Friday, May 24, 2019

Happy Memorial Day and Welch's!

The last big gathering we had was for my oldest granddaughter's birthday (I now have 3 grandchildren...1 who just turned 6-years-old, 1 who is just a couple of months old, and one on the way, because my second oldest son's first child is due in early January). So just like that, I went from a youthful (*ahem*) mom to a grandma of 3, and I couldn't love it more!! Grandbabies are magical. 

At my oldest granddaughter's party, my grandbabe who is the healthiest eater I know (thanks to her awesome parents), was indulging in things I'd not seen her eat before. When we got back to her place afterwards, she didn't want to eat her dinner; she said she was full. I said, 'well, she did eat at the party.' She said, "Grandma's right! I had chips, cheese curls and cake." We all stopped and laughed, but in reality, that kind of a party diet isn't really funny. Thankfully, it was a one-time event (we all get to indulge once in awhile), but when we have our get-together for Memorial Day weekend, I want to make sure there are a lot of healthier options that the little ones there will love. Welch's is always a great option (they use real fruit), and the Welch's Fruit'n Yogurt Snacks are all the rage in our house right now.

Welch's Fruit'n Yogurt Snacks are very affordable, individually packaged (so convenient for little ones to carry around) and delicious. Bite-sized real fruit surrounded by creamy yogurt, these treats come in Strawberry, Blueberry and Cherry flavors. They are low-fat (no useless calories) and Gluten-Free. I know my granddaughter who bragged about her 'junk food birthday treats' would love these just as much, because her usual bent is to eat things that are healthy. She's big on snacking. Huge. So I'm pleased to have these for her in the house.

In addition to the Fruit'n Yogurt, Welch's has other real fruit treats the littles (and grown-ups) are sure to love as well. Stock up on any of these for your weekend get-together, and you're sure to have a lot of happy little campers running around your place. :)  That being said, may we all remember respectfully those who have fallen in service of our country, and appreciate and enjoy those who are with us today. Happy Memorial Day to you all!

Unroll the strawberry Fun® with Welch's® Fruit Rolls! Featuring Fruit as the First Ingredient, Welch's® Fruit rolls are alsoFat-Free, Gluten-Free and contain no preservations.
Get the taste of strawberries in every bite with Welch's Strawberry Fruit Snacks! Welch's Fruit Snacks are made withREAL fruitcontain 100% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C, 25% of Vitamins A & E, are Fat-FreeGluten-Free and contain no preservatives.
Made with real fruit and surrounded by creamy yogurt for a melt in your mouth taste, Welch's Blueberry Fruit 'n Yogurt are uniquely delicious and perfect for the whole family to enjoy while celebrating the holiday weekend.
Made with REAL fruit, no preservatives and fat free, Welch's Mixed Fruit Fruit Snacks are perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Learn more by visiting the Welch's Fruit Snacks website.


  1. A good healthy snack indeed. Never hurts to indulge, usually, here and there. Congrats on kiddo number 3. Sure going to be a hopping grandma.

  2. The Welch's Strawberry Fruit'n Yogurt Snacks sound delicious. Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby!

  3. A little indulgence is always good. Congratulations on your grandmotherdom.

  4. Congrats to number 3!!!!!
    We love the yogurt ones at our house too

  5. Congrats, Rosey!
    These yogurt snacks sound so yummy and healthy. I'd love to try the Welch's Blueberry Fruit & Yogurt.

  6. Hi Rosey - kids and food ... can't help themselves. More kids on the way ... but one perhaps for now to add to the mix. The Welch's selections look good ... cheers Hilary

  7. Blueberry yogurt is my favorite.

  8. This would be a great snack. They look so good!

  9. I bet you're so excited for grand number 3! Congrats!

  10. Hope you had a great Memorial day!

  11. Super huge congrats on the new baby due early next year! Your heart must be bursting with excitement!

    I am all about yogurt anything, and those fruit snacks look mighty good to me!


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