Thursday, November 24, 2022

Plus Plus Puzzle by Number Butterfly: Great Gift for Kids!

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My oldest granddaughter is a builder. I've posted photos and stories of her building so many different types of things. She's super talented and creative and I'm not just saying that because I'm her grandma. I've already started my holiday shopping, and this Puzzle by Number® from Plus Plus is going to wrapped up and gifted to her. It's unusual because it's like a paint by number set, but it's puzzle pieces you're placing (which means there's no mess).

Photo Source: PlusPlus Puzzle by Number

This PlusPlus butterfly puzzle is designed and made in Denmark. If you know me, you already know that just reading or typing the name of the country I have gotten my 'wish wheels' spinning because it's a place where I would love to travel. I won't digress though (more than I already have). 

Back to the puzzle...that's made in Denmark (ahem): there are 800 pieces to this puzzle, so it's going to take some quality time to build. It's something fun you can start and walk away from and know that it's still going to be right where you left it when you have time again to work on it. The pieces are pretty small (20mm x 12mm), and it takes some concentration and thinking to match up the colors correctly, so I am definitely recommending this for tweens and up. My oldest baby grand is a tween (wow! wow! wow! that happened fast), so she falls right into the perfect age category for this puzzle-by-number kit.

Photo Source: Plus Plus

You can display it when you're done. I know my granddaughter frames her finished puzzles and puts them on the wall. She and her dad just finished a traditional puzzle of a tiger and she was so proud of it when she was done. I'm sure she'll like this new version of a puzzle. It's such a cute idea and the butterfly is just gorgeous. I think this is a wonderful gift idea and I am adding it to the holiday gift guide.

 Puzzle by Number® from Plus Plus

Plus-Plus Puzzle By Number® combines the artistry of a paint by number with the satisfaction of a puzzle into a unique creative experience. Using the enclosed pattern, fill in the design by matching each number with the corresponding color.  When you are done, display it on a table or hang it up as room d├ęcor - no glue or ironing required! The new Peacock features two new colors in a dazzling display of plumage, including one single feather that can be used as a coaster or desk decoration. PLUS, all Plus-Plus sets encourage open-ended, creative play, are made using food-grade materials and manufactured in Denmark using 100% wind energy.

Butterfly 800 Pieces |  MSRP: $34.99| Available at 

Rainbow 500 Pieces| MSRP: $24.99| Available at


  1. What a fun puzzle. I will enjoy this puzzle with my daughter.

  2. That's a very unique type of puzzle.

  3. The butterfly puzzle looks so nice . Gifts like these are always good as they have lots of creative play value.

  4. My kids would love these.

  5. Wow, must be the first time I'm seeing a puzzle in the shape of a butterfly! Totally an artwork you can display on y our wall after!

  6. This is a great gift idea! My daughter is also a builder and I am pretty sure that she will love this. Thak you for sharing the link. Will check this out.

  7. Wow, this look so cool butterfly. It's done so well and have colorful body. Exact same as in the box. Love doing DIYs and ideas like this at home.

  8. This is a good brain exercising game for kids. Thanks for the idea.


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