Friday, August 31, 2012

Everything but the Kitchen Sink...oh wait...Blogger Giveaway Event

Here is another blog opportunity for those interested in participating in giveaways.  
Join the InnerMost Perfect Drain Sink giveaway event.

The InnerMost Perfect Drain Sink has an ARV of $359.  It is a double bowl, stainless steel sink with the new Perfect Drain.

Participation is free.

Event runs 9/7-9/28.  You can sign up until the end of the day on Sept. 3.

Participants must post the giveaway by 10am CST on 9/7.  Event info sent via e-mail.

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Winner Announcement

Our latest winners is Lucy N, who won the Tommee Tippee tableware set for kids.

The winner was selected randomly by Rafflecopter, has been contacted by e-mail, and has 48 hours to respond before another winner is drawn.  Congratulations Lucy, and thanks to all who entered!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Creative Critter Compromises

Have you ever heard of creative critter compromises?  If not, neither have I...until I just made it up because I need your help.

We have two critter dilemmas at our house, and I could sure use your help.  The first challenge is chipmunks, and not the kind who sing and bring in money (aka Alvin, Theodore, and Simon).  The other is moles, or gophers...though which of the two for certain, I cannot say.

 Dilemma One:

Two summers ago my oldest son was getting married.  Just before we set to take our family of five in the SUV to his place, a couple of states away, the air conditioner stopped working.  It'd been giving us signs that it was ailing for awhile, but they were unusual a fine white spray of powder, almost like tiny pieces of shredded paper coming out of the vents when you turned on the fan, so we did exactly what you're not supposed to do (ignored them).

I called the mechanic and he quoted me $600 to get the air running, and they were booked so the car would be gone two days.  Fine... we got a rental to go to the wedding, and gave him our vehicle when our trip was over.  When the car was ready, the manager of the shop called because he wanted to talk to me personally.  It turned out the cute little chipmunk I'd seen numerous times running across my porch or out from under my car was really a sneaky varmint.  He'd been storing up nuts in the air conditioning box of the car.  A whole box (a nice-sized box too) of acorn nuts later, and a pass on labor fees (because it was amusing to everyone in the car shop), and our a/c was up and running good as new. 

We were told the likelihood of the chipmunk using our vehicles for storage again was minimal at best.  The advice was that if you take away their storage they're smart enough to know not to put things in there anymore and they'll search for a new place to take their nuts.  Not our chipmunk...I have been finding the telltale signs lately; an acorn half eaten on my floor mat, that fine white papery substance again (not in the vents, but in the car from time to time), and the worst sign of all, that little sneak running out from under my car when I open the front door of the house.

Dilemma Two:

We have beautiful backyard that I love.  Unfortunately the pocket gophers or moles (I'm not sure which one) have also found our yard to be appealing and they're digging holes back there that catch you unaware (I swear I'm going to break an ankle from the falls they cause me if we don't find an effective solution soon).  It makes playtime in the yard less than fun (it's hard to have fun when you constantly have to watch where you step).

The Biggest Dilemma?

I suppose the biggest dilemma is not the animals themselves, but rather me.  I don't want to kill them.  I know...I know...I know...I've heard it all before from anyone who's heard the tales, there are countless ways to kill them, and I'm a 'wimp' or whatever other name you want to throw in there.  It's okay, hurl away (but don't be too harsh, please, lol), even the ones I love have sent the 'don't be so lame!' lines my way.  I've also heard the definitive, 'Well, if you don't want to kill them (have you seen the things used to kill moles?!??! That's not my only moral obstruction with killing them, but really?!?! *Shudders*), then you'll just have to suffer with them,' advice.

But that can't be...

There are so many different solutions to every kind of challenge imaginable.  There has to be a foolproof way to repel those two beasts...I mean critters, so that they aren't dead, but they aren't messing up my stuff.  I am looking for creative critter compromises to help me with my dilemma.

I've done the research online, asked friends, and tried some of the solutions, but nothing has worked so far for either situation. So, if you have, or know of anything that has worked for either type of dilemma, please feel free to share.  The only stipulation (besides not killing them), is that I can't have any kind of substance to repel them that is going to cause harm to our toddler.

It's not an easy order to fill, I know, but this is the Internet...surely someone knows something that I don't.  If so, please share (and thank you!)!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

$200 Fall 'Have it Your Way' Event & Giveaway Oppt'y

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I Meant to Do That!

Does your little one latch on to a new phrase or definition and then use it all day long?

Today my son asked me to define the word 'accident' to him.  I did and followed up with teaching him what 'on purpose' meant as well. 

I'm here to tell you that everything he does today is followed up with these two words: on purpose.

"Look Mom, I'm riding this bike on purpose."
"Look, Mom, I'm eating on purpose."

 "Can you seeeeeee that I'm picking up this crayon on puuuurpooose?!?"

I'm taking it as a positive that the lesson taught was well-learned.  Too bad there's no such thing as a video baby-book, or I'd nab him saying it and stick in there for prosperity.  He's a hoot.  :)

We Have More Winners!

Our latest winners are Gianna, who won The Big Year (all-star comedy DVD), and StepperB who won the re-draw for the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit.

The winners, who were selected randomly by Rafflecopter, have been contacted by e-mail and have 48 hours to respond before another winner is drawn.  Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who entered!

Worldess Wednesday (Waving Goodbye to Summer)

Waving Goodbye to Summer

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurray for Open House!

Our youngest child turns five in a few days, and the day after he does, he'll also be attending his first day of school (ever!).  I have been through this before, three times in fact, with my older children, so it surprised me that I was as nervous as I was about the whole ordeal.  Tonight, however, we had attended an Open House, and I found that the school was lovely, the principal seemed compassionate about his school and his students, our son's teacher was very warm and welcoming, and the classroom was as cute as it could be.  And miraculously, I'm not nervous about it anymore.

They gave the kids lollipops, so smiling was out of the question for little man, but here he is w/his new teacher, and we've been practicing how to say her name, so he'll have it right when the first day of school rolls around.

They had little welcoming packages out for the kids.  Very cool!

Yes, my son will be a very young five, but I have confidence in his ability to keep up, both socially and academically.

Yes, he'll be away from me for big chunks of time for the first time, ever, but I know he's ready.

And yes, I'll miss him like crazy, but I also miss working, so finding the right position for me is next on my to-do list.  I worked in higher ed. admin. for years when we lived in another state...but we moved, and I have found myself in a rural community, with no large colleges or universities close to my home, and a saggy economy (Michigan is just aching economy-wise), so finding work that offers the pay I used to make is going to be hard.  Maybe more than hard, but that's okay too...I've been making my pay writing the last few years (and anyone who has done that knows it is no piece of cake), so even if I do have to take a salary less than what I'm used to, it'll be okay because surely it'll be more than I make now.  :)'s to new beginnings, or maybe better said, to moving forward. It's time for my youngest and I both to transition into new phases of our lives, and while it's sad to leave a time that's been so happy, it's fun too, to think of all the possibilities our futures hold.

Yum Yum Dishes (Review & Discount!)

perfect portion
Photo from

Have you heard of Yum Yum Dishes yet?  These little beauties were created by a mom (Tracy Adler) who'd just had her second child and was finding that getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight was becoming a no small part due to too much snacking.  To help moderate her portions, she created the perfect little bowl for indulging in a treat.  It's the perfect size for snacking because it holds just enough to satisfy your craving, or meet your snacking needs, but not so much that you'll over indulge in whatever it is that you're eating.

They're also pretty to look at, or maybe a more accurate description would be that they're 'cute!'  They come in cheery bright colors, like cherry red, sunshine yellow, pistachio green, and bold blue; and they're made of a nice, thick lead-free ceramic.  According to the Yum Yum website they can be microwaved and put in the dishwasher, but we haven't done either with ours yet, and probably won't.  They're so simple to hand wash that there's really no need.

We have only had our YumYum dishes a few days, but we've already used them several times.  Last night my son wanted a late night snack (as late as you can get for a toddler anyway),  so we put some grapes in the bowl and it was the perfect size.  Today, after lunch, my son wanted some of the brownies we have in the house, so I cut some off and cubed it for his bowl.  Because just a few pieces fill the bowl up, it gives the allusion of being a lot of food, but in reality, it's the perfect amount.  One other feature about these bowls that I like is the plastic snap-on lid (the kind with a big lip so you know it's going to stay put).  It makes the dish great for travel time (or for preventing spills just going from room to room).

In addition to the bowls, they also have a 9" plate that they offer.  The plates are really neat because they have writing on them to indicate which type of food should go in each section (i.e., veggies, protein, carbs). It's a great way to reinforce the importance of food selection/types to the little ones.  These plates are smaller than a traditional plate, but not so small that you feel like you're being deprived of enjoying your food, so they're great for a child, but also perfect for an adult-sized meal.

You can see from the following picture how the size of the plate looks in comparison the the bowl:

We really liked our Yum Yum Dishes, both of them, and are writing about them to recommend them to you.

A Discount for Mail4Rosey Readers!

Yum Yum Dishes cost either $24.99 for the (4) bowls (with lids), or $34.00 for (4) of the 9" plates (you'll receive one of each color). And...if you make a purchase within the next 14-days, you will receive  20% off of your entire order:  Simply type the word SOARING (case sensitive, all caps) into the Coupon Code box at check-out.  The code will be active until Sept. 11 (2012).

You can follow Yum Yum Dishes on their websitePinterestYou Tube, Facebook, and/or Twitter.  You can also sign up with them to to get the Yummy tip of the Week.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Branson Getaway Giveaway

Branson Getaway Giveaway
Brought to you by Saving In Branson and Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog
Summer is over and fall is moving in. We want to give you one more chance to get a vacation in before hunkering down for winter. Branson, Missouri is a wonderful place to visit, full of entertainment. Being from the area I know how expensive it can be to visit and keep yourself entertained. To help out and get you that vacation you need, Saving In Branson and Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog have put together an awesome getaway package.
We would also like to thank our Co-hosts Made.By.Jess & The Fruggal Connection!!! Without them, this giveaway might not have been possible.
1 lucky winner will receive:
3 day stay from September 21st – 23rd
Wine 101 Classes on Saturday September 22nd
2 Tickets to Dixie Stampede
1 Gift Certificate for a Manicure
1 Gift basket full of all the goodies you need to stay fresh during your stay
The 3 day stay is provided by Best Western Branson Inn & Conference Center. Best Western is a well known hotel chain dedicated to quality and comfort. This one is even more special as it sets within sight/sound of Silver Dollar City and the customer service is phenomenal. When staying at Best Western Branson Inn & Conference, visitors have the ability to take a free shuttle to Silver Dollar City and purchase discounted tickets at the Inn. Best Western Branson Inn & Conference features an indoor pool with hot tub and an arcade room. The lucky winner of this giveaway will be receiving 3 free days in one of the most popular rooms at the Inn, a Double Queen Non-smoking Room. This giveaway is tailored to 2 people, but you can always bring more and have plenty of room (at no extra charge)!
Wine 101 Classes are being provided by Mount Pleasant Winery in Branson, MO. Mount Pleasant Winery offers free wine tasting all day everyday! I recommend the chocolate covered cherry wine, very good (but very sweet).  Here is a little more about the Wine 101 Class:
Learning how to taste wine is an adventure that will enhance your appreciation for both wine and wine makers. Using your basic senses you will learn how to taste wines like the pros in no time by learning how to pair food and wine. Participants will walk out of this one hour educational class with heightened knowledge level and appreciation of wine. –Mount Pleasant Winery
The 2 tickets to Dixie Stampede have been generously purchased by participating bloggers. Dixie Stampede is a wonderful dinner and show here in Branson. The show is filled with live entertainment that even the wait staff gets into. The meal is sure to fill you up and features ‘hand’ foods so silverware is not necessary. I have not been this year, but I can tell you last year’s show was awesome and everyone says it just keeps getting better every year.
My favorite part of the giveaway, the gift certificate for a free manicure, is brought to you by En Vogue Nail & Spa. En Vogue is the BEST nail salon in Branson and I am not just saying that because they are participating in the giveaway, I use them exclusively for my nails & feet. If you have the time and money I would recommend adding a pedicure to your package. The prices are low & you will walk away feeling pretty and relaxed! Even their manicures come with massages, you will love this place.
The Gift Basket will contain:
1)    Full size Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner
2)   Full size Man’s Body Wash
3)   Full size Woman’s Body Wash
4)  And a few extra surprises :)
5)   Show tickets & salon gift certificate will also be in the basket
Now for the Rules:
1)    This given away will run from 8/27 – 9/13
2)   Winner must be a resident of the USA
3)   All dates are set and final, changes are not possible
4)  Winning entry will be confirmed before email is sent
5)   Winner has 24 hours to respond to email notification or an alternate winner will be chosen (add to your contact list to make sure you get your email)
Now enter in the Rafflecopter below! Good luck to everyone!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winter Wonder Week 5 Prize Packs 12/8-12/15

Winter Wonder Week 

Winter Wonder Week  5 Prize Packs 12/8-12/15

Free link of choice with blog post. $5 for both FB & Twitter links. Additional links $2 each. Co-host spot $15 each. Follow page host $10 each. Open to first 100 bloggers. Sign up here.