Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Gorgeous Jasmine: So Good it Comes with a Warning



Wearing Gucci Flora ‘Gorgeous Jasmine’ may cause sudden bursts of confidence, contagious charm, and an irresistible urge to gracefully twirl around in your space. It might also distract you as you become enticed to sniff your wrist instead of working on whatever task is at hand. Don’t say you weren’t warned before spritzing.

Did Someone Say Jasmine?

Gucci Flora did a great job taking away the heady heaviness typically associated with white florals when they created this fragrance. In fact, despite the name being ‘Gorgeous Jasmine,’ the main scent coming through for me is not Jasmine.

I for one, am grateful. It’s not that I hate white floral flowers in fragrances. I just don’t like them in large or in-your-face doses. I also don’t care for them at all when they are bitter or dirty. “Gorgeous Jasmine” is none of those things. On the contrary, it is a smooth and happy Jasmine that is easy to enjoy.

Wearing ‘Gorgeous Jasmine’

This scent opens with a refreshing, happy citrus. It then develops into a softer jasmine/magnolia blend. It is a combination that is pleasant and so very pretty. When it starts to dry down some (give it a few minutes), you can still easily detect the florals. That is expected, but then a slight touch of sandalwood comes into play to keep it grounded.

Much to my surprise, I don’t smell the Patchouli or Benzoin that are listed as fragrance notes. Those are usually easy to find. I don’t miss them though, for this composition. The fresh, floral fragrance of Gucci Flora “Gorgeous Jasmine” is light, and lively. If those two ingredients were more prominent, it would change the whole composition.

The longevity on this is just okay. If you’re looking to wear it all day at work, you may have to apply again half way through. It’s perfect though, if you’re wearing it for a short time, say to a summer lunch or meeting with your friends. It could also be worn to date night. If you’re hoping to dance on the shores of the beach as the sun is going down, I can see this scent fitting in just right.

The Bottle

Admittedly, I am sometimes a sucker for a pretty bottle and the design on this one makes me happy. The flowers are lovely. They offer a slight touch of nostalgia for me, having had a grandmother and mother who loved floral prints. It’s a pretty bottle to display. If I listen closely enough, I think I hear it calling my name to buy it’s sister fragrance, ‘Gorgeous Gardenia’ (another white floral that isn’t overly white floral, for which I am thankful). And I may … since summer has just begun.

Let’s Get Cheesy

What does cheese have to do with Gucci Flora? Nothing at all, but I do know it’s cheesy to tell you that the whole time I am writing about this perfume, I am singing, “I can buy myself floooooowers, and I can hold my own haaaaaand.” 100% because I know the spokesperson for this fragrance is none other than Miley Cyrus who sings that song. LOL

Honestly though, I like that song. Speaking of Miley… If you go to the Gucci website, you can see where they have designed what I presume is her pink bedroom. A deduction I made since a real photo of her in a similar room is also on display. It is an interactive ‘click here’ type of page and it’s a ‘lil bit cheesy too, but it’s also kind of cute.

AND it led me to the Gucci Flora eyeshadow palette, which I had no idea even existed. Now I know I want to own that too (it’s gorgeous too). Ha, I see what they did there… “Gorgeous” is a Gucci summer theme!

To Conclude

Even though this fragrance from the Gucci Flora line is called “Gorgeous Jasmine” it is not a dominant jasmine-only type of scent. It is a playful, happy summer scent that is comprised of a citrus opening and a blend of florals (that include Jasmine) in its mid and base.

It is an easy reach for warm weather and a fragrance that is sure to conjure up some warm memories for those who wear it this summer. 

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