Thursday, July 20, 2023

Road Trip with Grandma (I brought the plushies)

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Grandmas are always popular, but let me tell you this, they are even more popular when they show up with stuffies in the car, especially when they're cute like these plush animals are... And I'm all about being the popular grandma, so I've loaded up the stuffies, put on their seatbelts (of course) and we are on our way to see the grandbabes.

I have four grandchildren, so of course, you see 4 stuffed animals. The prices on these are excellent. 3 of them actually came in one set for less than $20 (that's a price that can't be beat, AND they have coupons to clip with the Amazon purchase, so you can save even more) so let me tell you about them first.

This adorable 3pk came from The BenBen store on Amazon. I chose the lamb plush pillows, but you will find a nice variety to choose from on the website. These are great because they are sooo soft and they are super cute. They come with one 12" and two 7" squishy soft pillows.  There are created with eco-friendly stuffing and are sewn together tightly (important because these will get cuddled). You can wash them on a slow speed in the washing machine, but they're super easy to just hand wash too, so I recommend the latter. 

The second choice I made was for this adorable plush cow sold by Lot Fancy, which is also a store on Amazon. Some of you may remember that when my second-oldest grandchild turned 1-year-old, a cow came in the gate (that we left open) and ate her birthday cake. It's a memory that still makes me laugh, but with that on my "things I didn't experience until I had grandchildren" list, how could I not choose a cow? 😁😂

This cow is particularly sweet and his hair is that kind that is super silky soft to the touch. I'm super glad to have it on this drive. What's a road trip without a cow? 🐮🤣

I'm pretty certain the grandbabes are going to be thrilled to see all of us.

Like what you see? I'll leave the links below, so you can purchase your own (not affiliate). 


  1. Love that cow. And would be tempted to keep it.

  2. I know some children who will love these. I'll need to pick some up near their birthdays.

  3. I figured out the one was a cow. What on earth are the others? Llamas?

    1. it's a cute little lamb family, Alex, though I do have one grandchild who would flip for llmas. 😂

  4. They're super cute! My kids will definitely love to have them in our car. Those cuties will definitely keep them occupied when we travel long distances.

  5. Those are super cute! You can't have a good road trip without pillows, so why not make them super fun!

  6. Your selection of stuffed animals for your grandchildren is delightful! The 3pk lamb plush pillows from The BenBen store sound incredibly soft and eco-friendly, perfect for cuddling. The plush cow from Lot Fancy is a charming addition to the road trip. Your thoughtful choices and anecdotes add a heartwarming touch to the journey. Happy travels! 🚗🐑🐮😊

  7. Aawwww...I am sure they are gonna love you even more! These stuffies will always remind them of Jajja!

  8. This look cool, I have a lot stuffed animals lol They are in my bed when I sleep alone and my partner is not with me.

  9. These are adorable. My oldest grandson would love them. The twin babies might notice them.

  10. I love cow one, but it would be even better if it were a highland ;) Super cute! Allison is going to be 20 this year and still loves plushies!


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