Saturday, February 13, 2021

Choosing Your Living Room Colors

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Ready to change things up for the new year? With all the restrictions on travel, you will probably be spending

more time at home. This makes it the perfect time to redecorate your living room. 

Choosing the right colors for your living room is very important as it can make this room more inviting. The colors

in the room contribute to the overall look and feel of the room.

Here’s a look at what you need to bear in mind when decorating so that you can choose the perfect color palette.

Choosing a Color

One of the tricks that many interior architects use is to look at the color of the largest pattern in a living room. Maybe it’s

the color of a pattern from your sofa, or maybe even a large painting. Whatever it is, the color of the largest pattern is a

good place to start. 

Creating this point of reference for your color selection will help you to make the right decisions about

all the other colors that you want to use in your living room.

Go from Dark to Light

Save all the dark colors you want to use for the floor. This means you should choose tiles and rugs

that are of a darker tone. For your walls, you can go with medium colors and use light values on your


Using this simple guide of going from dark to light will help you to choose the right colors and create a

uniform appearance.

Think About the Lighting

When choosing a paint color you have to think about how it interacts with lights. Paint interacts in

different ways with different types of lighting. Daylight, incandescent lighting, and fluorescent lighting

all have a different impact on how the color of your paint looks.

Natural daylight will show off the true tones in any paint color. While incandescent lighting will bring out more warm tones and

yellows in any color you choose. Florescent lighting on the other hand will bring out a lot of blue tones

in any color.

This means that when you are choosing a color you need to think about how it will look in daylight

and how it will look with the types of light that you use at night. Many paint stores have light boxes,

so before selecting a color make sure you check it under a lightbox. This will give you a better idea of

how the paint will interact with light.

Test Your Color

Before you fully commit to a color it is perfectly acceptable to test it. You can test it on a poster board,

or a large wall.

Doing a test beforehand will give you the confidence you may need to fully roll out the color on all of

the walls in your living room.

Get Started

Now that you know exactly how to go about choosing a color scheme for your living room you are ready

to get started on the project. 

When deciding on a color make sure that it reflects the mood you want to bring to the space. This will

make all the difference in how you feel about the finished look.


  1. Redecorating? Shudder. Only the thought of moving horrifies me more - despite the fact that there are things which NEED doing. Like carpet replacement. And painting.

  2. I'm getting ready to change out my living room color. After almost 15 years looking at the same shade, I'm ready for a change.

  3. Whew.. don't get me started on this.My fiance' is a pinter.. he gets some nightmarish cutomers.

  4. Love this post and we just bought a new home and painted the entire house. These are all great tips and appreciate you sharing and will keep these tips in mind the next time I paint as I may change up some colors :)

  5. Living room color thats really i need it now. I was planning to change my living room color. Thanks for sharing.

  6. My lounge actually needs a redecoration at the moment, it is quite neutral and getting a bit tired looking. I'm considerign a teal colour for a feature wall.

  7. I want to change my room color to green. I already talk to my hubby about this idea. I need some fresh and cozy room.

  8. Thats good tips for me as I have bought a new house and soon they will hand over. I need to select the colouring properly.

  9. My bedroom needs a redecoration at the moment. Your tips of choosing colour for living room is great. Any ideas for bedroom!

  10. I'm glad I read this because we were thinking of using a dark color for the walls. Now I know it's the wrong decision!

  11. I am getting ready to change the color of my living and bed rooms. I will be doing the painting this summer.

  12. Good to think about lighting, as sometimes you may end up hating what comes out if you don't.

  13. We are starting a new project in our home,I’m so glad i came across this blog post!

  14. What a great post on living room colors. I think that light colors are the best but that's me.


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