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Best Games for Kids: Winner Chooses ONE

Disclosure: I received complimentary items in order to facilitate the review. All opinions are genuine and my own.

The holidays have always been a grand time for me. I loved them as a kid, and I love them as an adult. As the years roll by, my perspective shifts but my love for all things Christmas remains the same. One fond memory I have as a child, is sleeping in the living room when the tree went up. The lights would be turned off, the tree would be lit up and a little lamp crafted from the big old-fashioned bulb lights would change colors under a plastic cylinder sleeve. It was an ideal and dreamy childhood.  

I suppose those feelings captured in my youth have colored my perception of the holiday, and that's okay, they should have. Those were good times! 

One thing I always remember getting is a game. Without fail, there would be one or more games under the Christmas tree with my name on them. I have carried that tradition over to my kids (and now grandkids) and this year, I'd like to share one of the three I have, so you can do the same. 

At the end of the post, there will be a giveaway. Winner chooses from one of the following:

1). Let's start off the choices with a game that won a 2022 National Parenting Products Award: ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast.

Place 'em, link 'em, launch 'em. Make unlimited designs and then watch them fly when the chain reaction release takes place. Because you are using your own creativity to make these, it is like a different game every time. If you prefer to have predetermined designs, it comes with those too, in the instructions.

This is like a domino launch but better because you can't have any oopsie drops when you hit a piece on accident. These stay put until you want them to move.

These are fun for the kids. What child doesn't like to watch things fly up into the air? Recommended for ages 6 to Adult. ARV: $45

  • HIGH-FLYING CHAIN REACTION: Create high-flying chain reactions with the ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast! Launching ZipLinx into the tower trigger will make the towers fall onto the Target Launchers. Watch the mighty towers fall and trigger your endless chain-reaction fun! The ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast set delivers a different eye-popping payoff to the classic domino run, launching ZipLinx pieces up to 3' high into the air and Hi-Fly Balls over 6' in the air!
  • UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY: This chain reaction game includes over 9 feet of interlocking ZipLinx. Each uniquely designed 3.3” interlocking ZipLinx piece lets you create an unlimited number of designs to launch the fly ball into the air!
  • EASY SETUP AND LAUNCH: The magic of ZipLinx is the ease of set up and no accidental starts of your run. Your blast balls won’t “pop” until you lay in the special Linx Launcher Key!
  • COMBINE AND BUILD: Each set comes with 40 ZipLinx, 6 Hi-Fly Balls, 1 Launcher Key, 3 Target Launchers, 3 Towers, 1 Tower Extension with 2 Connectors, 3 Tower Bases, and 3 Tower Triggers. Connect hundreds of Linx together to extend the toy chains length and make amazing designs!
  • MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT: Recommened for ages 6 to 100! This high-flying toy is ideal for boys, girls, and adults who love to build and create.

2). Oh my goodness, cooking, baking and anything to do with pretend foods was the THING for my two youngest kids. They both had such a good time playing with their pretend food sets. I have zero doubt that if they had received this Cake N Bake Challenge Game when they were younger that it would been something we played all of the time. The hat alone (not to mention the adorable cake) makes it worth breaking out this game!!

Also an award-winner, this game is sure to be a real crowd-pleaser with the littles. A personal plus? It has a bell, so when the kids shake their gifts (who does that?? Oh wait... every child I've had does that, lol) the bell will give a little ding, which is sure to pique their curiosity. Recommended for ages 4+. ARV $28.

  • 2022 TOY INSIDER TOP HOLIDAY TOY WINNER: Ready,...set...bake! Cake-N-Bake Challenge is a game that can turn anyone into a crafty baker! Cake-N-Bake Challenge is a fun and colorful game that is great for the entire family!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Win a Candle Card by being the first player to stack a cake that matches the game card and hit the bell. First person to earn 6 Candle Cards wins the game and gets to wear the Chef's Hat!
  • 3 WAYS TO PLAY: Beginner Baker (2-6 players), Mixin' Madness (2-6 players), Bakery Bake-Off (Sensory Play for 2-3 teams)
  • SPECIAL CARDS: Special Action cards add excitement to the game with cards such as "Mystery Cake Card", "One Hand Card", and "Burnt Cake Card".
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 deck of 50 game cards (24 Action Cards, 24 Special Action Cards, and 2 Create Your Own Challenge Cards), 32 Birthday Candle Cards, 1 Birthday Cake (cut into 6 pieces with different layers of textured foam pieces), 12 double-sided Icing Pieces, 1 Game Bell, and 1 Chef's Hat.

3). What preschooler is going to pass on the chance to play Blackbeard's Treasure Hunt Color Matching Game? With a fun case shaped like a treasure chest, complete with a keyhole to 'unlock' your treasure, and a case full of gold coins, this is a game the kids are going to have a lot of fun taking out to play.

This puts a new spin on the traditional color matching type of games that is hard to resist. Because it comes in this handy case, it is easy to carry around on the go, and it looks cute in any children's room. Recommended for ages 4+. ARV: $25.

Comes with 20 coins but you can buy extra to fill it to your heart's content.

  • Race to unlock Blackbeard's treasure in this excitement-filled, color-matching racing game.
  • What's Included - 1 treasure chest, 4 keys, 32 dice, 8 cards, 20 gold coins, and instructions.
  • Never-ending fun with additional gameplays available on the Vango website.
  • Helps kids learn colors, pattern recognition, and develop fine motor skills.
  • Ages 4+ | 2-4 Players


One lucky winner gets to choose ONE of the 3 games listed above. US entrants only.


  1. I think I'd choose the Cake N Bake Challenge Game. Thanks.

  2. I'd choose Blackbeard's Treasure.

  3. They do all look like great games, I love the Cake N Bake Challenge Game and Blackbeards Treasure Hunt

  4. These are such cute games for making learning fun and creating a ton of memories. I really love them. The Cake n Bake is my favorite.

  5. Oh the Cake N Bake looks like something my daughter would love to unwrap come Xmas morning.

  6. The treasure hunt game seems a ton of fun. I love all the other ones as well, they're awesome.

  7. Love all the games on your list! Sharing it with my SIL who has three kids!

  8. The treasure hunt looks like such fun! What a great giveaway and selection of toys :)

  9. I love the sound of all of these games. My favourite is the Treasure hunt game, it would be perfect for my son.

  10. Some fab games you have featured here and just in time for Christmas as well. The Cake N Bake Challenge Game would have been something both my kids would like when they were younger

  11. These are some good games. We love playing games. I will ya e to check out these.

  12. That looks like a cool toy for kids just in time for Christmas.

  13. I always loved getting games too. I still love getting games as an adult! It's one of those gifts that are memory makers for the whole family. Who doesn't love sitting around playing games with their loved ones? It's a great way to spend a night, laughing and having fun together.

  14. These are all fun games! Blackbeard's Treasure Hunt Color Matching Game is something I haven't played yet.

  15. I think the cake and bake challenge game is so cute

  16. The Cake-N-Bake Challenge is adorable and I know the girls would have fun with it!

  17. I’d choose the Cake n Bake challenge! So cute- thanks for the opportunity!!

  18. Cake n Bake challenge for sure! So cute. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. I would choose the ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast!

  20. I would choose the Cake N Bake for my son and daughter! They would love it so much and it would provide lots of winter fun.


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