Friday, September 3, 2021

7 Easy Tips For Saving Money On Groceries

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Buying groceries can be expensive, and with household finances being squeezed in many different ways, it is only natural that people are looking for ways to cut costs on grocery shopping to help them save money.

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Buying In Bulk

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your grocery shopping is to buy in bulk. If you can not afford to buy bulk purchases, it can be helpful to split the cost with other people so you can benefit from reduced costs.

It is easier to store canned goods and toiletries items such as toilet rolls and shampoo if you bulk buy on offer. Cupboard goods such as spices, sauces, or buying nuts in bulk can help you reduce the cost, as can storing fresh or frozen foods if you have the capacity.

Look Lower

Supermarkets typically put the foods and brands they want you to buy at eye level. If it is within easy reach and your one of sight, chances are you will be more likely to purchase it. Check out the ower shelves where you can find different brands, usually at lower prices.

Shop Around

If you have access to a car, it can be worthwhile shopping around at different stores to get the best prices. Take advantage of different offers in stores to reduce your grocery bill. You will soon get a feel for the different prices at each store and know what is best to buy and where.

Pay in Cash

If you have a set grocery budget, take the amount you have in cash to spend so you won't be tempted to go over budget. After all, you cannot buy extra if you only have limited cash on you.

Shop By Weight

Comparing prices by weight or quantity can help you assess if something really is a good deal if they are trying to get you to spend more. Compare different products and brands for the kilo price, which can usually be found on the price ticket on the shelf. If you are buying something like toilet rolls, check the price per roll to see the best price.

Use A Calculator

If you add up what you are spending as you put things into your basket or cart, then you can stick to your budget and know exactly what you can afford at any one time. This can remove any accidental overspending.

Shop Online

When shopping online, you will likely come across fewer offers to distract you from what you need. You can also see the cost of your shopping as you go, so you know how much you are spending. Plus, you can browse and assess the costs of products easier and look for cheaper alternatives.

The most important thing to remember when trying to save money on groceries is that you need to get creative with shopping. A limited budget can be challenging but not impossible. Knowing how to shop more effectively can help you to save money and reduce your outgoings.


  1. I always look lower and purchase generic brands for most things. Also, I like to "shop the edges" as that's usually your more natural foods such as fresh produce and it tends to be cheaper.

  2. Hi Rosie ... great ideas ... and try and eat fruits and vegetables in season, and not buy packaged meals ... and eat heathily ... and off smaller plates ... just be careful with everything you buy, don't throw anything away ... if you've some ground - grow some vegetables if you can. All the best - prices are going up ... have a good weekend - Hilary

  3. I am very glad that it is now required that our prices include a notation about price per kilo. Checking that single figure has saved us a lot of money.

  4. I do bulk buy some items. I also buy different things in different shops. It's amazing the price differences in some places for specific products.

  5. Buying prepackaged vs by weight is a great way of saving money as you can buy exactly what you want and generally the price per kg is the same x

  6. Online shopping works really well for me when it comes to cost saving. I have my lists and my various suppliers and thats what I buy!

  7. I agree, my grocery shopping bill is quite high so these tips are going to save me money esp checking out the different brands and looking out for other shops

  8. I also never go shopping when I am hungry - or I am too tempted to grab snacks or whatever I am craving.

  9. These tips are really very useful. I usually spend too much in buying groceries I will have to use your tips to save up money

  10. Shop by weight! I never thought of this before now! Thank you so much for the amazing tips.

  11. Making a weekly meal list has helped me stick to a strict grocery list so I don't tend to buy extra stuff we don't need. Idk how much food I've thrown out over the years because I bought something thinking we'd use it, then it would expire before we did. The list helps me plan exactly what I need each week so I'm not throwing money in the garbage when we toss the expired foods.


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