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Make Drinks and Meals in the Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo!

Have you ever used a blender, and it was just such a pain to use and clean that you tried it once or twice and then put it up and completely forgot about it? That's how I was until I tried out the Ninja brand a couple of years ago. I loved it, but gave it to my son and his wife, who had a big need for it. Now I have one of my own, and it's still as amazing as I remember theirs being! It's super strong, amazingly versatile, very easy to use, and a cinch to clean up!! Definitely not like blender experiences I have had prior to getting this brand, and truthfully this isn't even a blender, it's really so much more! So, my gift advice for Mother's Day this year (or for yourself if you would like it): Give her something she'll love and use all year round: Give her a Ninja!

Though I'm talking about the capabilities for making drinks with this little beauty today, please know that the Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo is really an entire meal maker. It comes with a recipe book to help get you started, but the possibilities are infinite. 

Every category of food you can think of can be created in this Ninja Duo. From appetizers, to side dishes, to main dishes and on to dessert, it's all here in the cookbook to inspire (or copy, if you like what you see).

This Cauliflower Rice recipe has caught my attention and will be the first food dish that I try in my new Ninja Duo.

This is what the Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO looks like when it's unpacked. Besides the recipe book mentioned above, it also comes with a base that holds both a bowl and a mixing cup, an extra mixing cup (so you can make two different types of drinks in an instant), two lids (one with a mixing blade) and an additional dough mixing attachment. The blades on this machine are incredible. Though it is incredibly easy to clean (not a lot of parts to attach, detach, etc.), it is definitely not a simple machine. With 1,200 watts of power it crushes ice, frozen fruit, whole fruit (it has a nutrient extractor!!), you name it, with zero problems at all. I've never seen or used a 'blender' so powerful, and this little kitchen appliance has fast become an entire family favorite.

Now I know that you're 'supposed' to make a smoothie, or something delicious but healthy when you get a fancy kitchen gadget like this one, but all I could think of when I first opened it was maaaaaaaalts. We can make our own now, woohoo!! And that begs the question: why is so hard these days to find a malt? You can find milkshakes all day long, but malts? Nuh uh. I sincerely hope it's not something that goes by the wayside because malts are super delish! So, I gathered up my ingredients...whole milk, ice cream (it's better with vanilla, but all we had on hand was chocolate, which was fine), chocolate syrup, malt powder, and some Whoppers thrown in for good measure.

I just eyeball my ingredients and put in enough milk to reach just to where the tip of the ice cream is floating.

The next step was easy, I simply screwed the lid onto the drinking/mixing jar, flipped it upside down, where it popped precisely and easily into the base, and my son hit the controls for the desired speed. The Auto IQ technology (intelligent processing) makes it easy to get the right consistency for every single thing you want to make, and this was no exception. It came out perfect.

In no time flat, we had a malt. You can drink it right out of the mug or pour it into glasses. We were sharing, so we opted for the latter. The results were absolutely delicious. Now we can make malts any time we want, right from the comfort of our own home. Thought we may not have them often, just knowing that we can is a treat in and of itself. :)

Another drink we are using our Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo for is of course, smoothies. My youngest child is in the 3rd grade. When he was little, I would make him a hot breakfast before school. Then somewhere along the line we switched to cold cereal. These days he's not much of a fan of cereal, and so now thanks to this new product, we've moved on to the smoothies. I don't know about you, but I feel way better giving him a smoothie to start his day, than I do a bowl of sugary cereal. Making them takes about three minutes, tops, and clean-up, as noted before, is an absolute cinch.

These are easy too. I just buy a bag of flash frozen fruit and greens. This particular one was a mix of mango, banana, pineapple, apple and spinach. I was making two of these, so I filled the fruit/veggie mix 3/4 of the way up. Then I put in my beverage of choice (apple juice for this one) until it hit just before the top of the fruit mix. Then I hit the smoothie button.

The extra large suction cups on the bottom of the appliance ensured it stayed put while it was working.

You can see in the photo above how easy it is to pop the cup off of the machine. This was a little thick for me, (I didn't let it run it's course) so I put it on for a few more seconds to get it to my desired consistency.

When it was done, it was time to clean up. I put the lid with the blade attached into the sink to be rinsed off,

and the glass I rinsed and put in the top shelf rack of the dishwasher.

The end result was an ice cold drink (my fruit mix was frozen, but if you use fresh fruit, you can definitely add ice to the mix), that tastes good to adults and kids alike. It's amazing to me that the small parts of spinach took over to make this green, but that's okay, it still tasted a lot like fruit. Enough so that the kids got a whole dose of veggies, without one complaint...spinach nonetheless!

To say I'm in love with my Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl duo would be an understatement. We were definitely missing out when we were living without it. We have got the drinks down now, and soon we'll take out the bowl and start working on new ideas for dinner. I can't wait!

To wrap things up, let me reiterate how amazing this item would be for a Mother's Day present (and shortly after that, a Father's Day gift as well!). It takes the old way of blending and chucks it swiftly out the door. The Ninja technology is second to none and this little powerhouse is a real beauty. Watch the videos, visit their website, look at customer ratings. You'll be amazed at all of the things it can do, and at how consistently positive customer reviews are anywhere you look. It is definitely a welcome addition to most any home. A big thank you to Ninja for being all kinds of awesome!

More About the Product

Ninja ® , the technology pioneer in the housewares industry. Now  they have introduced the Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO—a transformational everyday meal-maker to their product line-up. For the first time ever, this groundbreaking innovation combines Ninja’s powerful Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction**—breaking down fruits and vegetables to unlock their full potential † -- with the all-new Nutrient Fusion* that brings fresh, vibrant ingredients together for flavorful, nutritious meals, snacks, and desserts worth savoring.

The Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO, with the exclusive, uniquely designed Nutri Bowl, is the perfect
complement to Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction**, and the essential start-to- finish tool that helps users easily break out of their everyday routine. Featuring a 1200-watt motor, Precision Prep Blades, and Auto-iQ Boost ™ Technology, the Nutri Bowl marries wholesome, fresh ingredients to make delicious, nutritious meals.

To celebrate Nutrient Fusion*, Ninja has created seven exciting recipe categories reflecting this new
approach to inspired meal making: Veggie Fusions, Protein Fusions, Salad Fusions, Whole Grain
Fusions, Sweet Fusions, Frozen Fusions, and Snack Fusions. Each category is designed to empower
users to experiment with a diverse range of ingredients, textures, and flavors, so they can customize
balanced and nourishing meals at the touch of a button. Now, creating variety in meals, snacks, and
desserts is quick and easy.

The perfect counterpart to the Nutri Bowl is the Nutri Ninja Cup with Pro Extractor Blades ® Assembly and Auto-iQ Boost Technology, which fully break down whole foods, ice, and seeds through Nutrient &

Vitamin Extraction.** Ninja’s powerful technology makes it easy to extract a wide spectrum of delicious nutrient juices, smoothies, and protein shakes with minimal effort. Ninja has also reimagined new recipe categories in Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction** including wake-ups, nutrient shots, freezes, and indulgences.

“We’re excited to share our latest innovation, the Nutri Bowl which features Nutrient Fusion*, with
consumers so they can break through their routines and elevate the everyday with this technology and
Ninja recipes,” says SharkNinja CEO, Mark Rosenzweig. “We developed the Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with the belief that a good meal or snack shouldn’t be complicated, and should inspire the users to create diverse, nutritious meals for themselves, their families, and their guests.”

Ninja’s Auto-iQ Technology with One-Touch Intelligence simplifies favorite everyday recipes with unique programs that deliver delicious smoothies, snacks, meals, and desserts with zero guesswork. And the Auto-iQ Boost option gives users the power to customize the texture and consistency of everything made in the Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo to their own personal preferences.

The Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO Includes:

 1200-Watt Motor: gives users a powerful and versatile appliance with a small footprint

 Auto-iQ Technology: features intelligent blending and food-processing programs with a built-in

digital timer

 Auto-iQ Boost: offers the ability to customize and control the texture and consistency of recipes

 Nutri Bowl: with Nutrient Fusion* meal-making capabilities such as making up to a pound of

ground meat or dough

 Nutri Ninja Cups: 24 oz. and 32 oz. cups with Spout Lids for nutrient-rich drinks on the go

 Pro Extractor Blades ® Assembly: break down whole foods, ice and seeds for powerful Nutrient &

Vitamin Extraction**

 Precision Prep Blades and a dough blade attachment: for use with the Nutri Bowl

 A 30-recipe Inspiration Guide or a 75-recipe Cookbook

To learn more about the new Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO and additional SharkNinja products visit Follow Ninja on Facebook at and on Twitter at

*Create a fusion of foods containing nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and other foods.

**Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

† By blending whole fruits and vegetables, including portions that are usually discarded.


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