Saturday, February 23, 2019

$150 EvgieNev Wall Decals GIveaway

A lot of you know we have a little one due here soon. Quite honestly, I'm getting excited now. Less than a month. Time flies, and it goes so slow, when you're anxious to meet your latest grandbabe. :)

Disclosure: Sharing the giveaway for a blogger friend.
Are you getting a nursery ready for a new baby boy or baby girl? It is so exciting to get the nursery decorated as you wait for the arrival of your sweet baby. One way to create an amazing nursery is with wall decals from EvgieNev. They have been making wall decals since 2010 and they have over 250 wall decals to pick from. You can even customize the colors to make your dream nursery!

The removable sticker are made using Top-Quality Matte Vinyl. They feel like they are smoothly painted on the wall after the application but they are easily removable should you choose to redesign. Perfect to decorate and add your personal touch to any space, switch themes in child’s room. Just peel and stick, it’s so easy! Included FREE test decal!

Check out a few favorites!

Teddy Bears LOVE Wall Decals – Hearts Baby Nursery – Boys & Girls Room Decals

Inspired by Valentine and one of the most popular. These bears look like Winnie-the-Pooh Teddy Bears. It features four cute teddy bears that are sitting on the tree, and flying on balloon with color combination of Pinks for Baby Girls and Blues Baby Boys. You can pick any other colors from our color chart.

Under the Sea Nursery Wall Decals

This is a large under the sea nursery wall art scene with mermaid princesses and magic sea creatures. This wall decal has mermaids, underwater castle, dolphin, octopus, stingray, sea turtles, crabs and a treasure chest. It’s ideal for kids areas and will bring a vibrant energy and add your personal touch into your nursery.

Arctic and Antarctic Animals and Polar Friends 

This set includes Penguin, Bear Cubs, Orca Whale, and Narwhal. It illustrates Penguins having fun and Polar Mama Bear with Cub and two famous Whales, on the background of the ocean with icebergs and mountains.

Evgie - Win $150 To Spend On Vinyl Wall Decals

Sleeping Leopard and Monkeys Children

This set includes monkeys swinging on vines, a leopard on a branch, and a baby elephant!! It's one of their newest designs that is becoming very popular!

About EvgieNev Wall Decals 

Magnificent Wall Decals and Large Stickers for Children
  • Their decals get great feedback from their customers. And their customers come back and buy again!

  • It is easy to remove the wall decals and redecorate at a later time
  • Find hundreds of animals, themes, landscapes and more coming from books, historical facts, and well-recognized charters
  • They are completely customizable! They have many themes and you can change out the colors!

Giveaway Details:

  • Enter to win a $150 credit to EvgieNev Wall Decals.
  • It is open Worldwide (but if you live outside of the US or Canada you will pay the difference in shipping. You can also pay the difference of a decal if you find more than $150 worth of products you want to buy.)
  • This giveaway ends on March 14, 2019 1159pm EST.


  1. The monkey one is what I'd go with.

  2. If I won, I think I'd buy the Pandas Nursery Wall Decals for kids room - Tree and Five Little Bears with flying Balloon

  3. I would get the garden wall decals.

  4. The monkey one is what I'd go with.

  5. i would use it to buy the kids space wall decals for the kids play room, would be so cool!!!

    (janine a

  6. I think I might get the Puppy Wall Decals - Dog and Lady Bug Under The Tree Nursery Wall Stickers.

  7. Birch Tree Wall Decal - White Tree Wall Decal.

  8. I would get the Famous Birch Trees with Birds Wall Sticker

  9. i like the world map but it would be a hard decision

  10. I saw two different elephant necklaces that I loved. One was sterling silver and the other appeared to be mother of pearl

  11. I would get the cherry blossom tree with birds.

  12. I love the Tree Wall Decal with Blossoms!

  13. I would like to get my daughter the decal called Arctic and Antarctic Animals and Polar Friends.

  14. I would like the Moose Wall Decals - Trees Wall Decals and Wall Sticker - TRSD020.


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