Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Flashback

I came across this old photo when I was cleaning up my computer pics. Some pictures I find hard to delete, even after I've stored them, like this one. ;)

It was so chilly they had winter coats on under there!
My now-21-yr.old was still in high school, and little man was only 1!

My second oldest son was still in high school (he's grown up and moved into his own place now). Both of the kids had winter coats under their costumes. ;)  Little man was the dragon and his brother was the Knight in Shining Armor.  The photo opps were fun, but when we got out in public, and there were other teen girls around, I noticed my older son's costume becoming less and less of a costume. First the sword and shield stayed in the car. Then the arm and leg guards were removed. Then the hood came off, lolol.  It was funny to see him embarrassed by the duds, but I get it. I remember being that age too. Now he's 21 and dressing up is fun again. He e-mailed me a phone pic of the costume he's wearing this year. And as such things go... my daughter (currently in high school) says she's not dressing up.  I hope she changes her're only a kid once. :)

A Big Happy Halloween today, to those who celebrate!

1st Graders Know How to Party!

Today was the holiday class party for the kids.

I tried to stay out of the kids' way, so my picture here is kind of far away.
You can see a little bit though, how the gym teacher set things up.

The teachers really went all out, and us parents did too! Before lunch time, the gym teacher put together a huge obstacle course as a surprise for the kids. Everything had a Halloween theme. There were corn stalks, witches on brooms that moved, pumpkins that were all lit up (no burning flames), etc. There were also, 4-wheel, sit-down scooter racing, timed racing (that's my boy running his little heart out in the picture above), and some other little activities that I didn't get too close to because I was staying out of the way.  It was such a treat for the kids, and they had a blast!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ideals Books are well...Ideal :)

Disclosure: We received three books to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

I know the word play in the title is a bit corny, but it's also 100% true: Ideals Books really is an ideal place to find great books. They've got a great selection of children's titles to choose from, and since our local bookstore closed a few years back (*gasp*), we now opt to do most of our book shopping online. Ideals never disappoints with their number, or quality of selections.

I chose all board books, but with over 400 selections in stock,
you can get whatever kind of book that you like!