Friday, May 30, 2014

Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat Giveaway!

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I think the Remote Control Fishing Boat is such a fun item to have for summer play! I can see any one of my children out by the water racing one of these babies, and I can see me and my husband (impatiently) waiting for our turn as well.  There's just something cool about an RC boat, and Radio Ranger makes one of the finest that I've seen.



Summer is here and I am ready, are you? Well, to help you out Mail4Rosey has partnered with Advertise with Bloggers and some other amazing Bloggers to bring this opportunity to YOU! Do you know someone who spends time on the water? How about someone who would love to get their hands on the biggest RC Boat that offers? This thing is just awesome, it was featured on the Animal Planet "Extreme Fishing Show" as well as, The Animal Planet show "Top Hooker!" What item are we talking about? The one and only - the 34" Radio Ranger Remote Control Fishing Boat!  

 By the way, did I tell you that this RC Boat is almost three-feet long? Cool, right? I am sure that this will be the perfect Summer item for kids and adults alike! Meet the Radio Ranger by clicking PLAY BELOW!


The Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat includes:
  • The 34” Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat
  • The RC Fishing Pole, Fising Line, Bobber, and Hook, Line Release Pads
  • A Boat Stand
  • Transmitter and batteries
  • 7.2 Volt 1800mah Boat Battery and wall charger
  • 1 Extra set of propellers
Plus, it is READY TO GO RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX,! Read more by checking out or check out Blog with Mom's full review!

Win it! A RC Fishing World Giveaway

Radio Ranger The RC Fishing Pole Giveaway Giveaway Details:
  • This giveaway will run from May 30th-June 19th
  • Is opened to entrants 18 years of age and older and are located in the US
  • All entries must be in the entry form and will be verified
  • To see full disclosures, see the disclosures at the bottom of the entry form

⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩Enter in the entry form below ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩

**DISCLOSURE** Mail4Rosey is acting as an advertisement for the Sponsor and is not responsible for prize. This event is brought to you by Blog with Mom and Adventures of 8 through Advertise with Bloggers! If you are interested in sponsoring an event like this, please contact Advertise with Bloggers.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to Dusty whose name was randomly selected by Rafflecopter as the winner of the Groovy Girls doll and bed giveaway.

101 Kids Activities (that are the bestest, funnest ever!) Giveaway


Summer's coming, and parents everywhere are already thinking of things to do that will help productively occupy their children's time and minds during their time out of school. One great solution, 101 Kids Activities that are the Funnest, Bestest Ever!  It is a book for children of all ages that is filled with fun, educational, and engaging things to do (that won't break the bank!). Set to release June 10, 2014, the activities included in this book have been tested by children and parents alike, and they have garnered high approval from both!

You can pre-order your copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble now, and you can enter to win a copy below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hidden Lake Gardens

Yesterday the fam. packed up, and headed out to enjoy a day at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan. The gardens are a bit of a drive for us, but oh so worth the time it takes to get there.

Owned by Michigan State University, Hidden Lake Gardens is a 755 acre botanical garden and arboretum that is full of natural wonder.

Admittance is $3 per person, and once inside you can drive your car through winding roads, hike, bike, or walk around at will.  We drove through some of the scenic areas, and then got out to walk the trails.

This was the Outside of the Tree

This was underneath that awesome tree.

It was the perfect tree to do a little climbing. ;)
There were all kinds of treasures along the way, like the tree above that allowed you to go underneath it's canopy and explore.

Happy to lead the way.
He's checking out something moving in the woods.
The trails are interesting to walk along because even though they're clearly designated, they're also following the natural path, with no man-made embellishments along the way. It's perfect because you get to see the animals, hear the frogs, and even get tangled up a bit in the brush.

Um yeah, you can't see around the corner, so 'Dad, you take the lead.'  :)
Little man was happy to lead the way until the trails got twisty and you couldn't see what was coming around the bend. Then he hung back with mom and let dad take the lead. ;)

Getting ready to have our picnic, but still making time to explore one more tree. 
We brought along a picnic for fuel, and that was good thinking because it takes a lot of energy to be a great wilderness explorer. :)

We visited the gorgeous special species plants and flowers too, that were carefully nurtured in the different indoor climates (I presume by students at MSU?).

For me it was love at first sight when I saw this huge Aloe plant.
For me it was love at first sight when I came across this huge Aloe plant. If I lived in a tropical climate, this would be exactly what I would want in my backyard.

Cocoa Tree
I thought the Cocoa Tree was really interesting, and this one appeared to be flourishing!

There were a lot of pretty flowers to see too.

Hidden Lake Gardens was beautiful start to finish
& provided a great outlet for us to share some quality family time together.
If you're in the area, or have something similar in your neck of the woods, I encourage you to go! It was really just a great family day out, and a fun way for us to explore everything that is now (hurrah!) blooming, growing, and green!

Wordless Wednesday: You Got the Money, Honey...

Anyone remember that song? :)

Who says money doesn't grow on trees?
Origami Money Tree
Someone donated it to Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, MI.
& my son thought it was really cool. ;) Kids' Consignment (online!)

This post brought to you by - Kids' Consignment. All opinions are 100% mine. - Kids' Consignment is a consignment shop for children, and it's completely online! carries children's clothing, baby gear, games, DVDs, etc. What makes this store different is that although the owners own and price the items, handles all of the inspection, quality grading, photography, storage, & shipping and handling. provides a neutral middle-man if you will, and a great way to help ensure listings, especially rankings! are genuine. earns $1 and 20% commission for all sales. is a place where you can  for a nice price, and every item comes with a 100% hassle-free refund policy.

I just poked around the site a bit and found some cute things very reasonably priced, right from the get-go. There were sweet Mickey Mouse overalls, pretty party dresses, fun summer outfits, and I was also very pleased to come across a 3-book set I know my son would love (for just $5). currently has over 50,000 items in inventory, and all items are shipped within one business day.

I think it's a great alternative to a yard sale (if you're like me and do not like to host those), and it's also a great way to de-clutter your home ( provides you a label to ship your goods to them, and they store it from then on in). Spring Cleaning? Summer Purging?  Whatever the case may be, it's definitely a site worth taking a look at (whether you are a buyer or a seller), to see if it's a good fit for your wants or needs.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Daddy & Co (super cool giveaway for the dads!)

Disclosure: Mail4Rosey was not compensated to help promote this post and is not responsible for prize delivery.

A few weeks ago at my church, I was sitting in the hallway, watching the sermon on the monitor, waiting for the right time to go in that would not disrupt the service. All at once, two doors opened and dads walked out with their little ones. They were rocking, dancing, singing, to them, etc. It was funny because you usually expect that to be the moms (or at least I do).  Then, the doors kept opening with more and more dads filling the waiting area with their little ones while the moms stayed in the service.

And it's not just at church. Look around in public and you'll see the dads carrying the little ones as much as you do the moms; dads feeding the little ones; and dads even taking the kiddos to the bathroom for a diaper change. Dads are just flat out more involved than they have ever been before, and I think it's awesome!!

Now Daddy & Company has come up with a way for dads to become even more involved if they want to be, in the bonding/carrying process, very similar to baby carrying.  The Men's Kangaroo Skin to Skin t-shirt allows dad the opportunity to baby wear.  How cool is that????

Right now they're giving away not only that, but also a Daddy Diaper Pack.

Enter to win both on their Facebook page (and tell your new daddy, or daddy-to-be friends too!).  Only a couple of days left for this one!

Enter HERE.

Memorial Day

Our town does only one parade a year, and that's the Memorial Day parade (we have to go to the next town over for the others throughout the year). They also do a tribute to those who have given their lives for freedom and a 21-gun salute.  It's nice.

The parade this year started off with the military men, and it took all of three seconds for people to stand and clap as they walked and drove by. It was loud, and it was awesome! I was very happy to live here in this town when they did was very heartfelt, very touching, and very well deserved.

Sporting his American Flag face paint.
I'm tellin' ya, the kid had the spirit. :)

The rest of the day was spent having fun.  There was a bounce house obstacle course, face painting, balloons, etc. Later in the day hubby cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill and I made the sides. He also told me he saw a survey online that noted 65% of the gazillion respondents said they do not grill out on Memorial Day. I was surprised, I thought it would be way more who said yes. I'm glad we were in the minority for that one, I think Memorial Day (if the weather is nice) is the perfect excuse to break out the BBQ.

Back to the grindstone today, but a big hurrah for long, relaxing, holiday weekends!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Force for Change!

Star Wars Fans, here's your chance to enter the 'Force for Change' contest, where you not only get a chance to benefit UNICEF, but you also get a chance to win a spot in Star Wars: Episode VII.  It's a fun initiative, with a great cause, and a dandy prize package for one lucky winner too.


J.J. Abrams Announces “Force for Change” Campaign to Benefit
UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and Programs

Beginning Today, Visit to Enter for a Chance to Win 

LOS ANGELES, CA, MAY 21, 2014 — Today in a special video message from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, director J.J. Abrams announced the creation of Star Wars: Force for Change, a brand new Star Wars initiative from Disney and Lucasfilm in collaboration with Bad Robot dedicated to finding creative solutions to some of the world's biggest problems. The first Star Wars: Force for Change campaign will raise funds and awareness for the United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) Innovation Labs and its innovative programs that are benefitting the world’s most vulnerable children. 

Disney has committed US $1 million to support the launch of Star Wars: Force for Change. Fans can now contribute directly at for a chance to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII. For each $10 contribution made through the Omaze fundraising platform, eligible participants will be automatically entered for a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The campaign runs from 12:01am PST on May 21stth until 11:59pm PST July 18th.

The Star Wars: Force for Change Grand Prize includes:
·         Airfare and accommodations to London for one winner and a guest
·         Behind-the-scenes access on the closed set of Star Wars: Episode VII as VIP guests of J.J. Abrams
·         Winner will have the opportunity to meet members of the cast
·         Winner and their guest will then be transformed by makeup and costume teams into a Star Wars character and filmed for a scene in Star Wars: Episode VII

"The Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate and committed folks around the globe,” says director J.J. Abrams. “We’re thrilled to offer a chance to come behind the scenes as our VIP guests and be in Star Wars: Episode VII. We’re even more excited that by participating in this campaign, Star Wars fans will be helping children around the world through our collaboration with UNICEF Innovation Labs and projects."

Star Wars continues to inspire generations of dreamers and doers to use their creativity to accomplish great things. Star Wars and Lucasfilm were built on the belief that in uniting creativity with innovation, you can make the impossible possible.

“The Star Wars films were made through George Lucas's adventurous combination of technology and creativity,” says Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm. “We wanted to honor and carry on that positive spirit as we start production on Episode VII and use Star Wars to make a difference in the world. Star Wars: Force for Change will help us do that, letting us give back to the fans who keep Star Wars alive, and raising much-needed funds for programs like UNICEF's Innovation Labs.”

By pledging support for Star Wars: Force for Change, fans are helping UNICEF create a brighter tomorrow for kids and families around the world. Through its global network of Innovation Labs, UNICEF helps create sustainable solutions to major issues facing children in the areas of nutrition, water, health, and education. The Star Wars: Force for Change campaign will help fund innovative, life-changing projects in communities around the globe.

"UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories  to help the world’s most vulnerable children and young people identify solutions and create change,” says Christopher Fabian, UNICEF Senior Advisor on Innovation and co-Lead of the Innovation Unit. “We work together with the greatest technologists and designers of our time to create open-source solutions that help millions of people. The support from Star Wars: Force for Change will help to bind these innovators together on a mission to solve the world’s most pressing problems, and create a better future.”

Visit to learn more about this new charitable initiative and the work of UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and programs, and be sure to enter through contribution or free entry for your chance to win at 

May the Force be with you!

Friday, May 23, 2014

"If That Child was Mine..."

Unsolicited advice comes aplenty when you have children. "You're feeding him cereal already?" "You're not feeding him cereal yet!?!?!" "She still in diapers?!?!," and so on and so forth. I think you have to take a lot of it with a grain of salt, and move on.

When my oldest was little, he was way too nice (as in saying, 'Excuse me' when he took a soccer ball from someone else on the soccer field). People in the family told me I needed to tell him not to be so nice. I didn't listen.

That's okay though, I didn't mind a bit then that he was nice, and I don't mind a bit now. He's grown into a fine young man, with a wife and child and he's one of the best (at both) that I've seen. And although he's now a big tough gym rat and military guy, he's still very, very nice.

When my second oldest was little, we were told not to let him make his own path so much. But I liked his fierce, but not disrespectful, independence.  "He'll grow up to be a rebel!" I was told.  Guess what? They were right. 

That's okay though, I didn't mind a bit then, and I don't mind a bit now. He forges his own path, in his quiet determined way, and he's still fiercely independent, but never disrespectful. And he's grown up to be a fine young man too, even if he does sometimes choose to go against what others want him to do. I say have at it! Life is for living, not for letting someone else live it for you.

When my daughter was little, one of her grandmother's told us we'd better not let her climb in bed with us at night or she'd be doing it until she was big. She was right!  That child is 15-yrs. old now and will still mosey on into my room and fall asleep next to me on the bed.

That's okay though, I didn't mind a bit then, and I don't mind a bit now. I know those times aren't going to last much longer at all, and I cherish every single time they do.

Now because my youngest is so nice and soft/kind-hearted, a well-meaning family member has told me I need to toughen him up or he's going to get hurt in life. I've been told it will be my fault when that happens for being too nice to him. That he'll takes things too hard when hard knocks come along later in life. 

Well you know what I think? Life has enough hard knocks in it for all of us, and he'll come across them no matter what I do. I'm not going to intentionally say or do little things to hurt his feelings (You need to holler at that boy once in awhile!") to try and toughen him up (just the thought of that is awful to me). And one day I hope he'll look back and think, 'You know what? My mom was always let me, be me. And that's okay. I appreciated it then, and I appreciate it now.'

Unsolicited advice is often from well meaning people who love our children too.  But that doesn't mean they're right with what they're saying.  Sometimes the best advice taken, is the advice you give to yourself (to ignore the unsolicited advice). 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Toytainer Now Available on Amazon!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

Toytainer is now available on Amazon!!

Some of you may remember the Toytainer items I discussed awhile back. There was the Toytainer Games Center Fold N Go (great for travel and for storage!), and then there were a whole handful of Toytainer toys also mentioned here.

I donated a good number of these storage toys to my son's Kindergarten classroom and they are singularly the most asked about things in the room (per the teacher!) who asked me where I got them so she could spread the word to parents. At the time, the answer was Target, but now she can also tell them they are being sold on Amazon too.

All of the Toytainer toys find a handy way to combine storage and fun that appeals to both the parents and the children. It is a group of products that really did find a way to make clean-up time, fun time.

Available at Target or Amazon.

Tell Time with The Peanuts Gang - Giveaway

Disclosure: Mail4Rosey did not receive compensation to help promote this post and is not responsible for prize delivery.

I like The Peanuts, and all of my kids do too. I'm glad its an animated show that's had such great popularity (and longevity). I also think the characters are cute, and it would be fun to have a clock with them on it. Two lucky winners are going to get just that by entering on the Rafflecopter form below.

Tell Time With The Peanuts Gang Giveaway
Hosted By:

Proudly Brings You The

"Tell Time With The Peanuts Gang" Giveaway

2 - Winners each receive the following:

1 -  Peanuts Wacky Waker Charlie Brown Alarm Clock
1 -  13 inch Round Peanuts Gang Sound Wall Clock

Holiday Contest and Sweeps recently had the pleasure to review
the Peanuts Gang Alarm Clock and 13 inch Sound Round Wall 
from Mark Feldstein and Associates, Inc. This decorative set will
be a hit with anyone that loves Charlie Brown and The Peanuts Gang.
From a desk top bell clock to a 13 inch sound wall clock, the Peanut's
Gang makes sure you keep track of time by playing the "Linus and
Lucy" song at the top of each hour.

Lets Check Out These Clocks More:

13 in Round Peanuts Gang Sound Wall Clock
This colorful PEANUTS® 13-inch clock features those lovable characters including Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and Linus contemplating life. Starring an unlikely round-headed hero and a unique cast of young characters, wiser and wittier than their years, Charles Schulz’s PEANUTS is not just the best-known, most-loved comic strip ever created, but a true global phenomenon. For added ambiance, the clock will play the memorable “Linus and Lucy” Song at the top of each hour that will bring back great memories and put smiles on everyone’s faces. Light sensor deactivates song when room is dark.

Peanuts Wacky Waker Charlie Brown Alarm Clock

The sounds of the memorable Peanuts® song, “Linus and Lucy” will rouse the deepest sleeper and put a smile on their face! Dial features the “loveable loser” Charlie Brown, a child possessed with an endless determination, hope and quick wit. Nostalgic shape and large easy to read number give this alarm clock universal appeal.

A Big Thank You To Our Sponsor

At this time Mark Feldstein & Associates, Inc  sells  direct to licensed retailers only. 
To locate a retailer near you who carries our products –

1. Locate the product that you are interested in purchasing on our website by entering the name or item number in the search field

2. Once results have been displayed, click on the product name or image for more detailed           information
3. Enter your zip code in the “Product Locator” field along with the search distance (25, 50, 100 miles)

4. Results shown reflect retailers that have ordered this product from using within the last 6 months.
5. If no results are returned, we recommend that you expand the search distance from your zip  code.

A Big Thanks to Mark Feldstein & Associates, Inc for Sponsoring this event.

This giveaway is valid in the Continental United States only and entrants must be
18 years of age or older to enter. This giveaway is in no way associated, endorsed
or affiliated with Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Networked Blogs , Instagram or
You Tube in any way. This giveaway

This giveaway will end 12:00 AM (EST) 6/12/14

Holiday Contest and Sweeps received a sample of these Clocks for review purposes
only. Mark Feldstein & Associates, Inc. will be responsible for awarding and shipping
of the Clocks directly to the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to reply to the
prize notification email to claim their prize. Failure to reply in that time frame will
result in another winner to be drawn.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

The Middle/High School Art Show.

The kids at the middle/high school have more artistic talent
in their pinky fingers than I do my whole entire body.

I always love to see what they've come up with for the end-of-the-year display.
This was one of my faves.
Spiderman fedora & superhero public. ;)
If you saw my WW post last week, my youngest child didn't want to wear a dinosaur shirt to school because 'that's for babies!' Evidently though (for the second year running) he has no qualms about wearing a Spiderman fedora and superhero cape out in public. ;)

And to end the post, my teen daughter won 1st Place for her T-Shirt design at the high school, Shirts were printed up for everyone in the grade with her design on it. She doesn't like me to put her pic. up here, so one is not uploaded, but we're proud of her just the same. Big hugs and happy high fives to my very talented girl young lady! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please Remove Your Pine

We have good neighbors, no great neighbors. They're nice, they watch out for us, they invite us to their functions, etc. BUT they're entirely responsible for their property, and we're entirely responsible for ours (like it should be). The neighbor on the right takes great care to ride his mower just to the property line, and it's been that way for as long as I can remember.

Now he wants to extend the parking in his driveway by adding a stone space adjacent to his blacktop. It would cross our property line. He said we could use it too, as needed. We have no problem with it, and told him to go ahead. Challenge is, now he wants the at least 40 ft. Pine tree at the end of that space (on our property) to be removed, and he asked if we'd pay half. Um no, we like our huge trees, that one included.  

That conversation ended with the neighbor saying, 'Well, I'll check around and if I get a good deal, let you guys know.'

I suppose he addressed the topic with me because my husband is entirely direct and not inclined to be nice about, 'no.' I did say no, but it was politely, "No, I don't want to have that tree taken down. I don't want any of our trees taken down, I like them all.'

Okay, so mow day.  We mowed the yard, and we don't have the cool grass/leaf holder/dumper on the back of the rider, so if there's remnants, I go rake them to the burn pile.  Like I said, we do our yard, the neighbor does his. It's been that way the whole (7) years we've lived here. Sunday, after we mowed, the neighbor who wants the tree down rode the acres of our yard with his mower, picking up our grass remnants with his cool contraption that makes such things easy.  

I was mooooooooooooortified. I don't want him doing nice things for us, getting his hopes up that we're going to take down that tree (or rather pay half to take down our tree).

Hubby was the opposite. He was cheering...said, "I think we should mow again so he can run across our yard one more time."  -_-

It's silly to be upset, but I know the neighbor has his heart set on us letting him take down that tree (and us paying half, lol). And I know we're not going to do it.  I hate rifts where rifts have never existed, and I suspect he's going to have hard feelings.  *sigh* Hopefully, I'm wrong.

Either way, this too shall pass, but phooey dangit, darnit, phoo!

'Hot Flashes and Cold Lemonade' with Book Giveaway

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

Photo Source: Amazon

I sometimes get asked to do book reviews.  Usually, I say no because I'm right in the middle of something for school that takes up so much time!! So, what do I go ahead and do? Purchase a book I've been curious about, carve the time out to read it, and now write up a review.

I've been a fan of Susan's for quite awhile. Her writing is always thoughtfully done, and she's pretty 'punny' too. You can see what I mean by visiting her blog here (I Think; Therefore I Yam).

On to the book! When I first opened 'Hot Flashes & Cold Lemonade' it took me all of a few minutes to be completely immersed in the life of Pearl, a happily married gal with a nice family who is starting to see life through less than the rose-colored glasses she's always had on (not a bad thing). In fact, I took my Kindle with me in the car when we went out to eat the night I started reading it, because I didn't want to put it down.  Hubby asked me what I was reading and I said, "Oh something for the blog." Little did I know when I picked it up again it would be on audio, and clearly announce in the small car, "Hot Flashes and Cold Lemonade," hahaha.  Hubby raised his eyebrows and kept driving. ;)

The book and its characters are oh so easy to relate to, yet it delightfully takes you back to yesteryear as well.  There are several scenes that brought my beloved, and very close to my heart grandparents to mind, and I remembered them singing together and my grandmother dancing all over the house.  There are also some very modern day scenes that make you happy, emotional (make sure you've got tissues close by), involved, intrigued, and even sometimes mad. The ring scene gets me fired up, let me tell you, but I'll not provide a spoiler. Lots of twists and unexpect-eds in the book, and some funny things too (no, I did not do the pencil test, but I sure thought about it), but nothing at all unrealistic (in fact, the ability for the book to resonate with readers everywhere is part of the book's great charm). And of course, the writing is superb.

You can learn more about Susan by visiting her blog. You can also follow her on Twitter.

The book, which is worth every penny and more, can be purchased here.

I'm going to give one away, Kindle or Hard Copy, winner's choice. 

Have a Rockin' Fourth Giveaway

Disclosure: Mail4Rosey did not receive compensation to help promote this post and is not responsible for prize delivery.

Loving the 4th of July giveaway that Bill (Holiday Contest and Sweeps) put together for you. There's a lot of good stuff in this one, including my favorite sauce for BBQ'ing (a 4th of July favorite).  Good luck to all who enter!

Have a Rockin' Fourth Giveaway
Hosted By:
Proudly Brings You The

Have a Rockin' Fourth Giveaway

Grand Prize Package:
1 - 6 foot Inflatable Patriotic Ribbon
1 - 3' x '5 Annin Flagmakers Home USA Flag Kit
1 - 4' x 6' Lighted USA Flag
1 - 34" Patriotic Wind Sock
1 - 3 Piece Citronella Patriotic Red,White, Blue Mini Bucket Candles
1 - Country Bob's Sauce Gift Box 
1 - "In A Time Of War" DVD Collection
1 - "America The Beautiful" DVD Collection
1 - "Unsung Heroes" DVD Collection
1 - Breezie Tabletop Bladeless Fan
1 - Ergo Chef Crimson G10 7” Nakiri Knife
Second Place Package: 
1 - 3' x '5 Annin Flagmakers Home USA Flag Kit
1 - 4' x 6' Lighted USA Flag
1 - 34" Patriotic Wind Sock
 1 - 3 Piece Citronella Patriotic Red,White, Blue Mini Bucket Candles
 1 - Country Bob's Sauce Gift Box
1 - Breezie Tabletop Bladeless Fan
1 - Ergo Chef Crimson G10 6” Santoku Knife

Third Place Package:
1 - 3' x '5 Annin Flagmakers Home USA Flag Kit
 1 - 3 Piece Citronella Patriotic Red,White, Blue Mini Bucket Candles
1 - Country Bob's Sauce Gift Box 
1 - Breezie Tabletop Bladeless Fan
1 - Ergo Chef 3-Piece Duo Tong Set (9”, 12” and 15”)

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is proud to be able to bring you another 4th of July

Giveaway. As you gather with your friends and family to celebrate our nations
birthday, this giveaway will provide three lucky winners a Patriotic prize package
to remember. With the generosity of a group of amazing sponsors, we hope you have
a very safe and enjoyable holiday!

Let's take a look at the prizes:

Standard Concession Supply
New for 2014....Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Ribbon.  Large 6 foot Patriotic Inflatable with the words God Bless America. Great way to show your Patriotic Spirit this summer.  Great for Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and President's Day.

This Gemmy Air Blown Inflatable Patriotic Decoration comes with built in Heavy Duty fan, internal lights to create a glowing night-time display, yard stakes, stand and get tethers. 4th of July Giveaway

Disclosure: Mail4Rosey did not receive compensation for this post and is not responsible for prize delivery.

I have heard of time and again, but I haven't tried them yet. They're on my radar though, so I have little doubt I'll make use of their quality service soon. Big kudos to them and Bill (from Holiday Contest and Sweeps) for providing the cool giveaway.

Holiday Contest and Sweeps

Proudly Bring You The 4th of July Giveaway

1 - Winner will win a $50 Walmart Gift Card $50 Walmart Gift Card

1 - Winner will receive a $50 Walmart Gift card

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you simply place your card in a sturdy envelope via first class mail 
through the United States Postal Service. Be sure to include your
transaction reference number with the card. Also have the USPS
include a tracking receipt with your card so that you can track it's
progress until delivered, this will cost you only around eighty five 
cents. will receive your card and then verify the value
of it. Once this is completed they will send you a check within two
business day. You will receive your check via the USPS first class mail
within five business days after mailing. The great thing is they guarantee
all transactions and is backed by the best customer support team in the
country is as simple as 1,2,3.

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