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FL Fresh Content: Pizza Lovers Rejoice: 8 New Ways To Devour Your Favorite Food

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The basic Margherita pizza was the first kid on the block. But since then, pizza lovers across the world have experimented with

new versions, and they’re all absolutely delightful.

This post takes a look at multiple ways you can enjoy a pizza dinner that isn’t just your basic pie. Check out our ideas below. 

Pretzel Pizzas

When most people look at a pretzel, that’s what they see. But some individuals, particularly of the pizza-loving variety, see a pizza base with holes in it. Their job is to dress it up with marinara sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and bits of sausage. It’s only right. 

Dog-Shaped Pizzas

Same idea, but this time, you make your pizza into a shape, like a dog, while your dog is wearing a cute pizza dog tag, of course. How to make the pizza? Get inventive, that is part of the fun. Shape your pizza with dog ears and use an olive for the nose and you should be on the right track. This concept is great for anyone who has kids. 

Deep-Fried Pizza

For those who want to bring the end of their lives closer, deep-fried pizza is a great option. Here you take a regular pizza but instead of putting it in the oven, you dunk it in a vat of boiling fat. The pizza comes out a bit like fried bread if you’ve ever had a full English breakfast.

Pizza Rolls

Cooking pizza rolls in an air fryer is a lot of fun and makes for great snack food. These little nuggets are like a deconstructed pizza with a separate tomato sauce. They’re easy to make and perfect for parties, watching movies, and anything else you can think of.

BBQ Pizza

BBQing a pizza is another option and actually works really well. You wind up with something that tastes genuinely smokey.

Just put your pizza in your BBQ oven and close the lid to keep the heat inside. The pizza base will then cook, along with the cheese and all the toppings.

Mushroom Pizza Bites

You don’t need a wheat flour pizza crust to make a pizza – mushrooms can do the job, too.

To make a mushroom pizza bite, find a mushroom large enough to house all the toppings you want to put inside it. Start by removing the stalk, then add the sauce, pepperoni, fried chicken, and cheese. Then bake in the oven until cooked through.

Pizza Toasties

Don’t have a pizza crust nearby? No worries: you can make your next cheese toasty more pizza-like.

Grab two slices of bread and fill them with all the usual pizza ingredients, including tomato sauce. Then place them between grill paddles and toast them from both sides. Keep cooking until the cheese starts oozing out around the edges.

Pizza Braids

Braided bread is a European classic, but you can pizza-ize it easily. Make braided bread as usual and then add cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni to it.

The result is something that tastes a little bit like a deep-dish pizza. It’s thick, heavy, moreish, and full of flavor. To make the braided bread even better, fill it with pieces of meat. These will transmit fat to the interior, improving the flavor.


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  1. I love pizza and hubby and I have pizza every two weeks. We make our own and it's most delicious. Love all the ways to make a pizza.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  2. Oh wow. Pretzel pizza sounds amazing! I have to make a pizza with a pretzel crust. Yum!

  3. Dang, all these sounds awesome! Now your making me hungry; but that’s a good thing! Lol! Thank you for sharing this with us!

    -Whitney Stewart

  4. Oh wow....I haven't heard of a number of pizza variants that you have talked about here. Pizza braids sound really nice and inviting!

  5. This looks soo good! Yum I'm going to try this out

  6. It's so cool to see how creative people can be with food. Love all these different ideas...I think a pretzel pizza sounds so good!

  7. Pizza is one of my favorite foods, right along with Pasta! I love all of the ideas in this post, I think I will try making some pizza rolls this week. That sounds amazing!

  8. That pizza at the top has me drooling over here! It looks so good and reminds me of a Mexican pizza which is a favorite!

  9. We love pizza at our home and eat almost once a week. I can try making pizza roll soon.

  10. Since I am gluten and dairy free due to intolerances, sadly pizza is not something I am able to eat. I love the idea of mushroom pizza bites!!

  11. I love the taste of a good pizza, but I can't imagine making a pizza from pretzels. That sounds so weird to me

    1. Maybe. I used to think Nachos wouldn't be good as pizza but they're so good. I'd try the pretzels, at least once. Just to see. :)

  12. I have never heard of mushroom pizza bites but they sound like something I would love to try! Pizza pretzels is always a really fun one too.

  13. We have a pizza oven so I need to try out a few different types of pizza variations in it. I love doing mini bagel pizzas x

  14. I love pizza! Really fancy the idea of a pretzel pizza.... it sounds very tasty. What a great alternative for a base.

  15. I really love pizzas so I am down to try any variety! I need to try pretzel pizza

  16. Ooh yes to pizza roles and pizza toasties - but pizza pretzel that's a new one for me :)

    Laura x


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