What is one thing you can never have enough of? For me, it's perfume!

What I have found, is that it takes a lot of tries to find the buys...but when you find them...ooooh to the buys!!  Join me on my journey of becoming a bonafide fraghead. That's a title I wear proudly. :)

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Amouage Sunshine Woman is the best tobacco fragrance I have ever tried.


Realistic Juicy Delicious Citrus: Pomeloflow

Peony Pop light and airy, perfect for Spring.

House of Sillage

House of Sillage

Tiara from House of Sillage is a pleasant, soft floral fragrance. Good for everyday wear. 

The cupcake has Swarovski Crystals adoring the top of it. Such a gorgeous bottle.

House of Sillage Signature Discovery Parfum Set

Try before your commit to a full-sized bottle. This was a fun set to work through.

So many good fragrances.


Love Don't be Shy Extreme is a limited edition from Kilian. Gourmand. Beautiful. 



Three Lancome Fragrances  ( La Nuit EDP, La Nuit, a la Folie , and La vie Est Belle)

Side Note: These bottles!!!
Update: I have added a fourth Lancome fragrance to this post (La Nuit Tresor Nude)

Still a favorite years later! La Nuit Tresor from Lancôme.
Citrus, Coconut and Vanilla
Perfect for summer.

La Vie Est Belle Intensement
Shares the DNA profile with its sister, La Vie Este Belle, but the raspberry makes it a little more bubbly.

The Iris Dragées from the Maison Lancôme line is magical.


Secret Genius is my all-time favorite Pinrose fragrance. 

Try a petal sampler kit, or take their scent quiz to see what might be your perfect match. 

This is a CLEAN fragrance company. 

You can buy full-sized bottles, travel size, candles, lotion and more.

These towelettes are perfect for travel (no spilling/breaking and you can tuck them in your pocket)!

Rosy & Earnest

Be Earnest from Rosy & Earnest reminds me of Creed Aventus, except it is 100% unisex. EWG Certified!

Top notes of rhubarb and apple.
Mid Notes that are floral.
Base Notes of Canadian Fir Balsam, Virginia Cedarwood and Musk (synthetic musk)

What I get is a crisp, fresh Fir and Cedar mix that makes me so very happy. 



My Favorite Sample Companies (try before you buy!)

Fragrances Line

Fragrances Line Samples (BDK, Villa Neroli; Byredo, Bal D'Afrique; Christian Louboutin, Loubidoo; Room 1015, Cherry Punk; Xerjoff, La Captiale)

Lucky Scent

Lucky Scent Samples (Bohococo: Coffee White Flowers. Comptoir Sud Pacifique: Vanille Abricot. House of Oud: Keep Glazed. House of Oud: What about Pop? Juliette has a Gun: Mmmm. Maison Fracis Kurkdijan: Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait. Mazzolari, Vaniglia. Xerjoff: Casamorati, Italica. Xerjoff: Casamorati, Lira).


MicroPerfumes  (Bond No.9: Chinatown, Creed: Aventus for Her,  Hermes: Eau de Merveilles, Paco Rabanne: Olympea, Tom Ford: Black Orchid, Tresor, La Nuit EDT)

MicroPerfumes Shipment #2 (Creed: Royal Water, Jo Malone: English Pear and Freesia, Salvatore Ferragamo: Signorina Misteriosa, Tom Ford: Fabulous, Tom Ford: Cherry)

MicroPerfumes Shipment #3 (Bottega Veneta: Bottega Veneta, Creed: Love in White, Creed: Spring Flower, Maison Francis Kurkdijan, Baccarat Rouge 540, Marc Jacobs: Decadence, Tom Ford: Noir Pour Femme, Tom Ford: Velvet Orchid)

MYFRAGRANCESAMPLES.COM Byredo, Sundazed; Imaginary Authors, Whiff of a Waffle Cone; Mancera, Holidays; Profumum Roma, Sorriso; Tiziana Tirenza, Kirke; Tom Ford, Metallique


Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace
Delina Exclusif
Get your favorite designer and niche scents in a travel spray or have them turned into sample-sized bath and body products at My Luxury Scent.


Shipment #1 (Creed: Viking, Xerjoff: XJ 1861 Naxos)

Shipment # 2 : (Acqua di Parma: Mediterranean Mandorlo di Sicilia. Annick Goutal: Tenue de Soiree. Frederic Malle: Portrait of a Lady. Guerlain: Aqual Allegoria Mandarine Basilic, Aqua Allegoria Orange Soleia, Guerlain Insolence, & Guerlain Tonka Imperial; Narciso Rodriguez: Ambree, & Narciso Rodriguez: For Her. Maria Cristofilis: Fleur09. Serge Lutens, Jeux de Peau).

Shipment #3 (Byredo Pulp; Chabaud, Lait de Biscuit, Jovoy Paris, Fire at Will; Lancome Maison, Iris Dragees; Masque Milano, Lost Alice; Prada, La Femme; Roja Dove, Bergamot Extrait; Simone Andreoli, Glaze Ecstasy; Vilhelm, Dear Polly; Vilhelm, Poets of Berlin)


Perfumico Samples that I tried: BDK Bouquet de Hongrie, Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim, and Marc Jacobs: Divine Decadence.

Perfumico has also generously offered to give a 10% discount to all Mail4Rosey readers.


Good through 12/31/22.


Get perfume samples delivered every single month. Easy to sign up, easy to cancel. Make your cue up to 12 months ahead of time, if you like! $19.95 to start and they have hundreds of fragrances to choose from, some of which are very expensive (no mark-up to try them) and very hard to find (like the Kilian Single Malt I tried above). My favorite perfume subscription service is Royalty Scents!

I tried Kilian's Single Malt, Moschino's Toy 2 Bubble Gum and Tom Ford's White Suede. 

My thoughts and more information on the service can be found HERE.


Scent Split Samples (Amouage: Sunshine Woman, Armani/Prive: Oud Royal, By Kilian: Back to Black, By Kilian: Black Phantom, By Kilian: Love Don't be Shy, Creed: Aventus, Creed: Milisime Imperial, Creed: Original Santal, Creed: Silver Mountain Water, Parfums de Marly: Athalia, Parfums de Marly: Cassili, Parfums de Marly: Delina, Lancome: Oud Bouquet (vintage), Maison Martin Margiela, By the Fireplace, Tom Ford: Soleil Blanc, Tom Ford: Japanese Plum , Tom Ford: Tobacco Vanille , Tom Ford: Vanille Fatale ).

Scent Split Samples Shipment #2 (by Kilian: Good Girl Gone Bad, Jo Malone: Orange Blossom, Montale: Chocolate Greedy, Serge Lutens: Un Bois Vanille, Shay & Blue, Salty Caramel)

Scent Split Samples #3 (Amouage: Interlude Woman; by Kilian, Rolling in Love; House of Oud, Dates of Delight; A Lab on Fire, Messy Sexy Just Rolled out of Bed; Le Labo, Another 13; Nishani, Ani; Parfums De Marly, Meliora; Creed, Viking).

Scent Split Samples # 4 (Workshop:  Atelier: Grand Neroli,  Orange Sanguine, and Vanille Insensee ; Diptyque, Eau Duelle EDT; L'Artisan Parfumeur, Couleur Vanille;  Maison Martin Margiela, Funfair Evening; Parfums de Marly: Darcy , Safanad , and Sedbury ; The Vagabond Prince, Swan Princess ; Xerjoff, Ivory Route )


Scents Event is the perfect place to find niche samples. They have:

  • A large selection of niche fragrances
  • Many hard-to-find fragrances
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Quality decants to house the fragrances
  • Optional twist-up atomizer
  • Spray sample bottles (except for the very smallest size, which is a dabber)
  • Great customer service
  • Fast shipping
I found two scents that are perfect for summer: Louis Vuitton's Afternoon Swim (which I already knew I loved but wanted to be sure since it's been awhile) and Christian Dior's Rouge Trafalgar.

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