Sunday, May 21, 2023

Minnie Mouse is all the Rage Right Now!

Look at Her, She’s Perfect!

When it comes to finding a bottle you love, House of Sillage is tops in my book. So pretty, in fact, that I didn’t think they could outdo themselves, until I saw this bottle. Minnie Mouse is hands-down the cutest fragrance bottle I have ever seen to date, and I’ve seen quite a few.

Yet still, I resisted because these have a hefty price tag and I’ve been spending too much lately. Then, I opened a little sample card that had this fragrance on it, and I was swooning. Raspberry, Marshmallow and Vanilla are what I picked up on most and I was loving it. So, I ordered a bottle.

One Small Mishap

It arrived and the top was seeping. I’ve never really had anything like this happen before and I was thoroughly disappointed, but I know things happen… so I contacted the company. They immediately offered to exchange it for a new one. Hurrah for companies that have pride in their customer service. BUT that meant I had to wait even longer to wear this little beauty. The bottle though, in person, did not disappoint. Minnie Mouse from House of Sillage is gorgeous!

Even the Box is Amazing

Fast forward to my new delivery, which was perfect and had no flaws. I’ll talk about my experience with it in a second but first I want to take a moment to applaud the box. Even that is amazing. House of Sillage KNOWS presentation and everything about this packaging, especially the bottle, makes me happy…even the box it can be stored in.

Okay, the new package arrived safe and sound. I was ready to wear the fragrance. One spray and I was hooked. It’s gorgeous. Soft raspberry, fluffy marshmallows, and a touch of sweet vanilla at the base. This is the scent that gourmand-lover’s dreams are made of… Easily my favorite cupcake (nickname commonly used for House of Sillage bottles) to date.

Minnie Mouse is in High Demand

I am not the only one who feels this way. Minnie is a limited-edition fragrance that is already sold out on the House of Sillage website. You simply can’t get it. So, of course everyone wants it. The other perfume nuts I know (and there are tons of us) are frantically searching for her in private sales, if they don’t already own it (and sometimes even if they do, backup frenzy is real, ya’ll!).

I posted something in a fragrance group recently and someone spied a corner (just a corner!) of my Minnie bottle in the background and asked if it was for sale. The hype is real and it makes me laugh. Fortunately, this fragrance is one that lives up to all expectations. I just love it and I’ll be sad when mine is all used up and gone. That won’t be long, I suppose, considering how much I love to wear it.

Other Limited-Edition Fragrances from House of Sillage

I understand being emotional when a fragrance is no longer being sold. Coincidentally from the same house, I found myself longing to buy their Wonder Woman fragrance. It too was limited-edition, and is now entirely sold out and unavailable to purchase. I remember seeing it for sale and not even being remotely curious (until I tried a sample that came with a different order I’d made). It was too late to buy it by then though. The fragrance was gone (“no longer for sale, and not coming back,” per a message response I got from the company). UPDATE 2/2024: This is available again and I made a purchase. OH my goodness. It's amazing, perfect wonderful, fantastic. More to come later.

There are others… and they have special (though they all feel luxe and special) limited-edition bottles for sale too. Every cupcake comes encrusted with Swarovski crystals, so they’re already heavy on the bling. There are other limited-edition bottles though, that have special designs for certain fragrances, and they can get quite pricey. They can be in high demand for collectors.

Now there’s a new limited-edition Harry Potter line on their website. I’ve seen the frenzy surrounding Hufflepuff, one of the scents from the line. I know from Minnie Mouse and WW that when it goes, it’ll be gone, so… I caved and purchased one. I’ve never even tried it! So much for my resolve not to blind-buy fragrances (and that’s a story for another day).

It’s on its way soon, and I am hoping for the best. Of course, I’ll keep you posted.

Scoop up that Minnie if you See her FOR SALE!

In conclusion, if you happen to come across Minnie Mouse for sale by a private seller, I’d recommend scooping it up. From the unique styling of the bottle, to the pretty raspberry and marshmallow sweetness inside, this is a fragrance worth owning. I don’t think you could go wrong with it if you enjoy a pleasant gourmand perfume. And the presentation? The presentation is everything. Plus, if you don’t like it, there’s going to be no shortage of buyers to take her off of your hands.

Very well done House of Sillage! I’ve long believed that this is a fragrance house worth keeping your eyes on.

COMMENTS HAVE BEEN TURNED OFF FOR THIS POST SINCE IT WAS TRANSFERED FROM MY FRAGRANCE BLOG. Thank you for visiting. If you love raspberry and whipped cream scents, I hope you'll give this is a try. It is gorgeous!

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