Sunday, November 17, 2019

Teleflora Holiday Bouquets

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Teleflora delivers hand-made beautiful holiday bouquets right to your door, or anyone else's door, that you might want to send one to as well. These are a perfect way to decorate any vanity, counter or table. They are also perfect for dressers, which is where I sometimes like to put mine, only because the bedroom seems to be the only room we don't decorate for the holiday season. Having a big, beautiful piece of bright in the room that is festive, makes me very happy.

This year, I've decided to send my good friend a bouquet for her birthday. I knew I wanted to get it from Teleflora, and that was the easy part of the decision. Deciding which one to get, because they are all absolutely gorgeous, was the difficult part. To top that off, they each have a unique and wonderful container they are stored in, so I took that into consideration too. Which one would she fall in love with and be happy to have for her flowers for her birthday, and still be happy to have around to help dole out holiday cheer?

The bouquets become available December 2nd, which is perfect for me because that also happens to be her birthday. There were many options, including this Flurry of Elegance. It has red roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums , winter greens and accents of glistening snowflakes and red berries, housed in a classic, limited-edition white vase with snowflake cutouts.

The Deck the Holly Ornament Bouquet is cute, and very fun with its ornament top and the bottom that could be used to fill with holiday goodies at a later date. There is no way she wouldn't love this one, and I like this one too!! It's a classic design good for any holiday celebration and the gorgeous flowers would brighten up any seasonal party taking place in the home.

The Send a Hug Snowman Mug would be cute if I was sending the bouquet to her job. The flowers would make everyone happy, and then the snowman could stick around for the remainder of the holiday season, bringing a little joy to everyone in her office. She is back and forth between two places so often though, that I just couldn't decide which office to send it to, so I chose one to send to her home instead.

The Teleflora Merry Vintage Christmas Bouquet has great nostalgia value, with the old red truck on it, and I knew it would be something that reminded her of her mother and brothers, and her childhood as well. It also has cinnamon in it, which would add to the festive scents it would give off in her living room. That metal cube was almost too hard to resist, and the gorgeous red roses and Carnations, along with the bronze ornaments for decoration made it a top-2 contender for me.

Ultimately, it was Teleflora's Merry Mercury Centerpiece that I chose to send my friend for her birthday. We have had our friendship for 33 years now, so I delight in the chances I get to spoil her a little bit, and truly she deserves it. She has a big heart for everyone in her circle of family and friends, and she will be entertaining quite a bit this holiday season, starting soon, so having this big, beautiful bouquet is a great way to not only recognize her birthday, but also help her move forward with decorations. The flowers in this centerpiece are overflowing with red roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, and fresh winter greens. It has silver ornaments and real pinecones. The crosscut mercury glass bowl can be used as a centerpiece all the way through New Year's and beyond.

There are other selections for the holidays, but these are the latest, newest ones, and they will be available for delivery starting December 2nd. If you're someone who likes to order ahead of time like I do, you can get that in order now and they will go out when holiday delivery begins. These luscious bouquets are a wonderful holiday gift idea. If you like what you see, please feel free to tell a friend and share on social media. Use the hashtag #liveoutloud and see what others are sharing from Teleflora as well. Happy Teleflora shopping to you!


  1. My Mom would like a bouquet from there. They are all so pretty!

  2. The Merry Mercury Centerpiece is absolutely amazing. Your friend will love your selection!

  3. Oh, wow! These are so beautiful. Any of them would look amazing in my living room!

  4. These look gorgeous and would be perfect for the mantel at Christmas.

  5. Yeah, sure would work for birthday and spruce things up for christmas too.

  6. Those were a beautiful Christmas ornaments. I am planing to buy ew ornaments for our new home and seems like I found the right one.

  7. Wow, these are gorgeous arrangements. Anyone would love to receive one.

  8. My birthday is close to Christmas, and I would love to receive one of these bouquets. People tend to give me candies and baked goods, but with all of the holiday parties and such, I am all sugared out by my birthday. I would much prefer a beautiful flower arrangement to spruce up my home!


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