Friday, November 23, 2018

Squishmallows Super Soft Plush Toys

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Super soft, squishy toys are all the rage with the kids this year. Squishmallows realizes the trend and has definitely met the need. With cute animals ranging in size from clip-on small, to medium to large, there is an animal here for everyone. I'm all grown up and I fell in love with these too. 

I have a prize box in my classroom, and my students, even though they are older, love these little animals. I put the clip-on ones seen above in the box, and everything else available was instantly invisible because these were in the mix. And it wasn't just the girls who liked them either. :) These little cuties are 3 1/2" tall.

I'll show you some of the varieties of Squishmallows you can get. This is Fifi the Fox. You can get her in various sizes. This is the lovable, big 16" version that is going right into a gift box for my baby grand (granddaugher). Not unaffected by the squishable squeeze craze that is going on, I know this little pretty fox is going to fast become her good friend. The outside of all of these is super soft, like a marshmallow. :)  This is going to be her favorite size. She can carry it with her, use it as a pillow, have it as a companion with her when she's in the car, and more. There are so many things she can do with it. 

Here are the clip-on sized Squishmallows. I love the calico cat. I'd have kept that one in a heartbeat if I didn't have such amazing students to share these with..into the box it went and it was gone immediately. I knew that it would be. ;)

Here is the medium-sized one. This sweet little unicorn is also going to my granddaughter, because like I said, she loves squishmallows. It will be extra special to her because she loves unicorns as well. This one is 8" tall, which will make it a cinch for her to carry along in her bookbag for Kindergarten Show and Tell. For now, it's in good hands until we get it under the Christmas Tree. It's going to be a wonderful holiday, indeed.

Kellytoy’s best seller, the collectible Squishmallows plush toy line, is an award-winning, international  phenomenon popping with personality. Over 20 million have  sold in North America since fall 2017 launch.From domestic, sea and farm animals to fantasy creatures like unicorns, more than 50  styles of these cuddly characters are available this holiday season and make the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for under $5, $10, $20 and $30 (depending on the size). 
From the 3.5-inch “clip-on” styles to the 16 and 20-inch sizes (that fans are using to replace pillows), kids, friends and loved ones will go absolutely wild over Squishmallows. Eight inch, 12-inch, Baby Squishmallows and square, “Stackable” styles are also available. Squishmallows are available for purchase online, and at national gift and retail chains.


  1. Geez, a prize box? Where were you when I was going to school? lol That is great of you to do. Each look easy to squash away.

  2. Squishmallows are so adorable! I think I would love any one of them for myself!

  3. These are so cute. I like that they come in all different sizes and are so colorful. The kids would love these to cuddle with.

  4. I'd have to buy a dozen of these to keep all my kids happy LOL. They are so cute.

  5. I found so many on amazon some not even mentioned here. Got some too!! Judy

  6. I still remember the teacher who had a prize box in her classroom. To this day, she is still one of my favorites and I look back on grade 3 with such fondness. The stuffies are super cute. I can see why they are the first to get picked out of the prize box!

  7. Oh, boy, these guy are pretty adorable. Kids would really love these.


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