Monday, July 27, 2020

Would You Rather? The Grown Up Version.

Jet Ski or Paddle Board? Right now, my oldest grandbabe would definitely say jet ski,
though she has recently done both (with an adult, of course)!
Little things amuse me. Right now, I'm sitting here thinking of a Would You Rather game, for adults. This is the game I hate my youngest son to bring up and try to play because it always ends up with something gross/icky coming into play. This is a grandma-rated version of the same game, and I'll keep it short. It does seem most people have a hard preference for these things though, and I think that is interesting. While some people love mustard, others hate it and only like honey mustard...deep dish, original or thin crust, mayo or absolutely not...that kind of simple, but important-to-the-person -at-the-time kind of thing.

1. The Bed. Do you prefer a blanket, quilt or comforter? 
I prefer a comforter. They feel comforting to me (lol). I just like to snuggle down under a soft, multi-layered comforter and peacefully drift off to sleep. Quilts are pretty, and I might like one on display, especially if I, or someone I love, put a lot of work into making one, but when it comes to sleeping, they are not for me. Blankets have only one layer, and that is sometimes appealing to me, so they are my second favorite, but I'd take a comforter over a blanket almost every time.

2. The Hands. Do you prefer (oops, I should probably be saying, Would you Rather?) the soap you 
wash your hands with to be liquid, foaming, or bar? If my hands are working-on-a-car dirty, I'd say bar soap, but that next to never happens here, not since the grown boys moved out of the house, and I think keeping a bar of soap on the sink is also messy, so that one is out for me. I really don't like foaming soap at all. I'm not sure why. Maybe it just doesn't feel sturdy enough for me. So liquid soap it is... lately I've been trying different scents (as opposed to just SoftSoap, which I really like) and Beautiful Day from Bath & Body Works is my favorite at the moment. It smells so yumscrumptialicious and it works well too.

3. Pictures or videos? It really does seem that people either prefer taking pictures, or taking videos to preserve precious memories. I like both, but I'm definitely a picture person through and through. I always say photos are my favorite souvenir (and it's true), and I have fifty-bazillion-eleven pictures of my kids and grandkids. There was a point when I thought I should slow down, but nah...hasn't happened. Though I do try to be more careful about printing twenty-eleven of them at a time (unless a new baby is here, then all bets are off, and I'm printing fifty-billion-twenty-eleven pics and loving every one of them).

4. Jewelry or not really? People seem to gravitate one way or the other towards jewelry. Either they reach for it daily, like some of us do a hairbrush (and I'm sure they reach for one of those too), or they wear it only on rare occasions. I fall into the latter category, and while I am not at all adverse to jewelry, I rarely to never consider buying it, and the same for wearing it. I'm not sure why... I like it. I just don't bother with it.

5. And to keep it short and sweet, I'll do one more... cold a/c or nope. I have two kids who keep it like the arctic in their homes and two who like it 'normal' or what I consider to be normal, which is 77-79-degrees. Too much air conditioning makes me feel like I am catching a cold. My nose even runs. I like it moderate...not too hot, not too cold, so the aforementioned temps are just right for me. Seems people have a strong opinion on this one, one way or the other.

And that's all for now. :) Answer, or don't play along... I don't mind either way. I'm just goofing around, writing this in between work I'm doing online today. :)  Wishing you all a Happy Monday.


  1. Pictures over videos.
    Earrings and not a lot of other jewellery.
    I MUCH prefer it on the cool side.
    A feather doona to snuggle under. Blankets are too heavy.
    Liquid soap - but I will use any of them.

  2. 1. Blanket.
    2. Foaming.
    3. Both, actually.
    4. It depends on my mood.
    5. COLD (I live in Nevada).
    This was fun!

  3. This is so cute I do not know the difference between quilt, comforter or blanket but I use a comforter I think. This is a fun game to play with the little kids or adults sometimes.

  4. Well I do like it cold, but I am with you on the soft soap!

  5. Great answers. That's a cute idea especially in these times. I need to get my two grandkids together for this.

  6. This is fun! I have our home set to 76 and my husband says it's way too hot! But it makes sure the bill isn't 300+!

  7. 1. Blanket
    2. Liquid
    3. Neither. Don't depend on me for either one. We're both terrible at pictures or videos
    4. No really. I only wear my wedding band
    5. I'm for moderate too. We keep our cooler on 79 in the summer.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  8. I live in Arizona, I only use a sheet during the summer, and then a light blanket followed by a comforter. My favorite is when it is chilly in the room and cuddled up with the comforter. Liquid soap for sure! I love video! Don't like or wear jewelry, AC is a must here in Phoenix. I keep it at 78 in the evening and 81 during the day, along with my ceiling fan going.

  9. That's a fun idea.
    Comforter, liquid, I take video and my wife takes pictures - covers both, just a wedding band for both of us, and we like it cold, baby, cold!

  10. 1) Comforter
    2) Liquid soap
    3) pictures
    4) Not really on jewelry
    5) It depends on the a/c. I used to keep it at 78, but not I've bumped it down to 76.

  11. This is a fun one!
    Minimal.. wedding rings and a necklace.
    Yes, AC at 72.

  12. 1. Absolutely Blanket
    2. Soap and bar
    3. Pictures as always
    3. Yeah i love minimal kewelry
    5. Hot all my life, i want an eternal summer

  13. This looks fun and i think we had almost the same preference in terms of these things! It's amazing!

  14. Hehe....blankets over everything else and no jewellery, of course.

  15. This is fun! I love my comforter, foaming soap, either one, and I don't wear hardly any jewelry. (I always tell my husband he lucked out on that one lol) Oh, and I get cold easily, but my husband's always hot so we bicker about temps.

  16. I prefer: (1) comforter, (2) liquid soap, (3) pictures, (4) wearing jewellery, (5) mild AC, I hate being cold!

  17. I'd love to play along. :)
    I love jewelry
    AC only in the summer

  18. oh wow. 77-79 is normal? i definitely would be needing AC in your house for my health. LOL.

  19. What a great fun ideas. Love it. Thanks for sharing

  20. This is really fun! I love doing would you rather. My kids do this a lot too.

    1. Comforter
    2. Liquid
    3. Pictures
    4. No jewelry
    5. All depends. I don't like it to cold, but I do like some ac.

  21. 1) Blanket
    2) Liquid Soap
    3) Pictures
    4) Wedding Ring
    5) Yes, AC at 76

  22. Great answers.nice post.Thanks for sharing.

  23. I am not a jewelry person and I love pictures more. But videos are more fun!

  24. 1) Both
    2) Liquid soap
    3) Both
    4) jewelry
    5) It depends on the a/c.

  25. 1.Blanket
    3.Both, I don't mind.
    This was actually fun.

  26. 1. Comforter.
    2. Liquid
    3. Pictures.
    4. Jewelry
    5. Cold if it is really hot out, otherwise, not.

  27. Blanket, bar soap, jewelry, pictures. cold

  28. Blanket, bar soap, pictures, normal temps, dark chocolate. I had to get that in.

  29. Blanket. Liquid soap. pictures. Normal temp. We turn the AC on when it's super hot but I don't like it cold. lol!

  30. I still sleep with a heavy blanket on even in the summer lol -Emily-

  31. Gah! I don't think my answer went through. So here we'll try again:

    1- 2 blankets every night. The first on my body has to be a yarn knit blanket. The second a regular blanket on top of that.

    2- Foaming. Jason only likes the foaming kind, so I had to adapt. The one in the container attached to our kitchen sink is liquid though.

    3- Definitely pictures. I never go back and watch video, but I hang our photos around the house, so I always see those.

    4- No to jewelry. I hate having it on my body. I hardly wear my wedding rings either. I don't even know where they are half the time because I get irritated with them on my hands, take them off, and leave them wherever I am at the time.

    5- In house temp I like at around 75. Outside about 82. Jason runs hot, so if he could get it to snow in the house, he would. He'd keep the house in igloo condition if he could.

  32. 1. Comforter for the win!
    2. Foaming
    3. Pictures
    4. No Jewelry
    5. Cold a/c

    I don't think anything has changed for me from my childhood to now!

  33. We almost have the same choices! When you grow up, all you need is comfort and relaxation!

  34. now those are questions i can get down with lol


  35. I just go with the blanket, others I find too heavy.
    Bar soap, as feel like it does the trick better, but yeah, is more messy.
    I like both, but pics win the day.
    And room temp is fine, but in winter, heat is cranked.


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