Thursday, March 14, 2024

CatLadyBox: A Subscription Box for Cat Lovers

Disclosure: I received a sample or a discount code to use towards purchase of the product. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

CatLadyBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a small box of useful and/or very cute items to your door each and every month, for as long as you choose to subscribe. Inside, you will find items for the cat lovers and the cats as well. 

This month's box is photographed above. You can see that in addition to the cute box it is shipped in that announces your monthly surprise package has arrived, you also get things like:
  • Meow sturdy pink case for cosmetics or whatever you want to put in there.
  • "This is my Cat Cuddling Sweatshirt" sweatshirt.
  • 4 cork coasters with cute cat sayings on them like, "Always dance like the red light is out of reach..."
  • 2 catnip cat toys (a 'cattitude' crinkly plush journal and a kick toy).
  • Paw-romise Ring- Adjustable cat paw print silver ring.
You can choose a Cat Lady Box with just items for the cat lady of the house, or one like I have above that has items for both the cat and catnip toys for the cat lover.

What a Great Birthday Gift Idea!

My oldest granddaughter is a 'cat girl' and rest assured, I do mean cat girl. She has cat clothes, cat ears, a cat tail she wears on occasion (if you look very carefully, you can see it above), cat sheets to sleep on, a cat blanket, cat board games... I could go on. She just LOVES cats.

Her birthday is coming up and I thought a subscription to the CatLadyBox would be perfect for her. With new items coming every month for her and her cat, this will be something fun she gets to look forward to each month, starting with her birthday month.

Who is the Cat Lover You Know?

Maybe you know a cat lover who would appreciate the Cat Lady Subscription Box (birthday, Mother's Day, any day!). Or maybe, the person who would love this is you! Whatever the case, this is a delightfully fun subscription box that is an easy gift idea for those who love their sweet felines.

How Does it Work?

You have several options to choose from if you decide to purchase a CatLadyBox. There is an option to get a box with items for just you, or you can choose a box that is a mix of items for you and your cat.

You can choose a 1, 3, or 6-month option. The more you order, the less the subscription price.

What does it cost? There are options for this as well. Boxes start at $34.99 a month. Free shipping to USA, $12.99 shipping to Canada.

If you like what you see, you can order at:
A portion of the proceeds go to various cat shelters.


  1. Goodies for mom and the kitties. That's the way to go. I need to check this out.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  2. My wife was overjoyed when she received her first CatLadyBox, filled with unique cat-themed goodies that made both her and our feline friends purr with happiness. Every month, she eagerly anticipates the arrival of the box, which has brought a delightful spark of joy and whimsy into our home. It's become a cherished ritual for her, unwrapping each item with a smile, surrounded by our curious cats who are just as excited as she is.

  3. Sounds like such a fun subscription box, especially as there are some bits for the cat as well as some bits for you. My cats are my world so I might need to have a look into this x

  4. What a clever idea. This cat lover's subscription box would be a great gift for my niece (she's the biggest cat lover I know!). Looks like a good deal. Stephanie

  5. omg this is my kind of box, I love it!!! I am a huge cat lover and have a ton of cat toys for our little brat lol

  6. I have to get this for my sister's birthday. I swear, she is one cat away from officially being a crazy cat lady. LOL. Thanks fo rthis!

  7. What a cute box of goodies. I am a huge cat lover, I know a few people who would really love to receive something like this!

  8. My neighbor is a huge cat lover, and this would be an awesome surprise to gift her the cat lady box subscription! Her and her cats will adore it!

  9. This is so cute! My cats are my babies so I love that little cat toys are included. And I’m obsessed with that cat sweatshirt!

  10. The CatLadyBox looks like the purr-fect subscription for any feline fanatic! I will tell my niece about the CatLadyBox subscription. She has 3 cats and I know loves to have this.

  11. I love the idea of receiving a monthly surprise filled with adorable goodies for both me and my fur baby. Plus, knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes to cat shelters makes it even more appealing.

  12. Such beautiful things. I'm a cat lover, I like things that have cat logos, they're very adorable.

  13. We have two cats in the house. Thanks for sharing about this gift subscription box. I'll def look into it.

  14. This would be an amazing gift for my friend, there are some things that her cat would love.

  15. I tried a CatLady box many years ago. There were so many cute things in that box. And your box was great -- I really want that "cat cuddling sweatshirt". Adorable! We have two cats and I will have to do another subscription.

  16. My friend has two cats and would love this box of goodies!

  17. I find the concept of Cat Lady Boxes intriguing. They offer a fun and unique way to spoil you and your feline friend with themed goodies each month!

  18. This is such a great subscription box! I am passing this read along to my friend who has a few cats.

  19. I've definitely turned into a crazy cat lady. This box speaks to me!

    1. LOL who knew these things would happen as we got a little more 'seasoned'??? It's like myths coming to life right before our eyes (in my case, at least, we were always dog people... and still are). I blame my granddaughter, we babysat hers once when she was on vacation and my son fell in love. I know you are a dog lover too. :)

  20. This is a great subscription box. I have six cats and this sounds perfect for me.

  21. I may have to order this box for my mom as she loves her cat! I would love it too and I love all of the items you got in the box!

  22. My cat Mongo would love this. Hello Rosey. I hope you're doing fine.


  23. It includes everything except cats.

  24. Wow, what an adorable subscription box! I love how it's not just for the cat, but for the cat lover too. That "This is my Cat Cuddling Sweatshirt" sounds like something I'd wear all the time, especially on cozy nights in with my furry friends. And those catnip toys? Genius! My cats would go crazy for those.

    Thinking about getting this for my niece's birthday. She's a total cat enthusiast, just like your granddaughter. This would be such a unique and thoughtful gift for her. Plus, the idea of receiving a surprise box every month sounds like so much fun!

    The pricing options are pretty flexible too. Starting at $34.99 a month isn't too bad, especially considering the joy it'll bring every time a new box arrives. And knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes to cat shelters makes it even better.

    Definitely going to check out CatLadyBox and maybe even treat myself to a subscription as well! Thanks for sharing this awesome find!


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