Sunday, April 30, 2023

My Custom Scent Samples Helps Me Find Perfumes I Know I Will Love


Enjoying my samples from My Custom Scent

I like to try samples of perfume before I decide which ones I'd like to purchase. This is helpful because it saves me money (blind buying is not for me). It also allows me to spend some time with fragrances for more than one application (to see if I really am going to long-term enjoy them).

Jean Paul Gaultier has this line of fragrances called Scandal. There is the original that I knew I didn't want, even though I have never smelled it. It's heavy on honey and I'm not super big on that perfume note.  Then, there are flankers, or spin-offs and some of those really did appeal to me, just from reading about them.

I researched online and got it down to the 2 that I most wanted to try. Then I went to the My Custom Scent website to see if they sold them. Of course they did!! They have others I want to try too, but these were the ones I ordered on that particular day, and then I waited for them to show up on my doorstep.

"So Scandal" I read repeatedly in reviews, smells like gummy bears. Oh yep, I wanted to try that one. And "Scandal Le Parfum" was said in customer reviews, to smell like Hypnotic Poison. Yep, I wanted to try that one. I love Hypnotic Poison. Both of the rumors were false, or at least they were false to me.

You can get your samples from My Custom Scent in different sizes. Above you see I received the "So Scandal" in 2ml and the "Scandal Le Parfum" in 5ml. These are the perfect sizes for tucking into your purse or travel bag and taking with you on the go. They're especially great for vacations where you fly on an airplane because you don't have to worry about your expensive fragrance getting lost, broken, or confiscated (but you still get to smell good).

The "So Scandal" the one that was supposed to smell like gummy bears, did NOT smell anything like gummy bears to me. It did smell good though. A nice blend of 3 white florals, but without the harsh traditional white flower scent. It smelled expensive and well-blended. Very pretty. And while I'm happy to have the sample, it wasn't the one I wanted to purchase a full-sized bottle of (thank you My Custom Scent for making it so easy to try).

The Scandal Le Parfum sample (the bigger of the two spray samples I ordered) was supposed to smell like Dior's Hypnotic Poison. Again, the rumors were false (for me). I don't think this smells anything like HP. I do think it smells delicious though. Delicious enough to buy a full-sized bottle. And look at that box! Red Velvet. 

This fragrance is heavy on the vanilla, but not your typical vanilla. It's black vanilla. Much darker than what you usually come across in a scent with that note. It also has caramel, Jasmine, and some leather notes. What I smell is salted caramel and black vanilla. Period. And I love it!! 

I have been a huge gourmand lover from day one, always favoring sweet scents. This one is not at all juvenille, in fact, it's downright sensuous and worthy of the name 'Scandal.' The bottle screams weekend with the legs kicked up in the air. Reminds me of a girl who's ready to go dancing!

I love this new fragrance in my collection, and I appreciate that I was 100% certain making the purchase because I had already tested my samples from My Custom Scent.

Is there a fragrance you've been wanting to try? Check out to order a sample of it and try it before you buy it. Whether you love it or not, you'll probably be very glad you tested it first.


  1. I love having the option of ordering my favorite scents without a huge price tag. Plus, it allows me to sample new scents too.

  2. I love that you can get a small amount rather than having to buy the full size and decide you don’t like it.

  3. Man, I was hoping it WOULD smell like gummy bears! I'd probably buy a full size bottle of that if it did.


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