Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Easy Home Renovations to Try This Winter

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When the cold, dark nights appear, it’s time to retreat into the comfort of your home and enjoy the pleasures of the season. That said, your home might need a bit of a makeover for it to inspire the festive feelings you want. Below are five ways you can improve your home. 

Paint the rooms

Does your home feel a little bit mundane these days? That’s not how you want it to feel over the festive season, quite the opposite. The good news is you don’t have to buy expensive furniture from the local antique shop to give your home a new atmosphere, all you need is some paint.

Painting your rooms a new color livens them up and keeps them relevant to how you feel at that point in your life. If you don’t want to paint the entire room, why not paint an accent wall instead. Even on the driest days of winter, there is usually time to open windows to dry the paint. 

Update the tiles

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and ambitious, why not take a look at tile work. Many people have splashback tiles in their bathrooms and kitchens; others use tiles for floors and patios. Tiles are a little more challenging to work with than paint, but they offer excellent results.

Consider changing the backsplash tiles in your bathroom this winter. There are some lovely tiles designs to choose from, so you will have no shortage of options. Tiles can be replaced with ones that have patterns, or you could hire someone to install a mosaic tile arrangement.  

Replace the doors

Doors are another easy way to renovate your home this winter and improve your energy efficiency at the same time. Replacing a front door is an excellent way to draw some positive attention to your home over the festive period, improve security and keep the heat in.

But the front door isn’t the only one you could pay attention to as the temperatures drop. Why not replacing sliding doors at the back of your home and install French doors instead. The latest French doors are more energy-efficient than sliding doors with thicker frames and glass. 

Add insulation

On the subject of energy efficiency, it makes sense to follow the trends that aim to reduce carbon emissions and avoid a 1.5-degree rise in global temperatures. A rise of this magnitude would create havoc in the North and the South with extreme weather, conflict, and shortages.

There are plenty of ways you can play your part, first by installing a smart thermostat to monitor and control your energy usage automatically, then by reducing the quantity of energy wastage by improving the insulation in your home. Of course, one of the best kinds of insulation is injection foam.   

Update your lighting

If you replace incandescent bulbs in the main rooms of your home, you’re living in the past. Incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient, they are also more expensive to buy than LED, and they don’t last as long. Make this winter the time to upgrade your lighting for the future.

LED lights are now the most popular form of internal lighting. LED lights are bright and reliable, they are also far cheaper to run, and they last twice as long as incandescent bulbs. Of course, it might require the services of an electrician, but this is worthwhile when you see the savings. 


  1. I usually end up painting a room or two over the winter.

  2. Great tips! I really want to replace our doors but keep putting it off for some reason. Maybe this will be the winter we do it!

  3. I actually love renovating our house, but for now I will choose to change the color and the lightning of our bedroom. Thanks for the tips!

  4. We have wanted to paint our house for months! Maybe this will help motivate us to jump and do it.. thanks..

  5. We've done a lot of this in the last two years. New windows, shutters, floors, lighting and we're going to do more next year. All paid for too. That's the best part.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

  6. I cant believe winter is here. I need to do some home improvements. I think I will start with the tiles and lightning

  7. Yes, my home feels mundane these days, especially in this season. I need to do more paintings

  8. Great tips here. I would love to repaint my bedroom and work more on the lighting

  9. I admit, I'd rather do home renovations in the summer, but I'm always game for freshening up a room with a new coat of paint any time of the year.

  10. Hhhhmmmm....updating the tiles is the most logical one, for me to do. Most especially, those in my bathroom.

  11. Always good to give a home a fresh feel and a new look. There are some really sound suggestions here that don't cost too much x

  12. This is wonderful for people who enjoy renovating - however, I'm not one of those ;-) I'm super-lazy when it comes to renovating so that I entirely leave it to the pros ;-)

  13. I've been deep cleaning, since I'm in between jobs yet again. Well I'm still teaching a class, but it's only one night a week.

  14. Nice ideas for renovating. My own go-to idea would be wall-papers if painting is not feasible.


  15. I love to renew, if it were up to me I would do it more often at home as I will not try your suggestions!


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