Friday, August 2, 2013

Crazy Dog

Crazy dog! Not to be confused with the cute robotic dog, Zoomer that I just reviewed. :)  Last night my family went out to eat in a little sleepy town about 45 minutes from home. We live in a little town too, but this particular place has a restaurant with dishes that are s-c-r-u-m-p-t-i-o-u-s, so every so often we make the trip.

It has become tradition for me and the kids to walk around the little area (outside) while we're waiting on our food. Hubby stays at the table with a newspaper (and loves it). On this particular day there was a huge St. Bernard dog sitting on a porch we had to walk by. All three of us noticed him at the same time.

"Aww...he's cute," piped my son.
"Eww, he's just sitting there staring, and it's creepy," contributed the teen. ;)

I remember thinking vaguely that he looked like a statue, he was so still. That was right before we got directly in front of the steps he was on and he ran out as fast as he could, clearly trying to intimidate us. He succeeded.

The rest of the evening was filled with my daughter's spontaneous giggles as she remembered me wrapping myself instantly around the 5-yr. old.

"Hahahahaha, that was so funny the way you wrapped your whole body around him."

Whatever. People can do strange things when they're startled: Fight or Flight. For sure.

No harm, no foul, and I love dogs as much as the next person but in hindsight I'm wondering what the owners were thinking. Their dog could have easily snapped his line if he wanted, and he was way bigger than either me or the children. Call me overly protective or paranoid, but I'm thinking the pet should have been more properly secured.

Have you ever done something in a startling situation that totally surprised yourself? I'm sure I have before, but this is the first one I remember in a looooong time. :)