Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation Bible School

The welcoming stage for the kiddos.

Did you go to Vacation Bible School as a youth?  I went every summer, and while I can't remember everything about it, I do remember a lot of things, including not only the activities, but the rooms, the table always set up with cookies and little paper cups of Kool-Aid in the main hall, some of the kids who were going too, the songs we sang, and the Bible verses we learned.

My son is almost five, so I thought it was time for him to enjoy the same kind of program.  Luckily, our church put on the school late in the Summer, so we were able to enroll him.  It's four-days-long and runs two-and-a-half hours each night.  That differs significantly from my own experience, which I distinctly remember being a daytime thing... but it's all good.  In fact, I prefer it this way because hubby can come along, or he can get some peace and quiet in the house.  He works a lot, so he really enjoys that time when we're all out and about (though I'm sure he'd miss us if we were gone too long, riiiiight honey?!??!  ;o) ).

Waiting for me while I filled out the Name Tag info and such.

My son hasn't really been involved in anything outside of Sunday Morning Nursery/Sunday School where he gets regular interaction with other kids.  We do the normal things like visit friends with children, play in the park, or go to activities where other children are playing, but that's not the same thing, I don't think, as a regular block of time doing structured activities with other children, like you would get in preschool.  So...with Kindergarten starting VERY soon, I was curious to see how he would feel and/or interact with the group.

Showing off his own little Bible

First off, let me say he was just a gem.  Outside of showing his Bible (he has his very own miniature version that his brother gave him when he joined the Air Force, and he takes it everywhere) to everyone who would listen for the first few minutes, he did just fine!

1.  Learning a new song  2.  Listening to his activities leader say goodnight  3.  Showing me his craft kite.

He came out singing a new song he learned, and babbling a mile a minute, AND he was very excited to tell me that the 'teacher' told him to come back tomorrow.  Hurray for his first adventure away from Mommy: I'm glad he had such a fabulous time!  I'd say his first night there was a big success.  We can't wait to see what fun the rest of the week holds!


Flawed Mommy said...

It's such a wonderful feeling when our kids enjoy themselves, stepping out of their element and doing "big kid" things. It is such a great thing that you are doing for him, involving him in such a positive activity. It sounds like he's learning a lot, and enjoying himself in the process. That's a win / win!!!

mail4rosey said...

Thanks, it was fun to watch him get so excited about something new, and I wasn't really worried before about school (just a smidgen because he'll be a VERY young five), but now I am doubly reassured that he'll be okay.

Pepper Tan said...

You must be so proud. That's a huge milestone for him, to be able to get involved in something new and different. He seems to really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, thats how my 8 year old was this year, he was invited to another Vacation bible school with a neighbor, and he didnt hesitate to say yes, and he had a blessed time. thanks for sharing!

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

My kids love going to the VBS in our neighborhood its not our church -but they see some of the kids they go to school with --and they've done it for a few years now --always an adventure!!!

Michelle from HBHL said...

Glad he had a good time and seemed to do well. I'm sure he'll have a great time in Kindergarten! I remember VBS being a daytime thing as well. And at our church it is, but it usually happens when we're on vacation. Thanks for stopping by my blog last week! I hope you have a wonderful week

leigh said...

Sounds like he had a wonderful time. The photos are so cute!

Mommys Juice said...

I LOVED VBS! We actually had a pool at the spot where we did ours so that was the highlight. Thanks for sharing!

JamericanSpice said...

That is fantastic! This is our 2nd year doing VBS with the kids. He will LOVE it and learn so much and making the friends :)

The first time, my daughter was too young, but I was told if I was a volunteer, then she could attend. So I did. I thought I was going to volunteer, as in help someone else. I actually had a whole class to myself! Panic! But it went well. God helped :) The kids were alright.

This year was the same thing and they LOVED it!

Enjoy the time with him.

Such a cutie pie!

mail4rosey said...

This made me laugh. I imagine it would be fantastic to have a pool there (especially for the kids, lol) but I'm envisioning this big group of kids who are hectic enough on land, in a pool, lololololol Ok...I'm done now. :)

Thanks for stopping by. :)

mail4rosey said...

I bet you were surprised to get a class to yourself, lol!
Your daughter was probably really glad you volunteered, even if she didn't know it at the time. ;)

VBS is fun. :)

Jennifer Wolfe said...

I never went to Bible school, and neither did my kids, but I can relate to the joy of watching your kid happy with an activity and feeling grown up and independent! Congrats!