Saturday, September 23, 2023

Bon Bon for the First Day of Fall


Bon Bon is Cozy

As the leaves begin to turn fiery shades of red and orange, and a gentle chill fills the air, there’s a certain magic in the transition from summer to fall. It’s a time when we bid farewell to the carefree days of sunshine and welcome the cozy embrace of sweaters and scarves. What better way to mark this beautiful change of seasons than with a scent that captures the essence of fall itself? Today, to welcome the first day of Fall with open arms, I reached for Viktor & Rolf’s Bon Bon perfume. It was a decision well-made.

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf, a renowned fragrance designer, launched Bon Bon in 2014. It has since become a classic in the world of perfume. The bottle resembles a charming bow-shaped confection (or a bon-bon, if you will, but to me it's a cute bow). The glass has a gorgeous color that hints at the richness of the scent inside. The fragrance is described as a gourmand scent, which means it’s centered around sweet and edible notes. I can attest to that being true.

Bon Bon Fragrance Notes

The notes listed on the official website are Mandarin Oil, Orange, Jasmine Accord and Caramel.

The top notes of orange allow for a freshness to cut through that keeps the realistic and delicious caramel scent from getting too heavy. The floral is easily detectable, but in a pleasant way that blends well with the sweet (this is hard to do right and Viktor & Rolf have mastered it with Bon Bon). Caramel however, is the star in this show. It’s what makes it smell so rich and so unique, and it is definitely what keeps me coming back for more.

The caramel in Bon Bon is not the light and airy variety you find in so many fragrances (and I like some of them too). Instead, it embodies a more robust, thick, sticky character reminiscent of the rich, molten caramel we used to drizzle over crisp apples during the autumn season of my youth.

The Perfect Balance

The fragrance strikes a perfect balance between the playful and the sophisticated and though I am so happy to wear it year-round it is admittedly, so perfect for Fall.

Bon Bon is perfect for cooler weather. It can leave you feeling cozy and warm as if you were sitting by a fireplace with its rich, caramel embrace. It can invigorate you with its bursts of orange and floral popping through, perfect for perhaps strolling your local pumpkin patch with your pumpkin spice latte or hot cider in hand. Or it can make you have all the Fall feels, compelling you to jump into the nearest large leaf pile. Why not? It’s Fall, baby!

In your quest for a fragrance that can embrace all things fall, Bon Bon emerges as a clear winner.

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