Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Scent Mail is the Best Mail

Without questions, scent mail is my favorite kind of mail. 
And when a Scent Split delivery is coming, I'm super stoked. 

Exploring Fragrances with Scent Split

Scent Split offers an extensive selection of fragrances to explore, which is especially fantastic for someone like me who doesn't leave near many stores that have niche perfumes to try. Where there is a will, there is a way though, right? And Scent Split is one of my most trusted places to discover various perfume houses. 

Being a part of a several online fragrance groups, I do keep abreast of what's trending, what might be a unicorn (hard to find) and the hidden gems. The majority of these scents can be found on Scent Split and sent to my home for a very reasonable price. Shipping is always fast and they e-mail you when the shipment is on the way (with a tracking code).

What Sizes are Offered?

You can buy full-sized bottles (in some cases). The splits come in different sizes, primarily a 
  • 1ml. dabber
  • 2 ml spray
  • 5 ml spray
  • 9 ml spray. 
I know a lot of people prefer the glass sprays (and Scent Split does use those) and they diss on the small plastic dabbers, but I only want a very small amount to try upon my initial experience, so the 1ml dabbers are perfect for me. If I know like something and want to have a larger decant for travel or to carry with me to work, then I order the larger 5ml or 9 ml. selections.

Ranking my Order

For my latest order, I opted to try 8 scents that have been on my radar for awhile. My thoughts on them are below.

Listed in my favorite to least favorite order:

1. Xerjoff: Apollonia (10/10) 
This is nothing like I thought it would be but it's so, so good. It's a very fresh, pretty (almost laundry-vibe) kind of scent. If you know Byredo Blanche, this is along the same lines as that one. This is a great day scent.

Notes; White Flowers, Iris Butter, White Musk
Such a delicious caramel/vanilla scent. It has a similar vibe to scents I already own, so I won't buy a full bottle of this until some of those are gone. I have little doubt that though that this will end up in my shopping cart at some point. 

Top: Vanilla Flower, Caramel
Middle: White Flowers, Frangipane, Cotton Candy, Dulce de Leche
Base: Vanilla Berries, Tonka Bean Absolute, Musk

This is chocolate done right. The notes say it has dark chocolate, but I kept thinking of milk chocolate and maybe a light anise when I wear it. The mid (as it was drying down) brought out an orange chocolate and very light cinnamon with something sweet, which was probably the vanilla. The base grounded the fragrance with what I determined to be a light sandalwood. Completely unisex and very well blended. This is expensive but worth it because it's such a unique scent. 

Top: Orange Bitters, Pimento Oil, Pink Pepper Co2
Middle: Agave Flower, Cinnamon Madagascar, Geranium
Base: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Madagascar, Vetiver Bourbon, Indian Sandalwood

This is so good but it's soooo sweet. And for me to say that, a gourmand lover at heart, is really something. It's also a little waxy, but not in a bad way. It slightly reminds me of something from my youth, but I can't remember what (probably candy). 

Top: Banana, Red Fruits, Peach and Apricot Middle: Raspberry, Coconut and Vanilla Base: Caramel, Cookie, Toffee and Musk

Tropical. A little perfumy but in a good way. I like the passionfruit/lemon combo. Light and airy, a little sweet. This perfume is for happy days. Probably best in warm weather, though I wear all of my scents year-round. 

Top: Passionfruit, Cassis, Lemon and Fern
Middle: Carnation, Tea Rose and Lily-of-the-Valley
Base: Tonka Bean, Musk and Sandalwood.

The last three New Notes: Latte di Cherry, Liquides Imaginaires: Blanche Bette and M. Micallef: Ylang in Gold are all super popular in the world of fragrance right now, but they were not for me. 

The Biggest Surprises

The Good Surprise: 
In my past experiences, Xerjoff fragrances (except for the Casamorati line) are extra potent. That is not the case with Apollonia. Instead, you get a fresh and airy scent that is ultra clean. Definitely a big surprise.

The Not-so-Good Surprise:
I was a little surprised that I didn't like Blanche Bette since it has all the notes I generally like. It's a sweet fresh floral. I can definitely smell Tuberose. I think I get a super light incense in the mid. I was expecting something more milky based on the way people were discussing it. What it ended up being was a sickeningly sweet perfumy floral on me.

The worst surprise though, was Ylang in Gold. This fragrance has an almost cult following in the fragrance community, and it smells like banana, so I expected it to be fantastic. Turns out, I hated it. It started off light and pleasant, like a light banana or Nilla Wafer but then it turned. Before long it was a little too banana-y sweet for me, with some kind of food spice type of smell pushing it over the edge. Then it turned potent, like a spoiled banana smell filling up the room.  Shocked to say the least, but that's why I try before I buy. Especially happy I did not blind buy this expensive fragrance. I have gotten so good about not blind buying and next to never do it these days.

5 out of 8 Winners

Loving 5 out of 8 samples is a big win, so I consider this order a huge success. The one I'll probably end up getting a full-sized bottle of sooner rather than later is the Xeroff. I have some freshies in my collection, but not very many and none that have the scent profile of this one.

If you're loving what you see, don't hesitate to place an order with Scent Split


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