Thursday, December 1, 2022

Phone Cases and Screen Protectors from Rhinoshield

Samples were provided to me. All opinions are genuine and my own.


I saw a report recently that said the top gift of the year will be technology related. That is actually no surprise to me, we do all love our technology. For many, that will be a phone, and whether you are buying or receiving, you want to make sure your investment is protected. 

Rhinoshield has a whole array of protective cases and screen protectors to help.

They have protection for just about every kind of device you own, and you can custom make them the way you want them to be. You can see how they look online before you buy it, such as in the photo above. You select your color and the side of the device you want to see in the case. The one above is clear. It's pretty for showing off the color of your phone if you fell in love with it (some people do buy a phone for the color, ahem, I'm somebody). 

In addition to clear cases, they have colored cases, decorated cases, specialty cases (like Van Gogh, NBA, Dragon Ball Z, Snoopy, etc.).

The most important things of course, are that the cases effectively protect your devices and that they last a long time. Rhinoshield understands that a phone case is something you expect to be able to take for granted. They ensure they deliver the quality that lets you know you can.

In addition to protective cases and screen protectors, Rhinoshield also sells gadgets to make your phones more convenient and functionable. They have grips of all sizes, including the extra large ones that I have grown really fond of having on my phone. 

How it works:

This patented design makes the RHINOSHIELD GRIP a breeze to operate, in contrast with difficult-to-open ring phone holders and other similar products. Attach it to the back of your device and slide it open for a comfortable phone grip. Then, simply slide it open within a second and you’ve got a phone hand holder! Withstanding over 200,000 usage tests, the GRIPMAX and GRIPMINI can both be propped up in any orientation making it a very handy companion for your daily life. It can also be reapplied, and customized to fit your style! Made of 85% recycled PET bottles.

Check out the Rhinoshield website 
to order the protection you need for your new electronics, 
or to give alongside those techie gifts, HERE.


  1. I am, ahem, somebody too. The funny thing ins, I bought a rose gold phone and you can't even see it with my maroon case on it LOL

    1. Yes, the rose gold!!! Mine is covered in a big black case, lol


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