Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Rest and Relaxation Gift Ideas from Snailax

Disclosure: sample products were received. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

The first gift under our tree.
I'm wrapping it today and gifting it to my daughter.
This is going to be one of her favorite gifts.
Something she can use all year-round!

I don't know about you, but my job makes me tired. I love it (most days) but it can be very challenging. A prime example, one of my students fell into my arms yesterday, crying and so upset. I teach teens and they do love to come and get a hug (which was initially surprising but now it is endearing), but this was different. She was snotting and crying and so unhappy. When I finally got it out of her that she felt so sick but was unable to reach her mother on the phone (walking to my class), I sent her to the clinic. "But I can't reach my mom!" 

"It's okay," I told her. The clinic will reach your mom. Convinced I was telling her the truth, she went off to the clinic.

I'd felt fine up until that point, but on the way home, had to pull over on the interstate (it wouldn't hold) because I was sick. Could I have caught it and gotten sick so quickly, or was it a coincidence? I don't know, but here I am home sick today, super tired and definitely in need of a quality massage. Enter the Snailax Shiatsu Massage Cushion. 

This was perfect once I finally made my way out of bed today and was able to move around some without just wanting to sleep.

This massage cushion has heat if you want to use it, and it has the deep kneading knobs that really get in there and release tension in your muscles. You can take the chair to work or you can use it at home. I would love to take it to my classroom, but I honestly don't sit down much when I'm in there. The kids keep me on my toes, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Shiatsu Back Massager :4 deep kneading massage nodes travel up and down relaxing your entire back. 3 massage Massage Zones for your choices: Full back,Upper back,Lower back.[INTENSITY CONTROL FLAP] - The detachable intensity control flap allows you choose a softer or more intense massage.(Note: you may place a blanket or towel between you and the massager to get a far softer massage, when you still feel too strong intensity after adding the flap.
  • Flexible Massage Nodes: The massage nodes are adjustable at max. height of 3mm to fit the curves of the body for more comfortable massage experience. SPOT MASSAGE: Allows you to concentrate the kneading on one area for pin-point relaxation
  • Vibration Seat Massager: Vibration on seat with adjustable 3 levels intensity, provides you a comfortable massage to Hip and thighs.(Note: On the sitting area there is only vibration massage, no Heat)
  • Soothing Heat Therapy: it warms your back while relaxing tense muscles across your entire back, lumbar and shoulders.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Use this back massager on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair or dinning chair to make the ultimate comfort seat in the house. The integrated strapping system secures it on chairs in place. Luxury leather with cozy smooth mesh feels comfortable to your touch.Christmas gift for dad, mom, men and women. Gift for friends.

Okay, so I mentioned that I don't get to sit much when I'm at work and that's true. I'm standing on a concrete floor many hours a day, every single workday. It used to be a bigger problem than it is now (I went through many shoe brands until I found the right one to prevent sore tootsies). 

While my feet are in much better shape now than they were before I found that shoe brand, I still am happy to break out a foot massager to relax and revive my feet, and none works better for me than the Snailax Shiatsu Foot massager.

This foot massager also has two heat options if you'd like to use them. Use the cover to have a softer massage if your feet are very sensitive like mine can be. It also has a machine washable cover so everyone in the house can use it!

Nothing feels better than a fantastic foot rub, and Snailax has perfected the art of making tired feet feel better.

  • 2-in-1 Foot and back massager - Snailax foot massager machine for multi-purpose is ergonomic designed with flexible shiatsu massage nodes to deliver fully massage from toe to heal,relieves feet, also can be used as back massager to relieve back.
  • Washable & Easy to Clean: A removable and washable cover makes foot massager avoid dust winding, and provides gentle massage, enhances comforts. This heated foot massager with 3-button toe control panel, simply turn on/off and set the mode the foot machine by toe touching.
  • Flexible Massage to Fit Feet - The flexible massage nodes provide foot massage for all feet types. Rolling massage with 3 optional modes and 3 intensity levels relive from plantar fasciitis, Neuropathy. Extra 2 anti-sliding pads can adjust height of the feet massager machine.
  • Therapeutic heat - Snailax foot massager with 2 optional heating levels provides perfect heated foot warmer to ease tired & sored foot muscles. The heat therapy helps improve body circulation, alleviate body fatigue and promote better sleep.
  • Ideal Gift- The flat design fits for people with larger feet and any feet size to enjoy this electric foot massager. An ideal present for mom,dad,women or men. For any reason, if you’re not satisfied with Snailax Electric foot massagers, return it within 30 days and get full money back.

Both of these items are corded. 
Both of these items are effective.
Both of these items have so many well-deserved 5 out of 5 star ratings.
Both of these items are cherished products in our home.
Both of these products would make excellent holiday gifts, so I am adding them to my gift guide!


Who would love to receive one of these as a gift from you this year?
 Use the code: ROSEY35, which provides a 35% discount for the whole site order.
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