Friday, December 11, 2015

Where to Go for Games? Wonder Forge!

Wonder Forge is a one-stop shop for games, puzzles and the like for all members of your family. Take for instance this simple, colorful Snoopy Flying Ace Game. It is designed for ages 4+ , easy to set up and fun to play.

To put the game together, you unfold the cardboard foundation,

 Add your Eiffel Tower to the center,

 Cap it...

Attach the Snoopy plane on the arm that spins at the top of the tower... 

And let 'er go! You spin the plane and the Red Baron as fast as you can. That's the best part for the kids. ;)

Each player has a stack of cards in front of them, and some landing 'chips.'

The landing chips are cardboard pop-outs with cute pictures of Snoopy (aka the Flying Ace) on them.

Whenever the arm is finished spinning, wherever the cloud tail lands, is where the person who spun places their landing chip. If someone is already on the spot, their turn is over.

You can see in two pictures above that the cloud tail landed on Linus, so the player who spun puts their landing chip there, like you see in the picture immediately above. Whoever gets the most pieces on the board, wins the game. It's simple, easy fun for the little ones and the bright colors, spinning arm, and fun flying pieces really enthrall the younger crowd.

Wonder Forge has a large variety of games for  children of all ages!! Above are some other suggestions you might like to purchase for someone for the upcoming holidays.

The Apple Pop game is beautifully designed, and fun for the little ones to play too. Recommended for ages 3-9, the ladder is busted but the apples have to come out of the tree. When it's your turn to pop an apple, you have to make sure it lands in a cup, not in the yard. Loads of fun for the little ones. It'll leave you and them smiling ear to ear.

The Disney Imagicademy Animals Activity Set would be fun for any little girl or boy, and this one is right up my 8-year-old son's alley. It's an activity book that teachs you all about animals too, but in a fun way. There are lots of 'office supplies' included, to help you get the job done right. :)  A handy zippered pouch is included with the books, and it's the perfect place to hold all of the book accessories.

Eye Found It is a hidden picture game where you have to travel to the end of the board (learning cool history facts along the way), before your rocket runs out of fuel. This is a unique game beause it stretches out on 6 ft. of playing surface. This is a fun one for parties, and for gift giving too. Recommended for ages 4+
The Imagicademy from Disney is a great way to make movies. Children get creative with the backgrounds, clay and costume models, and are able to use the free and very user-friendly app to create their own inspired-by-Disney masterpieces. This set is recommended for children aged 3+

This is actually only a sampling of the many great games you'll find for all ages, And! there's still time to order and get your gifts before Christmas!! Head on over to the website to see all that Wonder Forge has to offer. You can also follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.


  1. That would be a fun one for kiddos, and sounds easy enough too.

  2. Hi Rosey - those would be fun - love the look of the Snoopy one .. I'd be amused everytime I looked at the box ... fun to see them - cheers Hilary

  3. The peanuts flying Ace game looks like so much fun for my son and daughter to play. I have heard of Wonder Forge and I need to check them out for games.

  4. I love games. Used to play all kinds of games back in the day. Hubby hates games so we don't play anymore. Oh well.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. It definitely is nice to whip out a new one for Thursday nights.

  6. These look like great games. I will have to go to the website and see what I can find for my niece and nephew. Catherine S

  7. super cute and looks so fun! I love how the board game pops instead of everything being just pictures and a flat surface. Definitely makes it more fun for kids

  8. I have never seen a Peanuts themed board game. The Flying Ace game looks like a lot of fun!

  9. I love the idea of a Peanuts themed board game. This looks like a great game with the whole gang.

  10. I could see me enjoying that Apple Picking game right along with the younger set! And Snoopy on his airplane--yup-the kids will all love that one.

  11. Looks like a really fun and cute one! My kids would really enjoy this one I think. I'm getting them some more games and such for Christmas, this could be a good one! - Jeanine

    1. It does look like it is a lot of fun. I love adding games like this one to family game night.

  12. What a cute game. The girls will love this.

  13. (Where to Go for Games? Wonder Forge!) We have a few of their great games and play them when we have our family game nights during the cold winter months-

  14. What a darling game! I so could see my little ones enjoying this, looks like so much fun!

  15. This game is the perfect gift to give for Christmas. I can see the kids enjoying hours of fun with it.

  16. That looks like a great selection of games!!!!
    Peanuts is so popular now, but the others look super fun! Wish we lived close, I would love to come have game night with you guys!!!


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