Tuesday, August 15, 2023

FabFitFun Fall Box: Get up to $300 Worth of Items for Less than $50

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Every time I get a FabFitFun box, I am amazed that at least one of the items cost more than the price of the entire package. This time around it was the Alice & Olivia duffle that left me astounded. The bag retails for close to $100 but the whole cost of the subscription box, with my code MAIL4ROSEY is just $47.99. The items you choose are always full-sized with no guess work involved since you are selecting from a list of items, which products you would like to try or own.

In showcasing my curated FabFitFun goodies for the seasonal Fall box, you can see why I was so delighted. As I mentioned, the price of the duffel, had I purchased it alone would have easily exceeded the box's cost. The other items though, were equally impressive in terms of value.

In starting with the products, left-to-right, you can see exactly what I mean. First, the Alice & Olivia duffel. it's oversized, has a fun and colorful print, and both carrying straps and a clip-on over-the-shoulder strap to make carrying it a breeze. The inside is roomy and has an additional zip pocket for easy access, or so smaller items will not get lost. It's a high-quality bag and it's pretty to carry as well.

Not all hand and body wash formulas are created equal. So, when you try a superior brand like Cuccio Botanicals it is easy to become spoiled. The rich Shea Butter and Oat Amino Acids work together to leave your skin feeling its best. The Sandalwood and Sage Oil relax you and leave you with a sense of calm and renewal. The cost of this is $25 (note this one product costing about half the price of the entire box if you purchased it separate and retail!).

Glow Recipe has a hyaluronic serum I have been wanting to try and this one has my attention. Not only is the bottle pretty (I just love the packaging from this whole line) but it's also a product that will provide a benefit for my skin. I can always use moisture and as I get older, a little plumping never hurt either. This is especially true under my eyes where I have been starting to see some changes that are not overly thrilling (but I realize are a part of the aging process). I'm not complaining, but I'm not shying away from finding things that help ease the pain a little either. 

This bottle retails for $45, which is almost the cost of the entire subscription box alone.

The Free People 1809 Lodge Candle, if purchased retail and separately, would run you $40. The cost of EVERYTHING in the box, with the 20% MAIL4ROSEY discount code, is just $47.99. Yes, I'm beginning to see a theme here. :)

The Scent:

"Our best-selling 1809 Lodge fragrance poured into a glass amber vessel, this fragrance is a warm, spicy gourmand blend, with layers of rich woods and sweet spices.

Inspired by a day on the slopes followed by a warm, spicy après-ski fireside in a dimly lit lodge…"

I am a gourmand lover at heart, as many of you know from my perfume choices, so to have this candle in my collection does make me happy. It has one of the most pleasing scents of any of the candles that I own. 

Speaking of gourmand perfume, The Lifestlye Co. Mood Eau De Parfum travel size fragrance spray was also an option for this box. If you know me, I'm always saying 'yes' to the perfume option. This is a 10ml spray that is perfect for taking with you on the go. It has hints of jasmine, cedarwood, amber and saffron. It's described on the website as being a fragrance that creates the perfect alchemy between elegance and sophistication. I'd say that about sums it up.

This travel spray retails alone for $40.

The last item in my FabFitFun box is Summer Fridays' lip butter balm. This 100% vegan lip balm is designed to moisturize and hydrate while adding a bit of color to your lips. It is perfect for tucking into your purse or travel bag and retails on its own for $24.

Unmatched Value
You get a Lot of Bang for the Buck

Up to $300 worth of items for $47.99!

Okay, so in keeping with the theme of how value-oriented a FabFitFun subscription box can be, let's add up what the cost would have been to purchase each of these items separately.

$90 Alice & Olivia Duffle
$25 Cuccio Botanicals Hand & Body Wash
$45 Glow Recipe Plum Plump Serum
$40 Lodge Candle
$40 Mood Travel Fragrance
$24 Summer Fridays Lip Balm
$264 would be the approximate retail value of these items if purchased separately. You can get them all (or your own products of choice) for just $47.99 with the code: MAIL4ROSEY

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