Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sharewood Friends: Buy One Get One Free through the Holiday Season!

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Sharewood Friends has these great animal and plush dolls that you can mix and match, and right now they are buy one get one free (Code: SHARE) through the holiday season. On their own they are cute, snuggly and absolutely adorable, but wait, they get even better!!

Friday, November 27, 2020

Playmobil Advent Calendars: 24 Days of Fun Holiday Surprises

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If you are out shopping this weekend, be sure to pick up the Playmobil Advent Calendar for the kids. This is a tradition that has stood true in our house, and this year, even though my son is now a bona fide teenager, it is still one he wishes to continue (mom squees and jumps around for joy). He's outgrown a lot of things, but this is not one of them. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

CD Giveaway: A Charlie Brown Christmas Original Soundtrack with Giveaway

The other day, I thought it would be great to play the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie on YouTube but it turned out to be only clips. I was soooooooooooooooo disappointed. A Peanuts lover from way back, the holiday shows, music and themes have always made me happy. They are after all, an integral part of my childhood, and my children's too. Every season had us camped in front of the TV screen to watch the shows (and later the DVD player), and dancing to the sounds on the stereo (later iPod, then streaming). Now I have a CD on order, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" featuring the famous Peanuts characters-Original Soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi, and I couldn't be more excited for its arrival. As soon as it arrives, I'm going to pop it into the CD player in the car and we'll be rolling to classic holiday favorites in no time.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Buffalo Plaid Body Heat Wrap Giveaway

As a person who pretty much always feel happy, I find myself feeling even lighter, festive, I guess you might say, as the holiday season draws nigh. On my evening walks, I find myself searching windows for Christmas Trees and holiday lights, my mind drifting to holiday time off from work, and my daily activities becoming more and more streamlined as I strive to get them accomplished and out of the way so I can focus on more fun things, like Christmas. Of course, with the fast-paced drive of the season it is easy to overextend myself, so I want to make sure to carve out some time to relax as well. One way to do that is with a heated body wrap. Imagine curling up with a hot cup of coffee, or stretching out on a chilly day (or as chilly as they get if you live in a warm place), with a comforting, heated wrap against your body or alongside your back. To me, it sounds particularly enticing, and this one has big, plaid checks, which makes it feel holiday-y/wintery and warm. 

Buffalo Plaid Body Heat Wrap Giveaway (2 Winners _ Ends 12_11) @SunshinePillows

Welcome To The Buffalo Plaid Body Heat Wrap Giveaway!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Scent Split to Try Before you Buy: Niche Fragrance Review

Designer fragrances can be nice, and truthfully, I have found some that I just really love. It doesn't take long, however, when you're interested in perfumes, to find out that there is another category just around the corner with selections that are more unique. I'm talking about the private collections/niche categories. Of course, the prices are higher but the scents are so well blended and such a wonderful quality, that you probably won't mind paying the somewhat hefty price tag, especially if you are purchasing a gift for a loved one for the holidays. Scent Split allows you to try before you buy, with their very reasonably priced samples that are hand-decanted from the original bottles.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

ScentSplit Sample Perfumes Shipment #2

Some of you know I've been on a fragrance kick lately. My family certainly knows it, lol, and they may or may not have all gotten a gorgeous scent to call their own this holiday as well (and I knew what they liked because they have been testing my samplers out...I was being sneaky like that, and they didn't have a clue). ;)  Moms are allowed to be sneaky on the holidays, and I can tell you all of the kids were happy with their fragrances. I even got one for the teen that I knew he'd like (and he did). 

ScentSplit is one place I love to shop for my samples. There are just so many that I want to try, and five that I found right away upon browsing their website, that I wanted to order. One I suspected I would love because I just tried another from the brand (Kilian) but I soon discovered that not to be the case. The Love Don't be Shy (which I got in my last shipment) is so good but the Good Girl Gone Bad (which I got in this shipment) is just not my cup of tea. Too much of a white floral for me (notes at the bottom of post). That is fine because that is why I buy the splits from ScentSplit, to test them before I spend the money, especially on the expensive bottles like these. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

My New Litehouse Potato Salad Recipe #SeeTheLite FLASH Giveaway!

This review and giveaway was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management and Litehouse Foods. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% genuine and my own.

My family is full of potato salad-loving people. It doesn't matter if it's mayo or mustard-based, if it's on the table, and all the kids are here (some of them are grown now), it won't last very long. So when I received the request to create a Litehouse recipe with their refrigerated dressings, I was all-in and knew exactly what it was I wanted to do.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Shout Outs Galore and Hello to You!

Hi there!! Just putting up a post so we can visit. I finally got a minute and was glad to sign in.

The only Christmas decoration in my room. He refuses to go into the living room until
after I put the pumpkins and cornucopia away. He's cute, but testy that way. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2020

We Did a Drive Through What?!

Imagine a world where change was sudden and swift, and many of the norms you knew, became undone faster than the blink of an eye. I suppose you don't have to because that's what we have been living for almost this entire year. When the pandemic started, I kind of thought it would come and go, but here we are, November 1st, 2020, and we are still being grossly impacted by Covid-19. Why is this news? Well, it's not, but the drive-through trick-or-treating we did yesterday really hit home for me. No fancy costumes to parade around in, no kid-themed Halloween parties, no running into friends at the big community party, no bounce houses, no petting farm, no trick-or-treating door-to-door (or trunk to trunk), and so on and so forth.