Saturday, May 29, 2021

How to Cheer Yourself up When You're ill at Home

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Let’s face it: being stuck at home when you’re feeling unwell isn’t any fun at all. You can experience a mixture of emotions and feelings, ranging from pain, fatigue, and drowsiness to boredom and monotony. But, there’s not much you can do until you’re well again.

In the meantime, you could take some steps to cheer yourself up while you’re at home. Best of all, you don’t need to leave your home to do any of the following great ideas:

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Adapting Your Lifestyle To Match The New Landscape

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There’s no escaping the fact that the pandemic has changed all of our lives. For many months, the focus was solely on surviving.

Now that a more stable situation has been reached, it’s time to think about thriving once more.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

How to Choose the Perfect Gift

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When it comes to gifts for friends and family for birthdays or special occasions it can be hard to decide what to get, even if you

know a person really well. Sometimes you feel like they don't need anything and you can't add anything to their life with what you

buy. If this story sounds familiar then read on for some motivation and inspiration. 

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Microperfumes Shipment #3

MicroPerfumes is one of the companies I talk about where I buy sample vials of various designer and niche fragrances so I can try before I buy. Here is my latest shipment and my initial takes on the fragrances, for those who might be interested.

1. Bottega Veneta by Bottega VenetaI didn't care for  it on initial spray (maybe because of the leather?) but it's growing on me. It's better as it starts to dry some. In fact, I think it's safe to say I do like this one in the mid-notes time frame where it has a slight lemony smell to me. I do not, however, love the dry down which is a little off-putting. That being said, I do keep intentionally smelling it. Maybe I will fall in love with it the next time I try to wear it. A leathery floral chypre, marries the olfactory language of the Venetian countryside—fresh meadows, mown hay, flowers, earth, and wood—with the gentle richness of leather in a creation crafted with the meticulousness of a master artisan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Working From Home? Stay Productive With These Top Tips!

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Keep It Positive: Top Tips For Changing Your Outlook On Life

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4 Essential Things to Consider When Getting Someone a Gift

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 You cannot purchase happiness, but you can buy gifts. Gift giving has existed since life began on the

planet. You express appreciation, gratitude, and love for the person you choose to gift.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Puzzled About What to get Dad for Father's Day? with Giveaway

I used to put puzzles together with my grandma when I was a kid, one of our favorites being a farm scene, so seeing a field full of white cows with big, black patches on them yesterday reminded me of that time (same cows that were on the puzzle, and a type I haven't seen for years). The drive I saw them on was peaceful. It was to my daughter's new place (which is really nice!), but something about those cows hit home for me. So much so that I wanted to pull over and take a picture. I didn't because it was a very rural, soft-shoulder area, but it was still a thought... a thought that left me thinking about my gram, the woman who was always so happy to give me her time, and the puzzles we'd put together, games we'd play, etc. I know there are a lot of dads who like to spend time with their kids too, and a puzzle is a good way to do that at home. eeBoo offers a variety of puzzles that would make wonderful gift ideas for Father's Day (which is coming up very soon).

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Drawn to Mom: $100 Teleflora Gift Code Giveaway

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You may remember the Love Out Loud campaigns I participated in for Teleflora. So many of you told me how much you enjoy their flowers and the vases/containers they put them in. As much as I also love their flowers, and I do, it is true that they certainly do have a special knack for presenting in beautiful, unique, keepsake containers as well. Scroll down to see just a few of their many, many arrangements and vases. Any one of these would be perfect for Mother's Day. I think my favorite is the purple because it reminds me of my mom and this is the arrangement I would have selected for her. I always sent her Teleflora and when she passed, I brought home each of the vases/containers she saved from the gifts I'd given her each Mother's Day. They are very special to me. This is our first year without her, but we'll still be celebrating...celebrating her memory, and celebrating my big day, and my daughter's too. It's also one of my granddaughter's birthday party celebrations, so for us it will be a day to remember. And yes, there will be flowers.

Want a chance to WIN a $100 Teleflora gift card? Keep reading...