Thursday, June 1, 2023

10 Popular Fragrance Acronyms and What they Mean


Fragrance acronyms have you befuddled? Scent lovers seem to have a lingo all their own, throwing around groups of letters like EDT, EDP, and FBW like they are common knowledge. For some people they are, but what about the rest of us who might not yet be in the know? Here to help you gain a better understanding of what others might be saying in perfume articles, fragrance forums, on social media channels or even in person, here is a list of the 10 popular fragrance acronyms and what they mean:

  1. EDP (Eau de Parfum): This refers to the concentration level of perfume. EDP has a higher percentage of essential oils or aromatic compounds, which means it will typically last longer than an EDT when applied on skin. We speak this acronym with reverence, recognizing its potency and allure.
  2. EDT (Eau de Toilette): This also applies to the concentration level of a fragrance. EDTs have a lower percent of essential oils or aromatic compounds than the EDPs. They typically do not last as long as EDPs.
  3. FBW (Full-Bottle-Worthy) means the person enjoys it enough to own a full-sized bottle, rather than just having a sample or decant.
  4. HG (Holy Grail): The best of the best. Holy Grail fragrances often have a very loyal group of customers/followers.
  5. HTF (Hard to Find): Also sometimes referred to as a “unicorn,” this is a fragrance that is likely to have been discontinued or is otherwise very difficult to find.
  6. NIB (New in Box): It’s a prevailing trend among individuals who blind buy (acquire fragrances without prior sampling) to connect with like-minded enthusiasts online. Within these circles of fragrance lovers engaged in selling or swapping scents, the term “NIB” or “BNIB” (signifying “brand new in box”) designates that the packaging is unopened and has never been used.
  7. NWOB (New Without Box): Sometimes a fragrance might be sold sans box. If that is the case, this is the acronym that is used.
  8. S/A (Sales Assistant): This is typically the person behind the counter who is going to let you try new scents. Finding a great s/a can be a game changer for the person who likes to try and buy perfume.
  9. SOTD (Scent of the Day): Fragrance lovers use it to talk about the scent they are wearing.
  10. SOTE or SOTN (Scent of the Evening or Scent of the Night): acronym to preface what fragrance one is wearing in the p.m.
  11. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) Fragrances do not all work the same one on each and every person. For some, one might last all day, and for another, the same amount of sprays from the same bottle could diminish rather quickly.

Alright, perfume explorers, you are now equipped with the basics. These 10 perfume acronyms are key to understanding some of the most commonly used acronyms in the fragrance universe.

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