Friday, April 30, 2021

Subtle Ways To Add Color to Your House

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Whether you’re looking for a burst of colors or a more subdued living space, there are practical and easy ways you can fulfill your wishes. Ranging from buoyant and in-your-face colors to warm and relaxing colors, there are many creative options that’ll transform your house into whatever you want.

Have a Collection of Tableware

If you’re not an overly girly woman, you always want your living space to look neutral – from your wall paints, furniture to clothing. However, neutral colors may take away beauty and interest from your house, leaving it dull and rather nonliving.

One way to add some color to your living space is by having a collection of tableware with varying patterns, designs, and colors. For example, consider a funny mug with colored exciting writings or multicolored plates to spice up your kitchen.

On the other hand, if you wish to make your space more colorful, look for tableware with festive colors like red and yellow that complement existing colors in your house.

Although somewhat out of sight, you can rely on the duality of crockery to maintain neutrality and make a room more interesting through bright colors and patterns.

Pattern curtains

Believe it or not, the first impression people have of your house is through your curtains. However, people seldom think about the effect curtains have on an area's overall aesthetic and mood.

So to speak, curtains make a strong statement as an extension of your walls and windows. They’re an easy way to liven up your interior décor without going all out, particularly if you wish to add color in small portions.

If you’re unsure which curtains to install, consider pattern curtains. They are a safe option for beginners that easily match with almost anything. Besides, pattern curtains are sophisticated, adding style and texture to your living area. 

Wall Art

Nothing reflects your personality in a space more than art. Whether you’re a bold or neutral person, you’re bound to find art that’ll add a pop of color to your room.

Contemplate a collection of art from color paintings, murals to photos you can hang on your otherwise bare walls to elevate the appearance and mood of your living space. 

The more colorful the art, the better, notably if the rest of your house lacks color. By contrast, if your space has bold colors, consider a minimalistic approach by having less colorful art like black and white portraits or monochrome art.

In-House Plants

Bring nature indoors by placing various plants in your house. The trick is to have few plants in separate areas to maximize space and double their benefits.

With the many ways to add color to your house, a combination of plants and flowers is an effortless way to blend colors while boosting fresh air in your space. 

It’d be best to have your plants on the floor and flowers in colorful vases on elevated areas like kitchen counters and coffee tables.

Color in your living space will benefit you in two significant ways; it’ll impact your moods and make your room more vibrant and stylish. You don’t have to plaster your walls and floors with color. Instead, use cost-effective means like those above to add color in controlled doses.


  1. It's ever so easy to add some color. We did it with oil paintings and silk flowers. What a difference it made.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. Make sure that the things you feature are things that you love - that way the room will always be harmonious. Even when the elements are not.

  3. I've just started trying my luck at keeping house plants alive. They do add some fun color to the decor. I just hope I don't kill them all LOL

  4. My house has tons of color! I love color. My living room and red and brown for the most part. The kitchen is red, green, and yellow. We have a bright yellow hallway. My bedroom is antique green, and red-orange with gold on top.

  5. I like art for added color myself.

  6. I'm really hoping that my next apartment will have enough light to allow me to have indoor plants. My current home is so dark nothing stays alive inside. Thanks for all the great tips.


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