backyard events, and I'm guessing you might see some you like too. There are ten prizes in all, and ten winners (one for each prize). Don't be confused by the 11 pictures (the projector and screen are one prize but have two pics).

Do you have a favorite? It's hard for me to pick just one...we do need a new patio set, so that might be mine. The cooler's pretty dandy though, and I love me a good croquet set. Ah, never mind, I can't pick a fave. Too many good ones listed. One thing I can do though is predict that there are going to be a lot of happy winners at the end of this giveaway. Good luck to all who enter. :)

Welcome to the Backyard BBQ Event! This event has been in the works since the end of last summer. The sponsors have been working hard bring this to you! This event it hosted by Dixieland Reviews and Co-Hosted by: Mom 'N Daughter Savings, Southern Mom Loves Deliciously Savvy, Joyful Gifts by Julie, Susie's Reviews & Giveaways, Amy & Arons Real Life Reviews, Michigan Savings & More, Finger Click Saver, Keeping Your Cents, Life of a Southern Mom, Imperfect Women, Babs Projects, The Savings Opportunity, Heartbeats ~Soulstains, and My Starlight Blessings. Please be sure to visit the awesome Co-Hosts, these are some amazing bloggers!

The Sponsors are We Love Travel Deals and Skinny Ideas

Prizes: (See photos above!) Prize 1- Weber BBQ Grill -arv:$499 Prize 2- Smoker - arv:$248 Prize 3- Patio Set-arv:$599 Prize 4-Very decorative Cooler: arv:$99 Prize 5- Stainless Steel BBQ Set- arv:$62 Prize 6- Portable Gazebo- arv:$249 Prize 7- Gorgeous Patio Firepit- arv:$119 Prize 8- Croquet Set- arv:$40 Prize 9- Dart Set- arv: $37 Prize 10- 132" Movie Screen AND Projector! arv:$235 & $270 respectively.

 There will be 10 winners total, one winner for each prize!

Terms & Conditions: PLEASE READ AS YOU ARE AGREEING TO THESE WHEN YOU ENTER! Must be 18+ and a resident of the US to enter. Void where prohibited by law. All entries from all tools will be combined and they ran through to ensure a fair drawing. All winning entries will be verified, if task on winning entry was not completed and the entry was taken anyway, that entry will be disqualified. Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond. If no response is received, winner forfeits the prize and a new winner will be chosen. Winning email will be sent from so please add it to your safe list. We do not spam, nor will we ever sell your email address. We hate spam as much as you do! Prizes are shipped by sponsor. Participating bloggers not responsible for shipment of prizes. Not associated with Facebook or any other social media outlet. By Facebook terms and conditions, we cannot require you to 'like' any Facebook page, we can only ask you to visit them. But it's because of the participating bloggers and sponsors that we are able to bring you such great prizes, and we do appreciate it when you like our pages, plus then you'll know when we have another awesome giveaway! But it is still up to your discretion as to whether you like the page or not, and you will not be penalized. Please direct any questions to Once winners have responded with their mailing information, they will be listed on the WINNERS PAGE. We list first name and last initial to protect privacy. These names are ONLY listed once we receive the mailing info from the winner.


Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the following winners. Names were randomly selected by Rafflecopter.

$50 Pacific Play Tents: Marilyn
Dial Kids Free Product Coupons: Penny
Mall Cop 2 T-shirts: Kelly, Shemp, Katherine, Yona, Marnie, Terra, Robin, Colette, Terry, and Vera

(note: Sandee, I'm submitting your name again w/this one too, and letting him know you were the original winner of the single giveaway, so your info doesn't get overlooked with the new giveaway he added!). :)  Have a great day all, thanks to all who entered!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Check Out a New YouTube Channel and Enter to #Win $50 Too!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Advertise with Bloggers and Good Little Monkeys. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

When you want someone to take a little time to check out your latest YouTube video(s) and subscribe to your YouTube account, what better place to turn to, than oh so generous bloggers who are always so awesome at supporting one another? Right now Good Little Monkeys is looking for just that, so if you have a sec., and don't mind doing it, you can view and like the latest video below, and if you want to become a new subscriber to the account, that'd be awesome too. :)

The YouTube account features comprehensive product reviews from the little ones who really do play with the products. I love that a good number of the toys reviewed are also donated to charity.To thank you for stopping over to check out the YouTube channel, there's also a giveaway! One lucky winner walks away with $50 (PayPal) cash. Pretty cool, yes? :)

Giveaway runs until 11pm CST 5/18. Good luck to all who enter!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Coolibar has a Guaranteed UPF 50+ rating for the life of their garments!

I'm waiting for the weather to warm back up so I can get him out and playing!
When it does, I want to be sure his skin is protected. 

With Spring in full swing, nothing beats getting outside to participate in your favorite sport. Whether it's running, golf, fishing, swimming, cycling or just cheering on your favorite athlete at practices and games, sports and outdoor enthusiasts spend countless hours in the sun's rays, putting them at a higher risk for skin cancer. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation warns that a person's risk for melanoma doubles after five or more sunburns, making skin protection a priority for those who spend an extended period of time outside.

In 2014, the acting Surgeon General issued a "Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer" because skin cancer rates continue to increase, even though most cases of skin cancer are preventable. The SCF recommends sun-protective clothing as the first line of defense against UV exposure, which can lead to cancer. Coolibar is the first sun protective clothing line to receive the SCF's Seal of Recommendation.

That's a cool looking shark!

I love the look of the clothes. For my son, the shark print on the boys short sleeve surf shirt is just cool enough to get this instant sun protection slipped right on without a hassle. I don't have to worry about reapplying a ton of sunblock. He is continuously protected as long as he keeps wearing the clothes. AND it looks cute on him too.

The stitching around all around is high quality and reinforced in areas like the neckline, arms, and sides.

The grip bar on the bottom underside of the shirt keeps the shirt from riding up, even with the swiftest of motion or the strongest of waves. Both the shirt and the shorts were deemed extremely comfortable by my son who had no shortage of running around in them to test them out.

Coolibar is the first sun-protective clothing company to receive the SCF's Seal of Recommendation, and they want to offer you some great tips and ways to stay protected from harmful UV radiation (for both kids and adults!) when you're on the field, hitting the pavement, or indulging in any other kind of outdoor fun:

·      Wear lightweight moisture wicking sun-protective clothing. T-shirts are NOT adequate protection against UV rays. Along with the UPF 50+ rating in your clothing, it¹s important to wear moisture wicking clothing so you don't overheat.

·      A wide-brim hat is a must for golfers, walkers and spectators and provides extra coverage to the neck and shoulders, areas that often get more sun exposure. Every inch of hat brim can lower your lifetime risk of skin cancer by 10%. For runners, choose lightweight hats that cover the top of the head and neck.

·      When possible, avoid outdoor activity between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the sun¹s UV radiation is most intense.

·      Keep sunscreen and a hat in your sports/gym bag so they are always available. Use a golf umbrella for shade when walking or waiting.

·      Remember to reapply your sunscreen every two hours, or more often if sweating or swimming. Use sport sunscreen so it doesn't run and irritate your eyes. 

·      Wear sunglasses. In addition to protecting eyes from UV exposure, another cancer risk, the right sunglasses offer impact protection, and reduce reflection on the road, field or course.

About Coolibar

Coolibar is the most recommended and tested sun protective clothing company in the United States. Based in Minneapolis, the company was founded in 2001 to bring Australia's world-leading approaches to sun protection to the American market and beyond by producing and selling sun protective apparel for active families through catalog and online. Dedicated to the highest quality sun protective clothing, hats and accessories, Coolibar guarantees UPF 50+ ratings for the life of their garments.  Each garment is developed with sun protection as the number one priority with a full line of proprietary SUNTECT® fabrics. Coolibar has been recognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation, the American Academy of Dermatology and the Melanoma International Foundation for effective sun protection. Coolibar Cares, the company¹s giving back initiative, supports programs such as SunAWARE, School Sun Hat program, Doctor Connect, the AAD Camp Discovery for sun sensitive children as well as athlete sponsorships and product donations. For information about Coolibar, go to or call 1-800-926-6509. You can also follow us on Facebook Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

It's Easy to Earn Bing Rewards Credits and It's Free!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by Bing Rewards. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

I know that a lot of you, just like me, love to find programs online that help you save money, earn credits for rewards, and even offer you the chance to enter to win fantastic prizes through giveaways and contests.  Bing Rewards  is one site that allows you to do all of the above and more. You can also choose to donate your accumulated credits to various charitable organizations, or you can donate them to Bing in the Classroom (a most excellent program that donates Microsoft Surface Tablets to the school of your choice).

It’s free to join Bing Rewards, and credits are earned simply by searching for things you’re already looking for anyway! What? You mean you can get free credits for simply searching the web? Yes, with Bing Rewards you can, and will, AND it’s a cinch to join. As an extra note of interest, if you are signing in to join from your existing Microsoft account (Outlook, Live, Skype, Hotmail or Xbox) you are instantly going to earn 20 bonus credits. Nice, right? :)

You can use Bing Rewards to search the web on either your computer or your phone (or both!), just be sure to sign in before your start doing so, or if you want to, just stay logged in. I am going to stay signed in on my account, that way it’s not something I will constantly have to remember to do, plus I think that’s just convenient.

On to the giveaways! If you’re one who likes to enter giveaways and contests, Bing Rewards always has great opportunities going on to win fabulous prizes.  Current or recent giveaways for example, allowed Bing Rewards users the chance to win a $500 Game Stop gift card, a Surface Pro 3, an Xbox game, or even a chance to win 100,000 Bing Rewards Credits (which could be used by the winner to get so many great prize options!). We’re huge on prizes in my house. Nothing puts a smile on our faces faster than a very cool win. ;)

While searching the web is an easy way to earn Bing Rewards Credits, there are other ways to accumulate them too. Status Upgrades allow you to get credits even faster, and to explore exclusive options. You can also earn credits by checking out the new features, visiting the tips and tricks offered, and/or making Bing Rewards your home page. I’m heading over to make it my home page now.

Earning has never been easier, and best of all, it’s free!

What are you waiting for? Have you tried, or will you be trying Bing Rewards?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

#TfalSpringCleanSelfie Contest, Iron Giveaway & Let's Discuss Spring Cleaning!

Disclosure: I received a product to help facilitate this review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

The beginning of this post is to announce a contest to you that is sponsored by T-fal, which is amazing in itself, but keep reading because later in the post you'll see how you can also enter to win a high quality T-fal iron like the one pictured below, right here at Mail4Rosey!

The Social Media Contest!

Enter to win an ultimate Spring Cleaning Prize Pkg. worth $1,000

Right now, T-fal is hosting an easy-to-enter social media contest that could leave you winning big time! To enter, simply share a 'selfie' photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #TFalSpringCleanSelfie to show them how you are spring cleaning this season. Whether it's a room in your home that needs a makeover, a before/after shot of a closet you have reorganized, or even a photo of your family's 'clean' and healthy spring eating, T-fal is allowing you free reign in creativity in coming up with family-friendly selfies that depict 'Spring Cleaning' on your terms! There are great prizes too. One lucky grand prize winner will receive an ultimate Spring Cleaning package valued at over $1,000 dollars. 5 Runner-ups will recieve T-fal packages valued at $500 each. 

Unlimited #TfalSpringCleanSelfie submissions are allowed per entrant, every single day the contest is live, so let's see you get creative, and enter often.

Good luck to all who enter! Contest goes through May 1, 2015.

The Mail4Rosey Giveaway!

I remember, very distinctly,my grandmother taking her basket of ironing out twice a week. She would set up her ironing board with it's teflon silver cover and wooden legs, break out her thick Pepsi bottle water dispenser (with the sprinkler holes built into the cap) and set about her ironing. She ironed everything but towels! Sheets? Yep, she ironed them. Blue jeans? Mm hmm, my grandpa was the ultimate in cool jeans, leather jacket, high top Converse... and his cain, hahaha. He did look handsome. AND he had the best creased blue jeans in town thanks to gram and her trusty iron. ;)

These days we don't iron so much, but we do still iron, and it is very important to have an iron in the house for when you need it. I've got a curtain problem right now, and this iron has been working hard for me on restoring them to their original state. Long story short, they were down for awhile and the pleats on the heavy material became unpleated...not an easy job to handle without the right tools. My new T-fal iron is definitely the right tool. Ranked #1 in 'gliedeability' and speed in lab tests against the top 20 competitors, this iron has definitely been a welcome addition to our home. Keep reading to see how you can win one below.

Available for just $44.99 on Amazon right now (w/free S&H)
and you can enter to win one here!

Thanks to T-fal, I have an amazing iron to give away.The T-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron with Ceramic Scratch Resistant Non-Stick Soleplate to be exact. Running 1725-watts and looking sleek with it's black finish, this iron is something to write home about.

Fast Facts about the iron:

  • Ultraglide CERAMIC soleplate with lifetime warranty; Scratch resistant and nonstick for better glide, easier ironing and optimal ironing durability
  • 1725 Watts of power for a powerful burst of steam (100-gram/min)
  • Easy cord exit system keeps the cord out of the way when ironing and prevents from re-wrinkling already-ironed fabrics
  • 3-way auto-off feature? will shut off after 30sec of inactivity if left on its soleplate or tipped over on its side and 8min on the heel
  • Dual self-cleaning technology with the calc-recollecting valve and integrated anti-scale system and Anti-drip system; Extra Long Cord of 12 ft.

You can purchase it on Amazon, in stores nationwide, or on the T-fal website.
If you're looking for ANOTHER chance to win this same iron, I saw Jamerican Spice is giving one away too. Enter here and then head on over to her place to double your chances!

Let's Discuss Spring Cleaning!

Have you already started your Spring Cleaning? When we lived in Florida, I didn't really 'get' the whole Spring Cleaning thing... but now that I live in a cold weather state, boy, do I get it. After a long, hard winter, it's amazingly refreshing to be able to throw open the windows and really get down to organizing, refreshing, lightening things/colors up, and cleaning! I'm so happy to get rid of the darker Fall and Winter colors that I so readily embrace in the cooler/colder months and usher in the warm weather with pastels and soft colors. I've also had a heyday cleaning out closets, organizing the garage, and getting rid of unnecessary items taking up space in my utility room. It feels good to spring clean...and even better to be experiencing warm weather yet again.

Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet? Any plans to do so if you haven't started? Will you enter the selfie contest (linked above) or iron giveaway (below)? Are you LOVING the warmer weather??

Okay...I'm done asking questions now. Good luck to all who enter the two giveaway opportunities. The one for the T-fal FVt4495 iron is just below. US entrants only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Jennifer whose name was randomly selected by Rafflecopter as the winner of the latest Pacifica Beauty Giveaway.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Smart Sheep Premium Wool Dryer Balls: Great in So Many Ways!

Disclosure: I received a sample product to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Like so many of us today, I like switch over and use natural items when I can, for every day things I have previously done using something that had chemicals. For each and every switch I make, I do feel really good. Yes, the things may be small, but if a lot of people did a lot of small little things, it could definitely add up to huge change.

Even the packaging on this for delivery was minimal, which I love!

I have used dryer balls before and have always been happy with them. My mother-in-law uses them too, and she swears by them. Just a tad bit bigger than a standard-size tennis ball, these are easy to throw in the dryer with your clothes, they have the potential to save you a ton of money over the long-run, and they don't add scent to your clothes, which for some of you I know (scent) is an issue.

Smart Sheep Premium Wool Dryer Balls are available for sale
in packages of 3 or 6. Free Shipping in the U.S.

Smart Sheep wool dryer balls shorten drying time, soften and fluff fabric, and reduce static, and they do it without chemicals. They also help bed sheets stay untangled during the drying process, so wrinkling remains at a minimum. They are all-natural, with no synthetic fibers or as just mentioned, chemicals used. They are designed so they won't unravel, meaning they will last for years to come. That being said, some pilling may occur, and that is okay. The pilling makes for softer laundry because a larger surface area improves fluffiness and drying time.

Made of 100% New Zealand wool and hand-felted in Nepal, these dryer balls are a smart choice for every day laundry needs.

You can learn more about Smart Sheep Dryer Balls by visiting their website. You can also follow them on Facebook. You can purchase them on their Amazon page found here.

Have you used these in lieu of dryer sheets? Would you make the switch?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Celsius: The World's First Negative Calorie Beverage

You can buy it in powder or can form,
and it comes in a variety of flavors!

What are the celebrities drinking, and loving? Celsius! Take a look here, to see the latest and greatest offering their take on the world's first negative calorie beverage. Negative calorie? Yeah...that sounds pretty good to me. ;)

I know that when I'm starting a new workout routine, finding the best way to cut calories and still be happy is also always on the list. Finding a drink like Celsius that will quench my thirst, taste great (therein lies the 'happy' factor) and actually help me burn calories is a wonderful concept to me.

Celsius is great option too because it offers a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. It has no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no Aspartame (hurrah! that stuff gives me a migraine), very low sodium, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors. Plus it is vitamin enriched and rumored to taste fan-tas-tic!

In addition to that, Celsuis Flo Fusion On-the-Go is backed by six published university studies, and is clinically proven to burn 100 calories and more per serving; it burns up to 93% more body fat per serving; it increases metabolism; and it touts providing healthy energy. It comes in can (carbonated or not, your choice) or powder form, is offered in a variety of flavors. Sounds great, right? I'm pretty positive both  of my grown boys would like this, and I know my husband would too.

If this sounds like a product you would like to know more about, you can visit the website here. you can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. And if you're ready to buy it, you can find it for sale on Amazon.

Does this sound like something you would try?

Enter to Win the Mpow Selfie Stick!

Disclosure: I received a sample product to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

The blue button you see in the photo above activates the shutter on the camera
via Bluetooth

Are Selfie Sticks worth the hype surrounding them right  now? Oh you betcha, and then some! My husband is having a major blast running around, antagonizing the children to play, and getting a variety of fun shots with his new Mpow Selfie Stick.

The Mpow iSnap X One-Piece U-Shape Self-Portrait Monopod Extendable Selfie Stick is great because it comes in one long piece that folds up to be very compact, making it easy for travel. The end of it is adjustable to fit to your phone, or in my husband's case, his iTouch.

The twist clamp at the end holds your device securely in place. It's easy to turn, but holds fast and doesn't leave you at all wary to extend your expensive device so many feet in front of you while not in your own hand.

It also comes with a wrist strap so if your dropsy like me, you can have an additional dose of peace of mind.

Charging it is a breeze, simply plug it into your computer with the included charging cord. Again, everything is small so it's wonderful for travel.

My hubby's taken quite a few pictures with it, and experimented too, seeing just how much he is able to get in the frame. It's definitely a new toy he's happy to have, and it's fun for the whole family too. No more partial people shots, with this little baby you're getting everyone in the picture.

To get your Mpow Selfie Stick up and running, simply pair it with your Bluetooth device and it's good to go. Simplicity at its finest. It really couldn't have taken more than a few seconds to get ours going. This selfie stick is compatible with  most IOS/Android devices.

The Mpow Selfie Stick comes with an 18-month warranty, and a 45-day money back guarantee.

You can find it on Amazon, and Mail4Rosey readers get a discount as well. Simply type in the code: LK35FSFH to save up to $4.

Learn more about it by visiting the listing. You can also follow Mpow on Facebook and/or Twitter.

There's a Giveaway!

One lucky winner gets a selfie stick to call their own. US entrants only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Shopping for Mother's Day at Personalization Mall

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

I am perusing today for one reason, and one reason only: My Mother!

I'm seeing so many mentions of Mother's Day, and to tell you the truth, I kind of blew them off thinking, "Eh, Mother's Day isn't that close to worry about it." Then I looked at my calendar. Yikes! Mother's Day is May 10th this year, and that's just 16 days away!!

So is there time still to get her something that is personalized? Yes! Personalized Mall prides themselves on a fast turnaround time, but it is the busy season, so you do need to hurry!

As for me, there are three items from their ten Mother's Day Gift Guides that I have narrowed my search down to, and I may end up getting two instead of one, just because I know each of these is something she will love.

Picture Perfect Personalized Scented Glass Candle
from the 'Stay at Home Moms' Mother's Day Gift Guide

Within the Mother's Day Gift Guides on the website, I found these great Picture Perfect Personalized Scented Glass Candles under the 'Stay at Home Moms' Mother's Day Gift Guide. My mom has one child (me!) lol, four grandchildren, and one great grandchild. So now my big consideration if I get the candle(s) I get her one candle with her grandkids and one with her great grandbaby; or do I get her four candles, one for each grandchild, or do I just go with simple and put a group picture on one? Decisions...decisions.

The candles come in three fragrances, Lavender and Linen (this is the one I will select if I go with the candle(s) because my mom loves purple), Papaya and Bamboo, and Mulberry. The candles are a generous size, 4" x 4" x 4" and creating them is easy. You simply upload the photo you want displayed on the candle, along with up to two lines of personalization, and Personalization Mall will do the rest. These candles also come with a color-coordinated ribbon tied ever so pretty on top, so you don't even have to wrap them (though you can, of course, if your mom likes wrapped items). :)

Leaves of Love Personalized Sweatshirt Blanket
from the 'Stay at Home Mom' Mother's Day Gift Guide

The second item I am contemplating is from the 'Stay at Home Mom' Mother's Day Gift Guide section of the Mother's Day Guide, and it is the Leaves of Love Personalized Sweatshirt Blanket. I deliberately selected the sweatshirt material because my grandma delved into using this kind of material in the last few years of her life. I think she did so because she'd already used every other kind of material known to mankind to create. ;) It was a big deal to her to be using something new, and we poked fun at her a bit, mildly and with love of course... but let me tell you, those blankets were the one thing everyone wanted when she passed. They embodied her love of sewing, and because that meant the world to her, the blankets mean a lot to us.

I know this blanket would resurface those happy memories for my mom, without even a twinge of sadness. My grandma gave her all to every single one of us in the family, always, and the only feelings we have when we think of her are happy. You can put up to 8 names on this 50" x 60" blanket, and it's the perfect weight for this time of year, being not too heavy, but still heavy enough to ward off any afternoon chill that might come to visit. I don't know if I would put our family names in those hearts, or words that I think describe my mother, such as 'strong' 'accepting,' and 'kind.' I'm still thinking...

'Your Special Dish' Personalized Serving Bowl

The third item I am considering is the 'Your Special Dish' Personalized Serving Bowl. If you like this, check out the 'The Super Cook' Mother's Day Gift Guide where you'll find other great items for mom's kitchen! We don't get to see my mom a whole awful lot because we live in the next state over. You'd think with us just being 4 hours or so apart that we would be able to get together more, but life (school, music, scouts, swimming, soccer, etc.) take up so much time that our visits are not as often as we would like. That means when we do go to see her, she likes to really do up the cooking. She delights in making us dishes she knows we'll enjoy, and she takes pride in how they are presented on the table. I know she'd love this bright, cheery bowl, and having a special message or her name on it, would make it that much better.

The bowl is 5" x 10.5", holds five quarts, and is made of durable ceramic that can safely go in the dishwasher. You can personalize it up to 2 lines, and it comes in 10 different design themes.

Of course these three items are just a small sampling from a vast selection of inventory that you will find while looking around the website. Check out more selections on the Mother's Day Store Page. If you're like me, and you haven't done your shopping done yet, Pesonalization Mall is the place to be. You can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and/or Twitter as well.

All done with your shopping? Or do you still have to get yours done?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 Reasons to Love #Hasbro

Disclosure: I received sample products to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

My Current 3 Reasons to Love Hasbro!

Ask a child to write out a wish list of items they would like to have, and more than likely a Hasbro toy is going to make the list. Hasbro is a name that has been around for as long as I can remember, and it's one that is trusted by parents fully, myself included. I've been buying their games and toys for as long as I've had kids. My oldest ('kid') is 27, so that's a good long time. :)

There are many, many reasons to love Habro, I'm showing you three of them right here and now. :)

Hasbro Sells Spider-Man Gear!
That's reason #1 that we're loving them right now.

Reason #1: The Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warrior Slingers Blaster.

Most every little boy loves to play the superhero and my son is no exception. Counting Spider-Man among his faves, we recently had a blast, a sling blast that is, taking his new toy out in the backyard to play.

Sound effects emit from the blue 'spider' box, making the toys even more realistic and fun.

The Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warrior Slingers Blaster is a glove that you slip on and secure around your wrist with Velcro. A plastic spider-shaped box rests atop the glove, and not only does it shoot out the soft rubber slings you see in my son's other hand, but it also has some pretty cool sound effects.

Super easy instructions for getting the slingers to shoot.

The instructions show how easy it was to put together the toy. The plastic box is already attached for you, and you merely need to learn how to insert and shoot the slings. Easy peasy. Designed for ages 5 and up, this is a great surprise gift to get for the little boy in your life!

One villain target is included. Set him up and start shooting with your 'web.'

The target villain was nice, but for some reason my son thought mom 
was more fun to chase and blast with slingers. Ridiculous. ;)
On another note, pretend you don't see the leaves heading out to our woods. I'm working on those. ;)

The set comes with one target villain that you can put anywhere and use for web-slinging target practice. We tried that a few times, but my son decided it would be more fun to chase me around and shoot me with them. It's hard to take a superhero seriously when he's running around laughing while he's trying to shoot you. Even funnier when he's trying to make a serious face but keeps breaking it with a smile.

This item requires 2 AAA batteries (demo batteries included).

Reason #2 to love Hasbro
They have Baby Alive!

Reason #2 to love Hasro: Baby Alive!

Baby Alive is such a popular doll right now, and it has been for a long time! My daughter is a frog-chasing, tree climbing, dirt digging run-with-the-boys kind of gal, or at least she was when she was younger (and she still sometimes is!) but the one doll she did ask Santa for a few years ago was a Baby Alive. Never mind that her doll shared toy playpen space with baby frogs she found in the yard, she still loved her little doll as much as any little girl does, and it was nice to see her enjoying a baby doll for a change. :)

Now I have a baby granddaughter who is all girly and lovey dovey to her doll babies, and for her birthday coming up here any day, she's going to get the Baby Alive Sips n Cuddles doll you see above. Decorate the included sippy cup with the stickers that are provided and it will instantly match the diaper and dress! This Baby Alive is called Sips 'n Cuddles because after she drinks, 'mama' can change her diaper (the doll really wets) and give her some sweet cuddles.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Reason #3 to love Hasbro: The danger factor!
I mean...the games. ;)

Crococile Dentist is hilarious fun that will leave you cringing but begging for more!

Reason #3 to love Hasbro is their awesome game selection. Right now we're loving Crocodile Dentist. This game literally is played so fast, but it's so fun! That makes it  perfect for those times when you want to spend some quality time with the kids but you're short on time (like right before bed when they want to do 'one more thing' before they brush their teeth to go to sleep). Yesterday for instance, we played in that time crunch just before dinner was ready, and the game went so fast we must have played 10 times in 15 minutes.

Don't push on a sore tooth or the Crocs jaws close up (fast!) and might chomp ya!

Just because it's fast to play doesn't mean it's short on fun! See that face my son's making in the picture above? He doesn't want the crocodile to chomp when he pushes on a tooth! If you find the sore tooth, those jaws come down fast and they make you jump! Of course that's the best part of the game. :)

Made of sturdy plastic, this game has no removable parts, no batteries, and he's super easy to store. This is a fantabulous addition to our game collection, and so much fun we kept him on the main floor of the house instead of storing him in the Game Room with our other family fun things.

The Crocodile Dentist is recommended for children ages 4+.

So that's my three super solid, amazing reasons to love Hasbro. There are more... lots more!

You can learn more about Hasbro, and see their awesome toy and game selections by visiting their website or online store. And or course too, you can find these and other Habro items in stores everywhere!

Do you have a Hasbro favorite?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday_Sing...Sing a Song...

Ha, remember that song? Sesame Street.

But on to the post! ;) The video's only 8-seconds long. The boys to the left of my son (back row, right) are triplets. Cool, yes? They're in his class and in his Cub Scouts. How cool to have triplets. :) The funny thing to me in this video though, is the girls with the pom-poms. Not that the girls are funny, they did great... just that my son didn't know the girls were getting pom-poms until the rehearsal the day before the performance and boy was he irked that HE wasn't going to get pom-poms for props too, hahahhahahaha.

Here he is stepping out to do his duet. They did great but all I could see was the back of my son's head. Not a good picture opp, but certainly an awesome in-person moment to see. :) Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mall Cop 2 T-shirt anyone? #giveaway 9 winners!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. 
Note after contest end: One of the ten original winners already won from another blog, so the giveaway was changed to nine...and nine winners were reported. :) Thanks to all who entered!

An Overstock of Swag Means More Prizes for You!
10 Lucky Winners Get the Prize Pkg. Shown!

If you visited a couple of weeks ago you might remember the Mall Cop 2 giveaway with the t-shirt, temporary tattoo, and super classy/super cool fanny pack (lol!!). Well, the person giving those away has more in stock than he thought and so he wants to give nine more of those prize packages away to Mail4Rosey readers. Woot!!

Everyone knows I love a good giveaway, and being able to give out nine prizes makes hosting even more fun.

Have you seen the movie? Will you see the movie? I've got a 7-yr old in the house who loved the first one, so it's highly likely we'll be going to see this one too. I don't mind, I thought the first one was cute.

This is a fast giveaway, one week only! Good luck to all who enter.
US entrants only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

AirAngel by Air Oasis: The Air Purifier and Sanitizer has Gone Mobile!

Disclosure: I received a product to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

This is brand new and I think you're going to love it! Released on March 24, 2015, the AirAngel Air Purifier and Sanitizer is very small, quiet as a mouse, and it works like a charm!

The old saying of 'good things come in small packages' could easily be applied to this mobile sanitizer. It is designed to be portable, which in turn allows you peace of mind when you are out and about and don't know the quality of your air.

For us, my in-laws have a place up north that is meant for time away from home. When we head up that way, the dwelling has usually been closed up for a good long while, because no one has been there over the winter to visit. The air is most always stale and musty for the first day or so. It is definitely a place where we would welcome the AirAngel.

Hotels are another example I can think of, where a portable air purifier would be welcome. Sometimes the rooms had smokers in them, whether smoking was permitted or not, and the tobacco smell just lingers. When you have kiddos, well even for yourself--but definitely when you have kiddos, you don't want them breathing that stale old air that is likely full of nasty toxins! This powerful little machine can help clear up the air you are breathing in no time at all.

Inside of the box you get the air purifier, a stand for it to rest on, an electrical plug-in, and a car charger, so you can use it in your vehicle or charge it on the go.

Everything right down to the case is designed for ease in portability. The picture above shows the small, very easy to carry zipped case with a carrying strap that neatly holds all of your items.

There are two pockets on the top, and one mesh one on the bottom, to keep things separated and safe.

My son is holding it here so you can get a good idea of the actual size. This is small enough to carry on an airplane, in a car, in your purse...or virtually anywhere at all!

This is the bottom view, in case you wondered what that might look like. You can see there are lots of big airy vents.

And this is the view looking into the top portion of the AirAngel.

The stand is small and designed specifically to hold your purifier firmly in place. This is piece, flipped upside down so you can see the base.

We do a little traveling here and there, and most definitely there have been times we wished for cleaner air. In hotels you can't really open windows either, so the air challenge can really be an issue. That's not going to be a problem any more with our new AirAngel. This little beauty of an item is going with us from now on...and because it's so small, it's not even going to be a hassle to take it.

Keep reading to learn more from the company. I really think this is an item you're going to enjoy owning.

Air Oasis Introduces the New Air Angel Air Sanitizer

Air Oasis, the company that offers high quality Air Sanifiers to purify and sanitize the surrounding air and surfaces, recently announced the launch of Air Angel, a compact, mobile unit designed just for parents. The Air Angel Air Sanifier has revolutionary, energy-efficient technology that purifies and sanitizes the air and surfaces in rooms up to 250 square feet, including nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms, hotel rooms, cars, planes, and more. This cutting-edge technology helps protect children against germs, viruses, and harmful pollutants in the air and on surfaces around them.

Air Angel is able to purify and sanitize by using a proprietary technology developed by NASA and enhanced by the Air Oasis research and development team. Air Angel technology requires zero maintenance for one year. Delivered with a power cord, charger adapter and zipper case, the white mobile unit is designed to be plugged in on shelves and surfaces out of children’s reach to invisibly purify and sanitize the air and surfaces around them. Primary benefits of the Air Angel device include:

·       Provides clean air for a good night’s sleep
·       Destroys up to 99 percent (99%) of air allergens
·       Destroys up to 99 percent (99%) of odors (i.e. diaper pails, smoke)
·       Destroys up to 99 percent (99%) of germs in the surrounding air and on surfaces  

“Once we acquired the NASA technology, our primary goal was to make it available to the everyday parent to help protect children against germs and viruses, while helping to expedite their recovery from illness,” said Woody Young, co-founder of Air Angel and a father and grandfather. “With outbreaks of preventable diseases and viruses becoming increasingly prevalent, our goal is to give parents peace of mind that the Air Angel’s germ-fighting technology is the best defense system within their home and on-the-go.”

All Air Oasis products are backed by science, extensive leading university research studies and are under the guidance of Air Oasis’ dedicated medical expert and Air Angel co-founder Dr. Jeff Bennert, Ph.D., C.T.N. Unlike an air purifier, which only circulates a portion of a room’s indoor air and pushes it through a filter, Air Oasis’ Surface and Air Sanitizers produce safe catalytic molecules that are blown throughout a room to sanitize both the air and surfaces year-round.

Air Oasis Air Sanifiers are a trusted product by a wide range of prestigious commercial clients including AAA Diamond Resorts, hospitals, professional sports teams, schools, and national grocery store chains.

For more information on Air Oasis or to purchase an Air Angel, please visit You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.