Monday, May 29, 2017

Brick Fest Live is on Tour Now! PLUS $3 OFF Coupon!

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I love this picture. It depicts our whole day. I took my son, his friend, my granddaughter and her mama to the Brick Fest at the West Palm Beach Convention Center.  It was an awesome day for all of us, and the boys as you can see...really liked the oversized foam bricks!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Water is Even More Fun with COOP Sports!

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Even though it's not officially summer, when Memorial Day weekend comes it's also time for the summer break from school. That means fun times are ahead, and playing outside, as all parents know, is paramount during the warmer months. So too, is water play!! COOP combines the two with extra fun toys that hold up well in or out of the water. We recently put two of them to the test.

What's a Bada Board? Perfect for Summer Travel

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When I first heard of the Bada Board, I thought it was going to be made of plastic. I'm not sure why the word 'board' in its name didn't tip me off that it was going to be cardboard (duh!) but just the same that's how it played out. So, I was surprised when it arrived, but still of course, decided to give it a go. Turns out being made of cardboard makes it perfect for tucking in and taking it wherever you go! We have folded ours and tucked it into the backseat car pocket when we've gone on trips, and used it for coloring, writing, a game of Bingo, and playing the DS. Some things are a lot easier to do when there is a Bada Board to hold your items.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Put Me In The Story: Watch My Little Princess Become a Part of the Book!

Oh my goodness, all that sweetness in a book!! My granddaughter loves all of the Disney princesses, so to have a book that showcases them and her is a very big thing. This book takes the name of your little princess and puts it in the title and in various places throughout the book. You can see on the bottom of the front cover that you can personalize it with who it is from too. My granddaughter loves to have most anyone in her family read to her, but it's extra special when her youngest uncle does it, so I made this Put Me In The Story book from me and him to her.

Memorial Day Sale 20 Percent Off Sale at Pure Costumes! Plus Cute Infographic.

Just a heads up to let you know that Pure Costumes is having a 20% off sale for Memorial Day. Check out their costumes from some of your most favorite movies, like Guardians of the Galaxy, Cars, and more!! Of course they offer other types of costumes as well. Most any kind you could imagine, in fact, because dressing up is fun any time of the year!

Infographic: Disney Pixar's Cars 3 Infographic Created by
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Thanks and happy shopping!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Perfect Graduation Gift! Polaroid SnapTouch Digital & Instant Camera with #Giveaway #PRINTitForward

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Congratulations to my daughter who is now officially a high school graduate!
My daughter just had her commencement ceremony and it was awesome! There were only so many people who were allowed to go (ticket limitations), so of her three siblings, only one got to attend with me. We'll all be celebrating together soon though, at her upcoming Open House. That means it's now time to shop for the presents. Of course she'll get cash. One of the beauties of a graduation party is that you get lots of cash! With her upcoming college expenses (she starts in the Fall), that money will be needed. I wanted to find something else to get her though too, something that would be both fun and memorable. That's where the Polaroid New Snap Touch Camera comes into play. If you haven't seen all of the things you can do with this digital and instant print camera, you've got to keep reading. THIS Is not your grandmother's Polaroid!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Snuggle Plus SuperFresh has Odor Eliminator!

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Fabric Softener is one of those things I like to use when washing our towels. To me, it's a luxury to get out of the shower and be able to wrap up in a big bath towel that smells delightfully 'Snuggalized,' which is what we like to call it when I put Snuggle in the rinse water.  

My kiddos are a sucker for good smelling towels too. One way to watch my 9-year-old melt like a baby is hand over newly dried and folded towels. He's loved that since he was little, and now as a big kid, or dare I say 'tween,' it's still something that he likes. Who can blame it? Good smells evoke good feelings, that's been true for as long as I've been around (and believe me, that's a pretty long time these days). This fabric softener is different though, because it has ground breaking technology that helps eliminate odors. Not mask them...eliminate them. To me, that's awesome news because that sweet little 9-year-old I mentioned, can also get pretty boy-stinky. ;)

The concept is the same that you're used to: simply put a cap full in the washer during the rinse cycle. The fresh Snuggle scent you love is still released as usual, there is just that extra added and very welcome boost that also will help eliminate any odors stuck in your fabric.

We've used it half a dozen times here. I liked it so much that I gave one bottle to a friend. Yep! It's that kind of product that is so revolutionary, and so good, that you have to share it with a bestie. Of course you can find this product in retail stores nationwide, so be sure to look for it on your next shopping trip. If you buy and you like it, come on back and let me know. I'd love to hear about it!

Learn more by visiting the Snuggle website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Chuck E Cheese is Celebrating their 40th Birthday with Free Cake and More!

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Happy Birthday to Chuck E Cheese!! Today they are celebrating 40 years of awesomeness, and you are invited to the party! Tonight, May 19th, participating locations around the country will be celebrating this big birthday milestone in style. Help them attempt to break a Guinness World Record title for the most birthday blowers blown simultaneously. That's right, you can help be a part of an attempt to set a world record! 
There will also be free birthday cake while supplies last, 40 free tickets with a minimum $5 purchase and birthday blowers too. It all takes place at 7:40 p.m. CST/8:40 pm EST. Almost every kid likes to party down at Chuck E Cheese, and there's a good reason for it. Jam-packed with games and other awesome things to do, like their big signature winding play area with a slide, it provides a fun place for kids to let loose in a safe setting, and have a ton of fun doing it too! 

I know we all have our favorites while we're there, my son loves to throw the basketballs into the moving hoop, I like the photo booth that sketches your picture, my daughter loves the dancing game, and my grandbaby likes the ride-ons that move when you put your coin in. There's also a big fireman game that my youngest loves to play. You grab a big 'water hose' and help put out fires on a huge video game's made for one or two players, but we always tackle that one together. ;)

The first Chuck E Cheese's store opened in 1977 in San Jose, CA. Since then, the iconic family entertainment brand has made numerous changes, including adding new, more adult-friendly menu items but remains America's number one place for birthdays. Most recently, Chuck E Cheese's launched a program for children and families impacted by autism called Sensory Sensitive Sundays

Tonight's the Night! Head on over to Chuck E. Cheese's and help them celebrate their big 4-0! 
Happy Birthday Chuck E.!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Naomie whose name was randomly selected by Rafflecopter as the winner of 4 movie tickets to see Snatched with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

#BuiltForKids LEGOLAND Florida is Definitely Worth a Trip to Winter Haven!

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Last weekend we went to Winter Haven, Florida to experience Legoland, and what an awesome way to spend the day it turned out to be! Built on 150 acres, with more than 50 rides and a lot of interactive things for kids to get involved with, this park is a child's dream come true!

Boston Market: Dinner Deals for Mom!

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Looking for a delicious and economical way to treat mom to dinner for Mother's Day? Boston Market is running a special where you can get two individual meals, two drinks and two desserts for $20. Guest who dine in on Mother's Day get $5 off a Family Meal (for 4 or more people).

Head on in and enjoy the deliciousness that is Boston Market. Better yet, head on in and enjoy it with mom.

Learn more by visiting the website. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Ahh 7th Heaven: That is What Mom and Grandma Will Say if You Give Them These!

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Don't forget to scour the beauty aisle at your local retailer today, to pick up some really cool 7th Heaven foot and hand masks for mom. I put the 7th Heaven face masks (they have a huge variety and so many of them are AWESOME!) in the Christmas stockings last year and they were a huge hit. For Mother's Day, I will attach 7th Heaven pouches to the front of the greeting cards. What better day to gift a little pampering to mom than on her big day?

Friday, May 12, 2017

You've Still Got Time to Minecraft on the Big Screen!

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When you're ready to play video games competitively, this is the face you wear. It's one part serious, and one part, 'let's get the party started,' and what kid wouldn't want to play Minecraft on a huge movie screen, with a bunch of other gamers about their same age? I'm talking fun at its finest when you're a young kiddo.

Getting Ready for Some Summer Fun

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The days are getting warmer, and summer is on its way. That means it is time to spring clean. Once again you need to thoroughly clean every room and take care of all those repairs you’ve been putting off. The reward for all your hard work will be a summer full of fun.


Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean out all of those neglected closets. Switch the bulky winter clothing and jackets for your light weight spring and summer outfits. As you sort through the apparel, throw out pieces that are worn out. Make a pile of items that need repaired, and bag up anything you no longer use to donate to your local charity. Continue in the same manner with your shoes and accessories.


The kitchen and bathroom are the two places that need a good scrubbing. Remove all mildew and stains from your grout and replace any caulk around sinks and tubs that is missing or stained. Scour all sink basins and the interior of the tubs with a good bathroom cleaner to remove soap scum and water stains. Wash walls to remove grease in the kitchen and hairsprays in the bathroom.


Every room needs some detailing. Wash windows and screens. Curtains can be dry cleaned or put in the washing machine, and blinds should be hosed off. Dust from the ceiling down. Make sure that all table tops, lamps, and knick-knacks are wiped clean. Move furniture while vacuuming to make sure you get every bit of the carpet. Rent a steam cleaner for heavy traffic areas.

AC Maintenance

Spring is when you want to do any routine maintenance required for the air conditioner. You don’t want to wait until the hot days arrive. Put all window units in, and have a professional inspect whole house systems. If you need HVAC repair Hampton VA has many companies that can get your unit up and running properly such as Art Newsome, Inc.

Now that you have the house cleaned and in tip top shape, you can enjoy these warmer days. You’ll have a stress-free summer without having to worry about that never ending “to do” list. Sit back and enjoy the result of all that hard work.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Personalized Graduation Keepsake!

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Graduation is right around the corner. I'm super excited about it this year because my daughter is going to be walking across the stage to pick up her diploma. She's already finished her classes and is now just waiting for the big day. One gift I've gotten her to help remember this time in her life is a personalized graduation ornament from Personalized Ornaments for You.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Theefun Plasma Ball

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Getting a Theefun Plasma Ball in your room is a big deal when you are 9-years-old. The light follows your touch, which makes it a novelty item that is perfectly suited for a child's room. The light moves wherever you touch the globe, adding an interesting addition to my son's already very fun bedroom. There is an on/off switch which is perfect because that means it doesn't have to run continuously.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Kathy whose name was randomly selected by Rafflecopter as the winner of the Hartz dog treats giveaway.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shopping for the Mom Who Has Everything!

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Does your mom already have everything and need nothing? I know several moms like that, and to those who have them, I also understand how hard it is to find something to give them that they'll like, use, and be surprised (and delighted) to have as a gift. THIS is my suggestion: The Spice Lab has a nice variety of specialty items that mom can use in the kitchen! I'm not talking about items she'll see, like, and maybe use once (and then never look at again unless she's shuffling them around in the cupboard to make space). I'm talking about something she'll be able to use often, something that will make her smile, and something that will make her think of you every time she's using it cooking!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#Moovit #Snatched with Goldie Hawn & Amy Schumer Fandango Movie Ticket #Giveaway

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I am so happy to see Goldie Hawn back on the big screen in the new movie SNATCHED. It's been forever, hasn't it? I know she's been busy doing other things, but I missed her!! And Amy Schumer is the perfect match for a comedy duo, don't ya think?

This movie is about a mom and daughter who end up on an unexpected adventure, when their planned vacation goes awry. It's opening Mother's Day weekend and would be a perfect way to treat mom!

Now let me tell you about something related, and just as awesome: Moovit is the world's #1 Transit App. It supports over 1,200 cities nationwide, and had over 50 million users in 2016. That's a lot, but here's to hoping 2017 brings them even more! This app allows public transportation users to get the most of their experience. It tells real-time congestion levels, cleanliness, the best route to take and more. Moovit generates as many as 200 million data points a day, that comprises the world's largest repository of transit data. It's exciting to know that if you're taking the public modes of transportation, that someone has got your back. I think it's a wonderful concept and I'm glad it's gained such popularity. I know in some places teens take the public bus home from school, adults use public transportation to get back and forth to work, and vacationers use it to get around while they're traveling. Up until now, it's always been a guessing game of how it would be when you arrived. That is true no more, thanks to Moovit.

So how is that related? Well, let me tell you! Moovit has formed a partnership with Fox Studios, and to help celebrate, they're offering one lucky reader (4) free Fandango tickets to go see Snatched at the movie theater. I think that's pretty awesome! Good luck to all who enter, I know I'll be going with my family. This one looks too fun to miss.  US entrants only.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wild Eye Designs for Mothers Day This Year!

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If you're looking for unusual but useful items for your mom for Mother's Day, take a look at Wild Eye Designs. You'll be amazed at all of the cute, funny, practical ideas you'll find there. Just going through the 'best seller' category will make you a believer, but for me, it's the flamingo items that make me smile.

Prestige Portraits: Graduation Photos Make a Great Gift for Moms and Grads!

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I have discussed Prestige Portraits before, but I wanted to bring them up again. If you know someone who is getting ready to graduate and they had their Senior pictures taken, but didn't purchase them for whatever reason, then I have the perfect graduation gift idea for you to give them. Who wouldn't want to have a momento from this special time in their life, and as far as I'm concerned, photos are always the best of the best when it comes to memory treasures.