Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A Secret Diary Sounds Like a Good Gift Idea to Me!

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own. 

When your oldest granddaughter is brilliant, loves to write and draw and thinks it's fun to keep things a secret, it's time to get her a diary with secret ink! SmitCo makes one that you can get  that is sure to keep your lil' angel (recommended for ages 4-14) busy all throughout the new year. 

SMITCO has a variety of diaries available, but I think my granddaughter will like the emojis version best. It comes with a double-ended pen that has a traditional ballpoint tip on one side, and a secret ink side on the other. You have to use the black light that is included to see the words. It also comes with a light to clip on the side in case she gets the urge to write in the dark, and 30 different emoji stickers to add some fun to her personal little book.

I can already see her brainstorming away as to what she wants to write. I'm guessing she'll come up, whisper in my ear, "Grandma, do you want to see what I wrote in my diary?" and we'll go into her room where she'll be delighted to show me her secrets which will probably say something like, "I love my cat," "I love my mom and dad," and/or "My grandma is very nice." She'll also be so happy to show me her hiding place and tell me very conspiratorally (did I make that word up?) not to tell her Uncle what she wrote or where she hides her diary. :)

This is a fun gift to get a child that will be used for a long time to come. I've liked Smit Co. for a long time. In fact, the same baby grand I am talking about here, has a night mask she got from Smit. Co a few years ago, that she still uses when she comes to spend the night at Grandma Rosey's, so I can vouch for their durability.

Smit Co. items are sold at online retail stores like, Amazon, etc. and they have a nice array of items to choose from when it comes to gifting special for the kiddos. There's also a discount:

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  1. Hi Rosey - she'll enjoy it - so much fun for her ... she'll make a game out of it ... brilliant - take care - Hilary

  2. She'll sure enjoy that indeed. A fun way to let her write her thoughts down and keep her secret from her snooping uncle haha


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