Tuesday, January 10, 2023

5 Tips To Help You Cope With Feeling Alone

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So far in life, I have been very lucky. I have never felt alone, not even during tough times. I have friends and family though, who haven't been so fortunate and so I have a soft heart for anyone who is feeling alone.  Today I am collaborating with someone who has some tips to help you cope if you're not feeling on top of the world today.

Whether you’ve moved to a new town or aren’t as close with your friends and family as you used to be, you might be experiencing loneliness. Even if you have plenty of friends, there could still be a disconnect where you feel like you don’t have anything in common with them. Loneliness can be an awful sensation, and it can lead to many mental health struggles, so how can you cope with loneliness?

Try New Things 

There’s no point in wasting your free time and spending all your time indoors if you’re feeling lonely. You cannot wait for life to happen to you, and if you want to change your situation, you need to get out and do something.

While this is intimidating, it can help you meet new people and encounter new and exciting experiences that could introduce you to something fun that and help alleviate your feelings of loneliness.

Write And Create 

There’s a reason why writing is such a popular hobby even if you don’t get anything published or seen by people other than yourself. Writing allows you to explore your feelings and get ideas and thoughts onto a page. This lets you work through your emotions differently and offers a brand new perspective you’d have otherwise missed.

Reach Out 

Just because you’re lonely doesn't mean you need to feel lonely forever. It’s natural for friends to drift apart, but if you want to spend more time with those you love, you can always reach out to old friends to see if they want to catch up. If you’ve moved to somewhere completely different, you may have friends happy to put you in contact with people they know. Although this can be a little awkward, and nothing is set in stone, it still helps you get out of the house and meet people.

<Adopting a pet from the shelter is a fantastic way to ease feelings of loneliness. There are few things better than getting home to an excited dog wagging its tail, eager to jump up at you, but it’s more than unconditional love. Taking the dog for a walk will introduce you to other dog walkers and you’ll slowly build a community that you can rely on, meaning there’s always something to look forward to when you step outside the house.

Find Support Resources

Sometimes, people find themselves alone through various circumstances they wish they could have controlled or approached better. They find themselves in scenarios where friends and family have abandoned them, and they might worry about how they will get by. Working with services like https://embracegrace.com/ can provide crucial support, especially for new parents who lack a partner to share the load.

Summing Up

Loneliness can affect anyone, no matter how old you are, what you do, or where you live. If you feel like you are becoming more isolated, these tips can help you beat loneliness and even gain a brand new outlook on life.


  1. I was also fortunate enough to stay with family during the quarantine period in 2020, so I wasn’t alone during that time. But now I live in my own house by myself and there are moments where I feel a little bit alone. Thankfully I don’t live too far from family when I want to talk and there’s other really good advise here too! Thank you for sharing!

    -Whitney Stewart

  2. This is very insightful and helpful, thank you so much....Talking about it actually helps a lot. I also love what you said about being creative, it makes sense!

  3. Moving and living abroad has made me realize that living alone does not equal loneliness although I have felt alone at times, there are ways to cope with it. Finding your support is important.

  4. These are all helpful tips. COping with loneliness is never easy but with the right strategies and with the right people around you, it makes it easier.

  5. Those are truly helpful tips you have shared. Loneliness can put a toll on you if not dealt with properly.

  6. All of these are great tips for preventing the loneliness feeling. Thanks for sharing these, they will come in handy to many.

  7. Such great tips! Thank you for sharing them!

  8. I think learning to love your own company is the key to happiness and acceptance. It really helps during those times of loneliness to not feel lonely and to know that it will pass.

  9. I actually love being alone. I love my own company. This year I decided to unfriend over half of my Facebook friends and cut toxic people out of my every day life. We're in Florida right now and I told Jason the best thing about being here away from everyone is that I nobody is calling me and expecting things from me. But I know that some people crave human interactions and these are great tips to help ease their burden of loneliness.


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