Sunday, July 17, 2022

The House of Sillage Calls My Name

Tiara from the House of Sillage is a standout in both looks and content. I guess you could say she is beautiful inside and out. Most of the fragrances at HOS are in the shape of a cupcake, carefully adorned with hand-placed Swarovski crystals, and that alone makes them a collector’s delight. I will admit this does look remarkable in my perfume rotation, and it always makes me happy to see it. It is the fragrance inside, however, that has me doing cartwheels on the beach…or should I say in the flower patch (?), since it is a floral scent.

If you follow me on social media, you might already know that some of them are flooded with the perfumes I like, want to try or have already tried. Tiara lends itself well to such platforms because it is so photogenic. Here it is with the lid on, which really highlights the classy but blingy elegance she brings to the table. This bottle and cupcake topper are no joke either. They are noticeably heavy and reinforce the high-quality standards expected from the House of Sillage.

This fragrance has three stages on your skin: the top notes you get when you first spray it, the mid notes you pick up on while it is drying, and the base notes that stick around the rest of the time after it has completely dried down. As is fairly typical though, my nose does not detect the notes many others say they do when they smell it. I have heard many times over that this is a vanilla-rich scent. Not so for me.

Top Notes: Tangerine, Cinnamon

Mid Notes: Peony, Rose, Cedar

Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Amber

What I smell is a soft floral that dries down to be a pleasant whisper of caramel, the latter of which I realize is not listed in the ingredient notes at all. I do not smell either of the top notes, nor do I pick up on the cedar. It is pleasant from start to finish though, and something I would deem ‘safe’ to use for everyday wear or in the office; ‘safe’ meaning non-offensive. 

If a timeless, classic, softly pleasant floral scent (that is sweet) is something you appreciate in a fragrance, Tiara would be for you. To date, this is my second favorite from the House of Sillage that I have tried… and so far, I have tried their limited-edition Mickey Mouse fragrance (this one is good too and the cupcake has Disney ears), one sample from their Whispers collection, and the samples listed below from the Signature Discovery Parfum Set.

I knew owning a full-sized bottle of Tiara was for me, because I tried it first in the discovery set. 

House of Sillage 

It was fun to spend some time trying out each of these fragrances. I wore them all at least twice to make sure I had a good handle on how I felt. My notes on them are below:


- Top Notes: Almond Oil, Bergamot - Heart Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmine - Base Notes: Vanilla, Sugar 

Super creamy orangesicle scent. Very thick. Super ultra-sweet. I like it, but this is to be used sparingly and only at certain times. Def. not an outside scent and too much of it would be sickening. Someone said it reminds them of Fruit Loops... I can see that but it's richer. The dry-down reminds me of Thanksgiving pie. By far and away, this is the one I hear people say they love the most.

Cherry Garden

Nice opening. I can smell soft cherries/cream. It dries down to a sweet floral with a little bit of those soft cherries left, and no cream. It's very pleasing. Not too strong. a teensy bit musky at dry-down. This may be another full bottle on my counter at one point. I could own this and be happy. 

- Top Notes: Almond Oil, Aniseed Oil - Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine - Base Notes: Heliotrope, Musk

Chevaux D'or

I don't smell strawberry unless I really try to. I do smell Magnolia.  It's enjoyable. Probably a little much for everyday wear. I'd wear it on special occasions if I owned it. Mid: Jammy Rose Scent. Update: after dry-down I would recommend this as an excellent rose frag. Lasts a long time. 

- Top Notes: Wild Strawberries, Magnolia

- Heart Notes: Black Rose, Turkish Rose

Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood

Emerald Reign

 It's cozy. I smell the nutmeg and a little Benzoin. I actually like it, but it's too outdoor/woody for me to want to wear all that often. Not in a masculine way, just not my preference to wear on me. I'd probably love it on someone else. Very Long Lasting.

Notes - Top Notes: Nutmeg, Cardamom Oil - Heart Notes: Violet Leaves, Sandalwood - Base Notes: Patchouli, Benzoin

Hauts Bijoux

I smell the fruit. I'd describe it as a citrus floral. There's nothing entirely uncommon here, but that's not a bad thing. You can also tell it's a supreme-quality fragrance. The dry-down is more 'perfumy' than the citrus floral in the opening and mid. It's an inviting scent.

Notes - Top Notes: Grapefruit, Mango - Heart Notes: Iris, Karo Karounde - Base Notes: Heliotrope, Amber


This is nice. Non-offensive. Soft. I don't see vanilla in the notes, but it feels like a light vanilla base to me. Midway between initial spray and final drydown, this has a generously soft, really nice orange scent to it. This is one I could wear around my teen and I suspect it wouldn't bother his allergies (I can't wear stronger perfumes because they do agitate him). Safe for work. Easy buy/great holiday gift idea!! Mark that down for the perfume-lovers in your life because who wouldn't (that likes fragrances) want a House of Sillage cupcake?? These are so good!!

- Top Notes: Mandarin, Orange - Heart Notes: Peach, Rose - Base Notes: Vetiver, Virginian Cedar

Love is in the Air

It's light. Pleasant. Fabric softener mixed with subtle plum sweetness in a very perfect way. Floral fresh clean. Sometimes I don't smell much of the fruit, just a sweetness. Other times the plum is more prevalent. Slightly powdery. I like it. I'd definitely wear it if I owned it. Slightly churchy smell (church from my youth). Good for work. Not a huge projector. THIS is my favorite from the house, and highly likely to be my next full-sized purchase. Update: I purchased it and love it.

- Top Notes: Plum, Black Currant - Heart Notes: Jasmine, Cedarwood - Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk

Nouvez Moi

Every discovery set has a scent or two you don't love. That's the beauty and purpose of them, you get to try before you commit to buying a full-sized bottle. For me, this is a big no. It is unisex but leaning hard masculine. I just don't like it. 

- Top Notes: Peppercorn, Cardamom Oil - Heart Notes: Rose Oil, Jasmine, - Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk

Passion de L'Amour

Based on reviews or conversations I've had with other people, this is one I expected to love. It's very popular and I like raspberry and caramel. Here are the thoughts I wrote down, however, after trying it a couple of times: It's strong. I can smell Saffron for sure. It's unisex but could definitely be classified masculine. Not fond of it. This one is not for me.

-Top Notes: Saffron, Raspberry - Heart Notes: Caramel, Amyris Oil - Base Notes: Oud, Liatrix Absolute


Soft floral with a sweet dry-down. Pleasant to wear daily. Classic scent that will never smell outdated. This is the one I chose to get a full-sized bottle of (and write about above), and I have no regrets. I love it.

-Top Notes: Tangerine, Cinnamon y - Heart Notes: Peony, Rose, Cedar l - Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Amber

These notes are personal tidbits I wrote down to remember what I liked and did not like about these parfums for future reference. I am so much of a perfume-lover that I have a huge data sheet going. It's very has to be because I've written a lot of notes. :) 

I think it's safe to say that the hobby I picked up when we were in quarantine, has become a long-time love. I have no idea if I'll collect perfumes for my whole life, but for now, I'm still really-really enjoying it.

Click HERE to browse the House of Sillage website.


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