Thursday, October 31, 2019

Ending October on a Safe and Healthy Note with Chicco Pacifiers

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Since October is National Children's Health Month, let's end it the same way we started, which is by talking about little things you can do to make a big difference in safety. For the littlest ones in your family, there is a very easy way to ensure they can breathe, while making sure that they still have the comfort of a pacifier as well (critical for my granddaughter who finds comfort in hers when she is dozing off).  Chicco, a well-known and very trusted brand for infant and children's products, has created the PhysioForma pacifier that actively supports baby's breathing! "The double ventilation holes allow for air circulation that prevents the gathering of saliva while supporting physiological breathing. The extra-soft, satin-textured silicone nipple gives the baby more comfort while preventing slip."

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Sleepovers: The One Question You May Not Have Thought to Ask

Note: I wrote this in 2017 but there was a mass shooting the day I was going to publish, so I curbed it. It's been in my drafts since then. Today I went to empty my drafts and saw it... it's still an issue I think of 2 years later. It's probably one I'll always think of, until my son is grown.


When your child asks to have a sleepover at someone else's house, a million questions might come to mind. You wonder what they should pack (toothbrush, jammies, change of clothes, etc.), what time they will go to bed, what they will do, and even what the parents' practices are for gaming or internet/social media use (cause you can bet if Johnny can do it, your guy or gal is probably going to be doing it too). What I never thought to ask, and maybe it's just me, is 'are there guns in the house?'

McCafé Frappé Flavored Coffee Beverages Available in Retail Stores

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With the cooler weather comes an insurgence of partakers in trendy Fall beverage consumption. Think about it, this time of year has many of us running to the nearest coffee shop to stand in line forever and a day for a pumpkin latte, driving to the pumpkin patch to get hot apple cider (oh YUM, hot apple cider!), or sizing up the latest and greatest hot Autumn beverages on Pinterest (how do they make such simple everyday things look so appealing?!) and so on and so forth. It is super trendy to see a gal all decked out in a chunky sweater or scarf, and possibly an adorable hat, smiling ear-to-ear and holding her cuppa cuppa in her hand, whilst enjoying the great outdoors. But what about the cold drinks this holiday season? Surely they deserve a place on our radar as well, and McCafĂ© FrappĂ© fills that need.

Moosh Moosh for Halloween and So Much More!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own. 

Moosh Moosh has a great variety of super sweet, not-so-scary Halloween selections to give to the littles. Though they're made with the Fall holidays in mind, your children are sure to love them the whole year through. Everyone has a favorite. I'm loving the mummy. My son thinks the dragon is super cool, and my oldest grandchild weighed in the last time she was here, on the vampire. Perhaps this vampire will make it's way to her Halloween bucket, because her grandma is super nice like that... ;) Pretty sure my daughter would like the kitty or pumpkin for her baby girl. She would not (though I do) like the spider. She's been scared of those since SHE was a little girl, though she has gotten better. I used to send her pics of spiders on her phone every now and then, just to be a brat, bwahahaha. This one, with his half-dozen eyes and sweet smile, doesn't really look all that menacing.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

5 Lucky Winners Get a Copy of Night Night Devotions

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The Night Night Devotions, written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Virginia Allyn are great for putting little ones to sleep each night. I know when my kids were little, that little bit of time we had each night reading was special. My oldest and I read together until he was 12!! My second oldest and I read together until he in his first year of middle school, so about the same... While that hasn't been the case with my younger two, they both still like to read from time to time and they certainly liked to have stories read to them when they were little...any time of day, but especially just before bed. It was a nighttime ritual that they all held dear, and a commonality between them where there are so very few. Now that they are all (almost...I have one still at home) grown, they are such wonderful but very different people! Next in line...grandbabes, and I've got a couple. One loves to read and be read to (she is very proficient for her age!), and the other's mom is already talking about books. It's important to read to children from a very early age. Not only does it instill a love of learning, and wonder, but it also provides such a special time and way to bond. These devotionals? Just what the doctor ordered. Short enough to get them to sleep quickly, but long enough to be of interest.

These are the Treats we are Passing out for Halloween!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Every year around this time I talk about Welch's Fruit Snacks and how they are a great alternative to all of the sugar getting passed around on Halloween to our kiddos. Fortunately, they are every bit as delicious as candy. They are also made with real fruit, and come in cute little designs for the holiday. They are delicious and kids like them, so buying them is a no-brainer for me. This year, however, we have added some new ideas into our treat-giving fun by also getting the gummi and sour gummi variety pack from Gummi FunMix. We couldn't resist giving them a try. Why? Because my youngest loves all things sour, and one of the gummy pack types is called Sour Party. I was anxious to see his reaction.

Wild Republic Rubber Ducks for Halloween

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own. 

Wild Republic Rubber Ducks are a great way for little and bigger kids to celebrate the holiday. While not all kids are old enough to trick-or-treat, almost all little ones are old enough to play with a holiday rubber duckie. We have a soft spot for Frankenstein over here, so that one is my favorite. The scarecrow pumpkin is awfully cute though too. 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Calico Critters Stocking Stuffer Blind Bags and THE BIG GIFT from Santa!

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One tradition in our family that we love is giving everyone a stocking. The kids laugh when I bring them to our family gatherings ("You're still making us stockings?!"), but the one year I skipped the tradition, everyone noticed, and not one of them was happy about it. That was the one and only year I didn't fill a stocking for each of my grown kids. Now I have grandchildren, and I have continued to do the same for them, though I put different items inside (I've grown more health conscious over the years, and refuse to stuff my grandchildren's stockings with candy). One great idea for this year's stockings for the littles that does sit well with me, are these adorable Calico Critters Baby Shopping Series blind packs. Each one comes with a mini figure and a shopping accessory. 

Friday, October 18, 2019

Kids Create Their Own Christmas Ornaments: How TREEmendous!

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So, we kind of did a thing...

Saturday, October 12, 2019

So Many Uses for the MyCharge Adventure Power Lumens Portable Powerbank

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My family and I live in a state where hurricanes are very common. Being prepared for that, or most any potential disaster, requires having an emergency kit at the ready. An important item we have in ours is this Power Lumens camping lantern from MyCharge. It is as powerful as a much larger lantern, but conveniently, it is a lot smaller.

Transition out of Swaddling with Baby Merlin's Magic SleepSuit

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit has been an amazing tool to help my daughter wean her baby girl of off swaddling. Though babies like to be swaddled, most outgrow it by a certain age (usually they start to transition at 3-months!). My youngest granddaughter is close to 7-months-old and she was still wanting to be wrapped up snug as a bug in a swaddle rug (figuratively speaking, of course) or else she wouldn't sleep!

You are Going to Love Dapple Baby Household and Personal Care Items

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Dapple Baby is one of those product lines that is easy to get behind because it is not only effective, it is also as pure as it can be. Made with 100% plant-based product formulated for babies. It has no brighteners, dyes, artificial fragrances and/or fillers. In addition to that, all products are non-toxic, tear-free, hypoallergenic, and they are pediatrician and dermatologist tested.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Get in the Halloween Spirit with Zak Designs

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Zak Designs makes the cutest items for Halloween. What better way to get friends and family in the spirit of the holiday, than pulling out these cute items and throwing a little party?!

Electrical Emergency at Work? Keep Calm By Following These Three Easy Tips

Few events can bring a professional setting to a halt as quickly as an electrical emergency. Those responsible for handling crises in such an environment might find the whole situation frustrating and overwhelming. There is good reason someone who is not trained in handling electric power supplies would feel the inherent drive to panic. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps anyone can take to address the emergency with a level head and a plan to get things moving again as soon as possible.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

5 Things People Love, that I Don't...

I used to feel a bit like the odd man out, when I was younger. Today, I just accept that everyone has different tastes and I move on. Still, if I mention some of these things, people sometimes act like the world is on fire, "You don't like what?!?!?!" Enter the crazy, mouth-open, eyes-bulging face to accompany their statement.  Phft. There are so many things I could care less about that are very trendy and on the priority list of many. My list could get pretty huge, but for the sake of time, and just putting up a short, fun post, I'll shorten it to (5).

#1. Starbucks. It feels almost counter-blogger to make this claim...but I just don't like it. At all. It's not all that flavorful to me, and the flavor it does have, just isn't very pleasant.  I really cannot understand how this coffee cafe got mega-watt popular, all over the world (their massive coffee mugs with a city name on them were cool though!).

Fun Fact: I've never even been tempted to buy a tie-dye frappuccino, a unicorn, or any other limited-edition specialty drink, for that matter. *Gasp* 😉

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Winners Announcement

Congratulations to the following winners whose names were randomly selected by Rafflecopter:
Jessica won the Office Supplies, Selene won the educational game of choice, and Amanda won the Polaroid Pop instant and digital camera.

Added 10/13: Alissa won the TV Store Online Halloween Costume giveaway.