Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Garden Cartoon Series


We're super excited to see all of these new family-friendly shows coming out. This new one looks really cute to me.

“The Garden” is a Christ-centered children’s cartoon series aimed at teaching your kids the Gospel in a way they can understand. It features LENNY THE LION and LUCY THE LAMB—two best friends who work inside a magical garden where ANYTHING can grow! Each story revolves around them having to accomplish their goals by learning a Bible story or an original song. “The Garden” will take your kids right along on these adventures, too!

You can watch it on Pure Flix or Yippee! #TheGardenMIN


  1. It does look really cute! I like that the characters are fun and would help engage children in learning the Gospel.

  2. It looks so cute1 the art is absolutely lovely! I can't wait to actually need such shows for my baby. lyosha

  3. The characters look sweet, and a magical garden is something that triggers every child's imagination


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