Friday, December 15, 2017

NYC Subway Line Gifts

That hat is from the NYC Subway Line, all of which make great gift ideas!

He's got his 'A' game on (the hat), which in this case stands for the Brooklyn, NYC subway. This is one of many great items you can find through the NYC Subway Line website where items for men, women and children all tout their love for the city and it's subway system out loud!! What better way to get around in a busy place like New York City, than the beloved subway line that takes you to and fro in a snap. It's what we use when we visit, and the items from this line of gifts makes me nostalgic and definitely in the mood to take a trip.

With items like this City Pretty make-up set, your gift will be the talk of the town, or at least of the house when the lucky recipient opens this one up with a big smile. Add a couple of airplane tickets inside of it, and you've got a winner that will never be forgotten (just an idea and a dream wish of my's a good one, don't you think?). ;)

There are more items than I could even mention, for every person on your gift list, on this website. The lunch boxes are cute for travel, picnics, work or school! I like the all-over map line you see in the pic above.

This is a line that is fun and unique, a combination that always makes for good gift giving, add to the fact that all items are also very useful and you really just can't lose. I could shop all day on this site (there are enough selections to do so too!), and I hope you'll take a look at all of these great items (and more) as well.

Lynne Lambert is a long-time NYC Voice Over actor who created the concept of NYC Subway wearables under license from the MTA in 1996.  Her company makes a wide range of stylish tees, bags, hats, wallets and other accessories for Men, Women, Infants and Kids.

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