Wednesday, September 8, 2021

3 Great Hot Dog Toppings For A Prolonged Summer

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It appears we are having a long summer, but I'm not complaining. Are you? How or why it seems that way, I don't know, but don’t just sit there and question it, get in your backyard and grill up some hot dogs. Enjoy this prolonged summer while it lasts. We’re going to show you some of the best hot dog toppings around. Hot dogs are the quintessential American fast food option. Nowhere else in the world do they do it, quite like they do it in America when it comes to hot dogs. There are lots of cultures that eat sausages in buns, such as the UK, Spain, France and Mexico, but the American versions do still hold a universal appeal.

The classic

Do you know what the classic American hot dog is like? No, it's not the usual ketchup and mustard, it's chili! Making homemade hot dog chili is simple and easy, best of all you know what has gone into it. But what is a chili dog? It's a hot dog that is topped with chili con carne and sometimes chili sauce. This sauce is mainly coney sauce but you can choose what you like. It's a lot like sloppy joes in a bun and it's even sometimes used as the sauce to top burgers. It's messy so make sure you have a napkin or a knife and fork. You can of course go all out and add cheese to your chili or put it on top of the chili dog and put it underneath a grill to melt it.

The Mexican

Mexican foods have a great influence and history on American cuisine. Without a doubt, it's the most loved cuisine in the land, second only to southern comfort food maybe. The Mexican hot dog is simple and it's delicious. It's topped with pimento cheese, avocado and salsa. The spicy salsa goes very well with the hot dog and the avocado makes each bite creamy and filling. The pimento cheese is an option and you can go without it, but it's one of the classic Mexican melting cheeses that goes so well with tacos, that you have to try it on your hot dog as well.

Bacon and beans

There's not much that hasn’t been tried when it comes to hot dogs and one of the best experiments involved bacon and beans. Everyone loves bacon and with beans that have been cooked in tomato sauce or poured on top, it makes for a bit of a mouthful. But each bit is juicy, crunchy, a little salty and just feels comforting. You can choose your favorite type of bacon and add some beans of your choice. Maybe oak smoked bacon and spicy beans with chili paprika?

There is any number of toppings you could choose for your hot dog but we think these are the top 3. The Mexican is great for those that want a hot dog slash taco, and the chili dog is just a classic you have to try.


  1. I so love a good hotdog, but hotdogs don't like me one bit anymore. It's not fair.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  2. Jason and Allison only eat mustard on their hotdogs. When I ate them, I was a ketchup and mustard kind of girl.


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