Saturday, October 26, 2019

Moosh Moosh for Halloween and So Much More!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own. 

Moosh Moosh has a great variety of super sweet, not-so-scary Halloween selections to give to the littles. Though they're made with the Fall holidays in mind, your children are sure to love them the whole year through. Everyone has a favorite. I'm loving the mummy. My son thinks the dragon is super cool, and my oldest grandchild weighed in the last time she was here, on the vampire. Perhaps this vampire will make it's way to her Halloween bucket, because her grandma is super nice like that... ;) Pretty sure my daughter would like the kitty or pumpkin for her baby girl. She would not (though I do) like the spider. She's been scared of those since SHE was a little girl, though she has gotten better. I used to send her pics of spiders on her phone every now and then, just to be a brat, bwahahaha. This one, with his half-dozen eyes and sweet smile, doesn't really look all that menacing.

I have posted about the cuteness that is Moosh Moosh before. In fact, one of my most favorite thing about these stuffies is that they are so super soft. I have one granddaugther who has the sweet blue elephant with floppy pink ears, and another who has the caticorn (a combination between a unicorn and a cat, her two most favorite animals in the whole wide world). They're not just soft to the touch, but they are the kind of soft where you can moosh them all up, hence the name, and they gently pop right back into shape.

Another thing I LOVE about this brand is that they keep updating their line. From the sequin faces, to the hooded towels, to the way too adorable to resist slippers,  there is no shortage of choice for which kind of Moosh Moosh item you would like to call your own. Now they have these great flashlights added to the line too! 

This one is named Lucy (there are others to choose from as well). You squeeze her little paw and she lights up, just under the unicorn horn.

The little box that makes it work, tucks quietly into an opening on the flashlight's side. This would be great for those who need a little help getting back and forth to the restroom at night, or who just want to have the extra precaution of a little light next to them, whenever they want to give their little stuffed animal a squeeze. Of course you can use it for practical reasons too, like when you need to use a flashlight to find something that fell behind the bed (story of my son's life!).

And as if all these things were not enough, they also have stuffed banks! 

I think these would make a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays. You could be extra nice, and even tuck a little change or a few dollar bills in there. What a surprise for the gift recipient to look inside and see or hear some money! It could also be good incentive for them to keep on saving! 

They also have these larger-sized square-patterened plush animals. I'm pretty sure this one will go under the Christmas Tree for my granddaughter and that she'll use it like a pillow on her bed. She has this huge new bed now that she and her dad painted and put butterfly appliques on. They also painted the same design on her bathroom wall (and yes she did a lot of the work). Color me impressed. :)

Photo Courtesy of Moosh Moosh.

They have these teeny-tiny 3" guys (and gals) too. They are the size and consistency of a stuffed animal stress ball, and they are cute as can be.

I am always happy to recommend Moosh Moosh. It's one of those things that everyone oohs and ahhs over when they see it because the animals are not only cute, but they are like I said, so so so moosh-moosh soft! Learn more by visiting the website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and/or Instagram.

Available online and in stores such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Target and more.


  1. haha too funny you sent her spider pics. Having a flashlight one handy would be good for the kiddos indeed. Neat how they are updating and being used for many a thing.

  2. I never knew those had a specific name.

  3. These are adorable! I love the owl best.

    Happy Sunday, Rosie!

  4. They are cute! I like the black cat! I bet your older grand would love one. She's the perfect age for dolls and stuffed animals.

  5. Well aren't they just the cutest???? Savannah would want a unicorn, Broxton would want a penguin... they are obsessed with those animals


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