Monday, December 19, 2022

Goki Makes Precious Toys for Kids!

Disclosure: I received samples. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Every single year for as long as I can remember, I've put candy in the kids' stockings. A lot in the grown kids and a little in the grandkids', but this year that's going to change. Actually, I was in the store and had all of the usual choices in my cart and I looked down and asked myself, 'why am I buying all of this candy?' Because that's what I've always done. What a dumb reason. So this year, I put all of the candy back (except the chocolate covered oranges, those stay for sentimental reasons) and am purchasing more practical, useful things that will last all year long. Big score if they're fun items too, like these wooden vehicles from Goki.

These Goki automobiles have moving wheels and they are made with untreated wood, so no chemicals for the little ones who are going to love to find these on Christmas morning. There's something special about these little cars, something that makes me feel happy, and everyone says the way something makes you feel is what you are going to remember. I believe that is true.

Gift a little slice of happy this year, with these precious wooden cars. Recommended for ages 1+

Goki has a very large selection of items to choose from for your holiday gift giving. I've always been a fan of these big handled wooden puzzles for kids. They're easy to put together, but still have that factor that makes the children have to concentrate just a little bit to get them situated the way they are supposed to fit. Out of my 4 grandbabes, 3 of them are 3 or under so making this kind of purchase is an easy buy. The kids come right to me when they come to visit, say their hellos (and give the best hugs ever), then they head right for the toys. Pretty sure they're going to be delighted when they see this one sitting under the Christmas Tree (a gift for all of them).

Why a puzzle? Most of us have puzzles in our childhood memories, and anyone who has done one can remember the satisfaction of putting that final piece in. Kids get that feeling with this one too. What seems super easy for us, can pose a bit of a challenge for the smallest members of our family, and the older kids will feel a sense of accomplishment when they reach over to help wiggle that last piece into place.

This wood puzzle from Goki is perfect for smaller hands because it has a nice big handle to place pieces. It is big and chunky so pieces won't get lost. The characters on it are colorful and appealing to all ages. It is made of material that virtually cannot be destroyed. AND, it is going to last forever so you can pass it along to another lucky child when the kids outgrow it or keep it to evoke warm childhood memories. This is the perfect holiday gift. 


Lions, dinos and games, oh my! The holidays just got a little sweeter for American children as German toymaker goki comes stateside with a US-based warehouse brimming with marvelous wooden toys. To narrow things down from its Holiday 2022 toy catalog that runs 160 pages long (!) goki revealed its favorite Top 12 wooden toys to order now from Amazon or at specialty toy and neighborhood gift stores [and these items shown came from that list]. Prices start at just $9.99!


The goki brand has evolved into specialty categories to help parents and grandparents choose the perfect toy for every age and stage: goki, goki nature, goki evolution. Rounding out the list of must-haves are two toys from the HOLZTIGER brand.


What’s a goki?

The toy company “goki” is short for Gollnest and Kiesel. In 1981, Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-RĂ¼diger Kiesel founded what is now the largest toy company in northern Germany. Four decades later American families no longer need a pocket full of euros or a passport to relish the incredible selection of artisan wooden toys from sustainable, European forestry. 


“We endeavor to manufacture as many products as possible in a recyclable way,” explains Marcel Martel, Goki America Inc. President. “We have set ourselves the ambitious and unique goal of banning the four plastics PVC, PU, ​​ABS and PS from all our toys and replacing them with environmentally friendly alternatives. Our brands goki and HOLZTIGER are synonymous with qualitative growth in every respect: We have planted 400,000 trees to date. We cannot know who will use them one day, but we hope they will do so in our spirit.”


About goki

The award-winning and leading toy company from Germany is now available in the United States! Goki America is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and hosts its warehousing in Charlotte, NC here the shelves are brimming with well-known and high-quality brands goki, HOLZTIGER and goki baby. Also new for American consumers is a US product line which includes a new tractor, farm puzzles and mare. The goki tradition of creating high-quality, sustainable and eco-friendly products remains its highest priority to a new American audience. Discover for yourself at


  1. There are so many wonderful toys for the little ones.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  2. I love these so much! Old school toys like this are great for promoting creativity and imagination.

  3. The toy cars are so adorable. I never heard of Goki toys but now I know what I am buying for my niece’s baby shower!

  4. I love the style of their toys! They are so simple!

  5. I have not heard of Goki before but I love what they offer. Their toys are cute and I also love that they are practical. Definitely perfect for a stocking stuffer!

    Maureen |

  6. Toys are a very important and one of the most fun part of kid's life. And having such fun toys like this is great.

  7. These cars are so cute! We also did only one thing of candy for the stockings and a few other toys. My boys have been watching Rubiks Cube tutorials so they are both getting new ones along with some pokemon cards and a craft.

  8. my boys used to have puzzles like those! I'm just not sure if they're untreated wood, though.

  9. These are simply adorable! I need some puzzles in my life - for some reason we don't have any right now.

    - Mila

  10. My daughter loved this puzzles when she younger. Perfect for their development.

  11. Sounds like Goki is a wonderful brand of toys to check out and I've always wanted a set of wooden toys for my kids.

  12. They look cool. Most of the toys I've seen have been plastic. Very few wooden.

  13. I love wooden toys for children. There's just something classic and fun about wooden cars and puzzles. Takes me back to playing with them at grandma's when I was a kid.

  14.'s nice to know about GoKi today. I love the fact that they have done something about tree planting as they make some money.

  15. This is cool idea for kids. We had something similar for my little brother but now we need to buy a new one.


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