Monday, December 5, 2022

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Fragrance Suggestions for the Gourmand Lovers

Note: Because all of these have, or will have individual reviews on the blog, I am turning off comments for this particular post. 



Gourmand, or sweet, edible smelling fragrances, are my favorite. It's what I know and what I love. Here are my Top 5 picks if you have these kind of perfume lovers on your holiday gift list as well. They are in no particular order. I love them all. 

1. Chabaud Lait de Biscuit - this is a light scent that smells like a light cherry (that's the almond) biscuit. It's so delicious. A warm, enveloping hug in a bottle.

Bonus Mention:
I only found out how much I loved this fragrance because
I ordered samples from The Perfumed Court
Definitely the place to visit to try before you buy.
Samples of all sizes, and a huge selection of fragrances to try.

2. Lancome La Nuit Tresor Nude - a little strong but not overpowering. I can smell the creamy vanilla and coconut. It does last all day and it smells so good! The diamond-shaped bottle is one of my favorites. Makes for a pretty holiday gift she'll love all year long.

3. Pinrose-Secret Genius - What I smell is the caramel, vanilla and white chocolate. This is a very sweet well-blended gourmand that gives me all the cozy feels. My favorite caramel ever since the first time I smelled it years ago.

Might I also suggest the Secret Genius candle and/or lotion? Yes, it's that good.

4. Amouage - Sunshine - it's called Sunshine but to me it's not just a summer scent. It's a rich blonde tobacco scent with a hefty touch of apricot jam. Nothing about this is normal or typical and it exudes luxury. This is the perfect luxe gift to give if you want to make her feel very special. 

5. This Minnie Mouse from the House of Sillage smells like raspberries and whipped cream. Couple that with the fact that it has one of the cutest bottles I've ever seen and you can see why this is a wonderful holiday gift idea. Adorned with over 100 Swarovski crystals and plated in 18k gold, this fragrance is pricey, but worth every cent. Comes in a beautiful Disney box too. Perfect for the Minnie Mouse lover or anyone who appreciates a high quality, sweet and delicious perfume.